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According to Buddha

Karma is the law of action or cosmic justice, based upon cause and effect. Your every act, good or bad, has a specific effect on your life. The effects of actions in this life remain lodged in the subconsciousness; those brought over from past existences are hidden in the superconsciousness, ready like seeds to germinate under the influence of a suitable environment. Karma decrees that as one sows, so must he inevitably reap. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

i bet there’s rich folks eatin’
in a fancy dining car
they’re probably drinkin’ coffee
and smokin’ big cigars
but i know i had it comin’
i know i can’t be free
but those people keep a-movin’
and that’s what tortures me


The Alberta Railway Museum ~ October 2016

  1. Those open bed springs…a childhood memory. ☺

  2. ‘What other people do’ or don’t do,
    has little bearing on my life.
    It’s what I do that demands my attention.
    Great post with clear definition of Karma.
    Fabulous photos expand the meaning to this definition.
    enjoy a wealth of peaceful mindfulness

    • Yes Eddie I have learned this too 🤓 I make my own choices…I’m responsible for me ☺️ thanks kindly for your comments always appreciated!

  3. Super cool compositions, Hedy. You have a special talent of capturing these scenes. Thanks for sharing images of this location. Different type of museum at least. Reinhold

    • Thank you Reinhold 😁 I appreciate you saying…I also enjoy this spaces and feelings of shapeshifting ☺️ it’s a very cool space…have a happy day!

  4. I absolutely LOVE these! Bold lines, rich colors. Wonderful compositions.

  5. Can I just do another little rave? I love the way you capture mundane shabby details and with the exquisite use of light and framing turn them into something beautiful and evocative. I learn from you Hedy.

    • Alison thank you kindly…humbled ^_^ i do like the mundane and finding the beauty…and as you know it is all about the light…thanks again for your kind words ~ sending you joy 😀

  6. Wonderful colour, Hedy. Love the sequence.

    • Richard thank you so much…i was concentrating on the colours…and keeping them softer…thank you for always cheering me on…appreciated ~ smiles hedy

  7. Johnny Cash is perfect with your awesome photos, finding the beauty in common things.

  8. Lovely observance by Buddha and yes we reap what we sow. And as always exquisite photos and I cannot pick one I like better than the others. I haven’t heard that Johnny Cash song in what seems like forever, thanks it brings back memories of growing up. Have a wonderfully sloppy day my friend.

    • Terry you’re so kind and yes another 1/2 sloppy day ☺️ the song just seemed fitting to me…plus I’ve always loved Cash…glad it brought you happy thoughts! Have a wonderful day ~ smiles Hedy

  9. I visited our local railway museum last month and enjoyed it until I saw yours. No comparison. I love the photos you got and would love to one day visit there. What amazing cars!

    • Thank you kindly Emilio 😀 the car I crawled into is sort of out of bounds now and apparently they will be burning it down as it is just too much to repair which is sad…been there twice so I’m glad I have a couple of images for memory and also history…there are many here I’m sure you’d love it! Let me know when you come up! ☺️ have a happy day smiles Hedy

      • Why repair it? They should auction it off. The wood alone would probably be worth more than the car itself. I hate when people are so short sighted. Burning it down? That’s not what a museum is for.

        • i don’t know much about the museum but it is run with volunteers perhaps, it is too costly…and perhaps they will take out what they can…i just know that one of men told me it would be burned…i was sad to hear that and i said so…but who am i 😉 i’ll see if others know more about it…as i agree it is short sighted but here in Alberta we do burn down old wood structures regularly…. 🙁

  10. Nice location and composition! 🙂 I appreciate this. 😉

  11. That’s so cool. Old railroad cars make great shoots. Cheers Hedy. I hope the weekend is treating you well. 🙃

  12. Very good use of color!!

    • Thank you kindly for saying as I worked on colours very much with these images…mostly in camera and then a tiny Lightroom…compose a happy day smiles Hedy 😀☺️

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  14. Your palettes are so rich and beautiful, Hedy.

    • Thank you Ashley ☺️ appreciate you saying….when I see your works I also feel id like try different mediums and mixed media…have a creative day….

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