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According to Buddha

Retire to the center of your being, which is calmness.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

if you feel a bit under the weather,
if you feel a little bit peeved,
take granny’s stand-by potion
for any old cough or wheeze.
it’s a cure for hepatitis it’s a cure for chronic insomnia,
it’s a cure for tonsillitis and for water on the knee.
have a cuppa tea, have a cuppa tea,
have a cuppa tea, have a cuppa tea,


grandmother tea cups series ~ Edmonton ~ August 2016.



  1. Loving this. ☺

  2. Something so delicate for us today, Hedy. Cheers from Cape Cod Massachusetts this weekend. 😎

  3. <3 love this <3

  4. Such a fun song, I have never heard this one from the Kinks. Tea is the only medicine best for curing everything. It just makes you feel better. Hot or cold just great.
    Have a great Sunday Hedy.

    • i also love coffee…yes it will be a yoga class soon and then a street photowalk with some young photographers…it will be a fun day! you have a happy day too Terry…i’ve been listening to the Kinks this morning…i always loved them too 😀

      • Never had a taste for coffee, tea and hot chocolate are my faves. Have a great walk, sounds fun. Oh and rock on 🤘haha.

        • i wasn’t prepared for rain…no gloves…so i danced through the kaleido fest…caught up with a friend and rocked on 😀 have a good day Terry!

  5. Tea is excellent but then, so is the Buddha’s suggestion of finding the centre. The “eye of the storm” is always the calmest place to be. I have tried this as recently as last night when my arthritis pain overwhelms me. And, I love, love, love the photos

    • i’ve been enjoying some rose tea after morning coffee…i agree with these particular Buddha’s words possible along/through/with life storms…for me centering is the daily work…it’s like balancing in yoga some days fine other days not so much…stay well stay strong Strange Tripster…sending you some joy for a better night! smiles hedy

  6. Love the quote–and what a beautiful tea set! That rich green is so gorgeous. I had a British Step-mum I adored, and she always made tea for every possible need. Such a lovely, comforting ritual. Hope you’re warm on this cool morning. <3

    • it’s my grandmother’s or great from the Netherlands…i need to find out more about them…several are glued together…tea rituals are interesting family stories…i went to the kaleido fest met up briefly with some street photographers…no gloves and the rain made for a snuggle in kind of afternoon…i like rhythm…nature is always the best connection for me…have a wonderful week Raven Wolfe. <3

  7. Dear Buddha,
    I wish…
    but these pictures sure helped.
    Thanks Hedy.

    • i know that Buddha…always has something to say…centering is the work for me Bunty…and camera works are one way to make my days much calmer…have a happy day! 😀

  8. 497 and I didn’t use a calculator. Perhaps if I keep a note of all your numbers one day I’ll break the code 🙂
    The fourth photo is entirely puzzling.

    • ahhhhh some numbers are dull(er)…that photo is the bottom of one tea cup…a signature of some sort…not all of the cup’s marks show any more…thanks for your comments many smiles Alison…compose a happy day! 😀

  9. Wonderful series– great composition and detail, Hedy. My grandmother had a beautiful teacup collection and I only have a few. You’ve inspired me…now if I only knew which box they were in.

    • You’ll find them Jane…these ones were so tiny and delicate…really enjoyed looking so closely at them…I wanted to document them as a record for family stories ☺️ have a happy day ~ smiles Hedy

  10. I enjoy the way you frame your photos Hedy… they elevated my own cup of Yorkshire tea this morning. Mighty fine tea! Beautiful photos!

  11. Hi Hedy, you mentioned several of the pieces are glued together. You likely already know this, but in Japanese culture, anything broken and mended is more valuable, as it has survived something. They often use gold to repair pottery, making the cracks into art-it’s called Kintsugi. I’ve loved this idea since I first heard of it years ago–it’s so beautiful in our “modern-day disposable” culture. (Which I hate!) Anyway, just wanted to mention it on the off-chance you hadn’t heard of it. I think it’s a wonderful metaphor for us humans and our critters as well. I recently adopted another pup who has had a really tough start, and I already know our relationship will be even more beautiful because we both know how it feels to be broken, and we are mending together. <3 Have a wonderful week.<3

    • I remember seeing a vase once on social media that shared that broken and mended…didn’t think of it in relation to my grandmothers tea set ☺️ and yes I’m with you on disposable…I’m still drinking my 1994 car 😳 with all its rust 😜 oh I’m so happy a pup found you…I’m not surprised isn’t that wonderful! You’re stronger than you think that’s what I’m learning…lucky puppy to find you Raven Wolfe ❤️ have a fun day it’s beautiful outside today 😊

  12. Do you think it’s all grandmother’s cure? It certainly was what mine used to teach me 🙂

    • Well I never really knew my grandparents…all our family is in the Netherlands so I never had teachings from them…but of course learned from other women and healers about the power of teas…it’s lovely to hear connections we all make to teacups…family stories teach us a lot especially when we listen ☺️ thanks for your comment…have a cuppa tea and enjoy 😀

  13. great verse and photos and I’m feeling better already

  14. Fermosas composicións. I like it.

  15. Halleluja! I agree. Have a great week-end.

  16. What a pleasure to listen to the Kinks sing about tea while I’m enjoying my second mug!

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