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According to Buddha

The word “death” is a great misnomer, for there is no death; when you are tired of life, you simply take off the overcoat of flesh and go back to the astral world.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

don’t you ever laugh as the hearse goes by,
for you may be the next one to die.
they wrap you up in big white sheets
and cover you from head to feet.
they put you in a big black box
and cover you with dirt and rocks.
all goes well for about a week,
until your coffin begins to leak.
the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out,
the worms play pinochle on your snout,
they eat your eyes, they eat your nose,
they eat the jelly between your toes.


Edmonton Cemetery, Edmonton, Alberta ~ October 2016

  1. Get this sense in early Irish nature poetry on the transformation of the four seasons. Snow is termed “earth flesh”

    • oh i like that ‘earth flesh’…and yes “The Hearse Song” is a song about burial and human decomposition, of unknown origin. It was popular as a World War I song, and was popular in the 20th century as an American and British children’s song, continuing to the present. It is also known as “The Worms Crawl In…i remember teaching it to my daughter when is was very very young…and that her teacher was rather alarmed as she was able to recite it word by word…it was a teachable moment…one that each Halloween brings us a little chuckle still…i love the idea of seasons and transformation…winds bring change…thank you kindly Jeb compose a fun day ~ smiles hedy

      • Same sense underneath.

        Whitness is the highest form of beauty. It’s also the way the aristocracy sees itself and presents itself as diffrent.

        You’re skin remains pure white if you are not out working the fields each day.

        Heros and Heroines are always tall, have the hair of the raven and snow white skin, the short, the fat, the bald, the ugly don’t seem to make for good heros and lack such aristocratic form.

        But the sight of such things last’s only a moment and then it is gone.

        • ahhh yes the cultural capital details…i love your explanation Jeb…and i’m very interested in notions of beauty…and also of being in the moment 😀 thank you for sharing this…appreciated ~ smiles hedy

  2. Such a light and lovely snow. Just a touch really. It makes for wonderful images, Hedy. Cheers!

  3. ha! that’s why i get cremated 😉

    • so funny 😉 mom said this week with a funny little face that is why her and Tom had also decided that…hearing her say ‘i don’t want worms to crawl on me’ made me giggle…as i had the post plotted a bit back for halloween 😀 hugs many! xo

  4. Wonderful photos with emotion. My what a song, how did you ever find it? Perfect for Halloween :_))))
    Spirit is forever, we will live in an eternal world.
    Have a great sloppy Sunday my friend.

    • 😀 years ago i was a teacher and i would read scary stories in the dark to the children…and then later i taught our daughter as i worked through and taught children of changes in fall time…light and dark…and sometimes halloween…some schools i taught at would not allow halloween….but i tired to weave in rhythms of living life for the children i taught so i did tell scary stories…i can still see their eyes and ways they would curl/hug into each other and we would squeal 😀 so much fun!

      have a happy halloween with your little ones Terry ~ smiles down the coast! 😀

      • You have a very kind heart, you and your family have a wonderful Halloween – smiles are always on my face, thanks.

        • You too Terry ☺️ enjoy the little ones and the big ones always a surprise who comes knocking and treat or treating 😳 have lots of fun 😀

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  6. you will never see a brinks truck follow a hearse ?

  7. The dusting of snow is perfect. And perfectly caught. (Not bad quip about the Brinks truck, either…)

    • i thought it was a funny one too…the snow was the grateful surprise for me Penny…sending you smiles…will look at your walks today! 😀

  8. moving an d calm series, Hedy. I like the reduced colors, angles and shadows. Great!

    • and yes i have also played with contrast and my settings more Markus…albeit a very white light here in western Canada…i see the grey days in my camera differently…i also appreciate that softer look and i can see the difference in my work…as i learn more along the way…thanks very much for saying Markus…appreciated…smiles over the pond 😀

      • I see you love to work with light! 🙂 Is it true that the light is different there. Is it incause of the less air pollution ? I’m just curious. 🙂 smiles back over the pond.

        • you know Markus i really don’t know…but i see it when i travel so i’m sure there is a science fact i have heard of professional photographers who have been in Banff talk about the ‘too bright’…i will ask more as i am curious too in the ‘real’ explanation…i know Alison noted the honey colours of Portugal…also i once took a workshop with Paul Zizka…i’m not doing what he does but he is so passionate about mountains and light…i include his link as he offers many workshops… 😀 😀 😀

          • wow, that is amazing. Wonderful pictures and lights. So beautiful. Now Paul got a new follower. 🙂
            I believe in that too, that there is a science fact for different light in different regions. No real magic… …but it seems magically, when you just stay there a certain time. Grass is always greener…. 😀 😉

          • it’s just different and i like different…and similarity in the familiar too 😀 smiles Markus…enjoy Paul’s work too!

          • ..and it’s so nice to have some diversity, because it makes foreign places precious.. 🙂 🙂

          • for sure Markus…that’s the fun of travelling for me. 😀

  9. just leave my toes alone, ok

  10. Wonderful photos and words.

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