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Levi’s original fit button fly jeans number

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According to Buddha

If a man is crossing a river and an empty boat collides with his own skiff, even though he be a bad-tempered man he will not become very angry. But if he sees a man in the boat, he will shout at him to steer clear. If the shout is not heard, he will shout again, and yet again, and begin cursing. And all because there is somebody in the boat. Yet if the boat were empty, he would not be shouting, and not angry. If you can empty your own boat crossing the river of the world, no one will oppose you, no one will seek to harm you…. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

i don’t wanna wait
we’re used to the night that leaves us unstable
we’re used to the night we take more than we’re able
we’re used to the night and whatever’s on the table
you don’t wanna wait
i don’t wanna wait
take, take anything
i don’t wanna wait
take, take anything
you know that i’d take
take, take anything
i don’t wanna wait


Bleriot FerryDrumheller Valley ~ August 2016

  1. Your words have deep embedded philosophy in them! Nice pictures!

  2. wonderful message and post –

  3. I had a black pair – they were favourites for years. Great post, Hedy.

    • they were/are still cool…thanks so much for saying Richard…have a happy afternoon! smiles

    • ps. also the band July Talk that i used in this…the one singer Peter Dreimanis was in a skater boy study i did a number of years ago so cool to see his band doing so well…they’ll be playing in Rotterdam soon 😀

  4. Yep. Those 501s. Fell out of favor in the early 70s for something with bells on their bottoms. Then they came back. Good pictures. the only ferries this far down on the Mississippi are big and cross the river at two places.

    • I loved Levi’s and Lee jeans in the 70’s too…thanks kindly Ray for your comments it’s such a little ferry it’s almost comical…this is not the Mississippi ☺️ hope you are well! Smiles Hedy

  5. Wise words the buddha said 🙂

  6. #501, wonderful photos of the ferry, lovely message from Buddha. Have a calming day Hedy.

    • At a race at buffalo pound watching my son in law…delicious sunshine and feeling much better today…I do prefer to be active 🤓 also hoping to photograph a buffalo…maybe if I’m lucky! Have a peaceful day Terry!

  7. 501 jeans are re-appearing again–with stretch denim! 🙂 Beautiful, vibrant blues–and that quote is so thought provoking–thank you!

  8. I think that is one of my favourite Buddha quotes ever. I will set about emptying my boat!

  9. This one requires thought. Love the photos!

    • Thanks you for your kind words about my photography…and great glad my thoughts things require thought 🤓 I also like that L’Adelaide ☺️

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  11. Wonderful! Beautiful photographs as usual but also stirring some long lost recollection of crossing a river on a cable ferry when I was much younger. I need to ask my dad if he can remember where… The sunlight playing on the distant hills is perfect.

    • 😀 huble thanks Mic…i appreciate you saying…it was a wonderful day trip…spaces i’d never seen…always enjoy an adventure too…have a fun day ~ smiles hedy

  12. perfect photos for a perfect fit.
    those jeans are only for special occasions.

    enjoy a perfectly peaceful day Hedy

    • yes that perfect fit 😀 you have a peaceful day Eddie…i worked hard today and learned a lot…working on be still…hard work for me…many smiles hedy 😀

  13. What a wise short story…
    “If you can empty your own boat crossing the river of the world, no one will oppose you, no one will seek to harm you”…. That´s so powerful and deep… I guess it does not exclusively makes reference to material things, but to the fact of be free and remain truth to oneself, meaning being able to “detach” from earthly life… great share, dear Hedy… love the photographs, as well… Love & best wishes. Aquileana 🙂

    • Aquileana thank you for your support of my blog…always appreciate that! and yes to detach from earthly life…and how that looks and feels…life is a wonderful adventure no doubt…sending you joy and love 😀 <3 thank you hedy

  14. Your opening story/words had me right away, taking in life as it comes ~ emptying my boat, easier than it sounds but worth the effort. Loved the contrast of the opening shot ~ wishing you well Hedy.

  15. Great pictures and words.

    • fun little narrative…something i knew nothing about…and Buddha always has much to say 😀 and i love music so finding songs is not a problem…this song is special i know the young man in the band Peter from years gone by…for me the song words that are currently lingering are “And then we fought over dignity”…here is the song

      thanks for your comments i appreciate them 😀 compose a happy day ~ hedy

  16. That quote is so true.

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