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According to Buddha

The fabled musk deer searches the world over for the source of the scent which comes from itself.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

feeling my way through the darkness
guided by a beating heart
i can’t tell where the journey will end
but i know where to start
they tell me i’m too young to understand
they say i’m caught up in a dream
well life will pass me by if i don’t open up my eyes
well that’s fine by me
so wake me up when it’s all over
when i’m wiser and i’m older
all this time i was finding myself
and i didn’t know i was lost


Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta ~ August 2016

  1. Excellent skies, love them.

  2. The words and photography are magnificent!

  3. I am impressed by your fabled images and text being in perfect accordance. Have days in full harmony, Zsolt

  4. Beautiful photos and reflection on the dream of life.

  5. They are all beautiful! That one with the deer far away is amazing!

    • humble thank you Laura 😀 appreciate you comment…all done with my fujiX100s except for the mule deer…i captured that best with my iPhone 😀 have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

      • Doesn’t that figure?? LOL. That happens to me as well….post all kinds from my nikon and then someone loves a shot so much from my iPhone!

        • i just thought i had to say…i would have to walk much closer with my Fuji that’s for sure…still amazes me what i can capture on my iPhone…:-D

  6. The colours in the skies are so incredible–love the surreal land formations too! I have to agree with Laura–the pic with the deer in the distance is perfection!

    • thanks kindly Raven Wolfe…it’s a dreamlike place for sure…and my favourite time of day…early morning 😀 have a happy day ~ many smiles hedy

  7. WOW, such lovely countryside, skies and colors. Just beautiful. Have a great day.

    • Terry thank YOU! it is a world heritage site and it’s beautiful…you’ll have to do that road trip just over the border into Alberta ~ smiles hedy 😀

      • Trying to do a road trip up to Alaska soon. Pass through Glacier NP, Banff and Jasper. Before going to Dawson and taking the marine highway from Skagway down to Prince Rupert. Then back home. Maybe take the ferry over to Glacier Bay and stay a few days.

        • Well you’ll let me know ☺️ we’ll connect so we can photograph along the way and share a meal! That will be fun Terry…never been to Dawson but I’ve had ppl suggested this is a city to visit…great sounding plan so fun…sending joy ☺️

          • Sounds good, but I mean Dawson, Yukon Territory, that is a 32 hour trip. It will probably be next summer season. Wish I could do it this year but time is gone with planned trips and holidays. My full trip will be 35-40 days.

          • I hear the road between Banff and Jasper is fantastic. It would be nice to photograph with and meet you. So much to plan and verify for a trip like this. But it will be fun to see the beautiful countryside up there. Been on 2 cruises but getting on the ground will be fantastic.

          • that’s far away yet but time flies and yes we can plot a connection time as you are so right that highway is fantastic…we’ll stay connected for sure 😀 have ahappy friday, already…time where does it go 😀

          • well that’s so fun and great to have a travel plan….just even knowing that it will be arriving is exciting! 🙂 smiles

  8. Ah, one of my most favourite songs. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

  9. Such peaceful images. Beautiful!

  10. 502, and another set of beautiful, and intriguing, photos. The last is a beauty! Have a lovely night Hedy.

    • 😀 yes it was that grateful surprise…i could see it and it could see me…it was pretty cool for me as an urban person…good morning Alison!

  11. Fabulous set. Mystical, colorful and beautifully shot, Hedy.

  12. Beautiful, I love the colours and the darkness of the skies 🙂 Incredible. 😉

  13. Magníficas imágenes! me encanta su luz ténue y el ambiente místico que has conseguido. Cheers, Hedy!

  14. Not much to say, Hedy! Stunning and masterpieces of light and color! 🙂 Reinhold

  15. Dark and moody and so beautiful! Love these shot!

  16. is that a goat ?

  17. fleeting moment
    expressed so
    boldly 🙂

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  19. Beautiful pictures. Fermosas esas fotos coas súas montañas, ceos e nubes.

    • ahhhh yes Dinosaur Provincial Park…esto era un espacio muy fresco … me sentí como si estuviera sobre o en otro mundo … muy surrealista …maybe an ok translation Alex 😀 have a super day! smiles hedy 😀

  20. Always incredible photography supported by mind bending phrases,
    Never a disappointment here.
    I found a post I missed! not any more

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