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According to Buddha

Strive ceaselessly; never be impatient. Once the finality is achieved, incarnation of troubles will be over in a second, just as when light is admitted within a room that has been locked for decades, the darkness vanishes instantly.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

i was working up a conversation
but i didn’t know how to start
your heart is a work of art
i wanna be rich in memories not money
our love is our inheritance honey
we’ve come so far


random streets of Lisbon, Portugal ~ April 2016.


  1. Good morning and wow… lovely eye on the image.

  2. I love street art! The monkey is great! But all photos are very nice. 😉

  3. Beautiful images, and an important message in times of strife. Thanks for sharing Buddha with us in so many special ways here, Hedy. That is a gift. 💕 Van

    • Van ☺️ that’s wonderful for me to read…humble thanks and you know I’m a sloppy Buddhist…still learning along the way 😄 life is beautiful…along with some nonsense…which makes no sense 🤓😉🤔☺️ have a happy day…I playing with tea cups and my iPhone mini lens ☺️ <3

      • I was raised Catholic, even aspired to be a nun. When I took my first Comparative Religion course, my eyes were opened to eastern philosophy and Buddhism held a special place in my heart. Still does. 💕

        • i was raised Dutch Christian Reformed…when i was 7 my mother pulled me out…she sent me to the United Church which i attended through highschool…then i studied and taught research methods…my eyes were also opened…i still continue to question why as i search and wonder…i don’t know…but the Buddhists do have a lot to say…and their words also touch my heart… <3

  4. The “urinol” sign is unique. This looks great in BW. Have a great week, Hedy. I hope you find some new adventures. Cheers

    • ahhhh the beauty of a simple, utilitarian washroom…clearly not a split-gender character but made me smile 😀 Chris my life is an adventure…i wake up each and wonder why/what surprise will occur today…some days i’d prefer to stay on yoga mat all day! Have a fun week too! many smiles hedy

  5. Nice set of photos 🙂
    (Raised Irish Roman Catholic; enjoy reading much more about Buddhist thinking)

    • humble thank you Peter 😀 on this platform i work hard to find beauty…and i’ve learned looking for beauty every day is possible…and even joyful…although there is always that little jaded part in my hedy head 😀 probably always be so i release those thoughts other practices…camerawork is also a lot of fun…have a wonderful day ~ smiles hedy

  6. “I wanna be rich in memories not money”… Love those words… excellent photographs, dear Hedy!… happy sunday. Sending love! Aquileana 😀

  7. For years have felt drawn to Portugal. Fine photos comdined with your
    words plant even greater urge

    • Eddie…i can’t shake the feelings of being in Lisbon and seeing just a tiny bit outside…beautiful city and people…i really felt comfortable there…safe…and well yes the Buddha always much to say 😀 have a joyful day ~ smiles hedy

  8. Terrific images!

  9. Just lovely photos as always. I must get to Portugal and Spain they are both on my Bucket List. The song is very strong in emotions, I enjoyed it. Buddha’s saying is wise, open your heart to light and it darkness will no longer be there. Have a great Sunday evening.

    • Terry i agree…and yes i’d love to return…Jon Foreman was in the bad Switchfoot…i love his solo work even better…i love his album “greetings from the wonderlands”…

      had a great walk in the grey woods…wonderful yoga class…and now some time with the camera…all good so far…hope yours is joyful…maybe you have family time or grandchildren? 16 days and i get to see mine…but whose counting! have a gooder ~ smiles hedy

  10. 495 🙂
    Wonderful images Hedy. Can’t wait to get to Portugal.

  11. Captivating series, Hedy. Great eye for street details, tagging and street art.

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  13. Great mood and view of life with this series ~ streets have the great commentary on life today. Wish you a great week ahead Hedy.

  14. Lindo!!!!

  15. Nice! Fermosas rúas.

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