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According to Buddha

Whenever you are attached to something, that possessiveness deepens your delusion. You will be rudely awakened one day to find that nothing belongs to you. Isn’t it silly, therefore, to be attached to things that were never yours in the first place? 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

take me with you on this journey
where the boundaries of time are now tossed
in cathedrals of the forest
in the words of the tongues now lost


mushrooms in the front yard ~Edmonton, Alberta ~ September 2016

  1. Beautiful images.

  2. Interesting. It took me a bit to realize they were mushrooms. Great macro shots. Cheers!

    • this week i had lingering thoughts on some photography as i joined 2 “photo groups” in the last year and re-started these past weeks…one query is about ‘equipment’…it’s a sort of religion 😉 and…thoughts around the ‘art and science’ of photography…and as i re-read Sally Mann…“it’s always been my philosophy to try to make art out of the everyday and ordinary…it never occurred to me to leave home to make art.”…so that, in part was in my hedy head as i composed this thought thing…i really enjoyed ‘framing’ mushrooms…using the olloclip lenses on my phone is fun, for me…also makes me think about artificial divisions that people create…i’m just happy to share images and continue to learn along the way…cheers Chris…have a fun day!

  3. Wonderful macro shots. Possessions, they always tie us down, hold on too tight and it will slip through your hands every time. Have a wonderful day.

    • It’s so windy leaves blowing everywhere…some trees are almost bare already…I’m cleaning and organizing for winter Terry soon I feel we will have snow secretly like this time of year too…plus huge clothing purge as I packed the whites and brought out my blacks 😀 have a happy day!

      • Yes I am purging also, my daughter and her 2 kids are moving back in the house to help her with finances. I do not need a 4 bedroom house to my self, so closets must be emptied and rooms reorganized. It is still warm and the sun is shinning here in Southern California, I so miss the different seasons. Have a great evening Hedy.

        • perfect everyone will have a room…that’s a nice way to purge with joy…and the rooms with be filled with the voices of children…so fun! sending you joy 😀

  4. Interesting pictures! Fungus has always fascinated me–especially when it grows on trees. Also how suddenly it appears. A friend’s young pup barked like crazy at some mushrooms because they were not there yesterday! 🙂
    Very thought provoking quote…attachment is so complicated when a deep love is involved. I think perhaps a part of our heart cannot let go nor would I want it to completely..or I think I just don’t want to forget the ones I love. (Not that I could.)
    Hope you have a wonderful Autumn! <3

    • i was really into shooting the mushrooms…even my neighbours came out to say and introduce themselves…all new students starting a new term…these mushrooms were also popping up very quickly…never seen them before…maybe it’s because the grass was cut 😉 and yes that Buddha always something to say…i’ve been into “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda…yes our heart can be very telling…i try each day to just do what my heart says yes too Raven Wolfe…yes crisp mornings, windy days and warm afternoons…it’s beautiful…you have a fun day too! 😀

    • ps. hope your new pup is doing fine too <3

      • Thank you so much! It is a challenge with my new boy, that is certain. He was isolated for three months due to demedectic mange–really traumatic for a young pup. So his “social skills” are not what they should be. But we will work together to find a way to make sense of this world from his perspective. Thank you for your kind wishes. Love that your mushroom photography resulted in such a social experience. Seeing things the way young children do–looking at things on the ground–I still love that–it’s so delightful to hear you shared that with others. 😀 <3

  5. Follow me please. I just really need it in school.

  6. So much beauty from mushrooms! Exquisite photographs.

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  8. Beautiful images.

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