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According to Buddha

Only the wise know just where predestination ends and free will begins. Meanwhile, you must keep on doing your best, according to your own clearest understanding. You must long for freedom as the drowning man longs for air.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

fly if you wanna fly
go hide if you wanna hide
but don’t let them hold you down
don’t fade into the crowd
cause they don’t make the rules
and the world is bright and blue
and it’s waiting for you
nobody rules you


landscapes and airplane shots with iPhone ~ October 2016

  1. No one does unless we allow them. Some times our heavy hearts make us vulnerable. Good inspiration this morning.

  2. An absolutely wonderful series, dear Hedy – many congratulations.

    The Buddha talked about Free Will? Can you expand?

    • Ahhhh a Sunday morning a complex dissertation question Hariod…I will need more coffee…and as a sloppy buddhist i love the mental banter…i’ve been reading Paramahansa Yogananda over the past months…

      so firstly I know what I don’t know…I also read Swami Kriyananda who writes ‘everything is predestined and all the free will we have is to seek God or reject him’.

      I also listen to Danny Michel…“I had a dream that I talked to god. He’d never heard of us. I found that odd.”

      So I don’t know…it’s all an illusion…as I use my visual composites here…which are double triple quadruple edits…

      Perhaps, free will is a long way off…I think about required ‘free-dom’…maybe we have a choice…perhaps, life as a digital 1-0-1 or a lift of the consciousness to live in the higher/lower chakras…

      But this is not free will…as life eventually makes us suffer for not making the correct choice…so i am responsible for making bad/good decisions…so I ride the wave…wake up on the merry-go-round…and make a choice to enjoy it all the hard/soft stories…free will is not even a goal…as the concept hinges on a false sense of freedom that revolves around ‘doing’…perhaps, true freedom is rooted in ‘being’…i am being 😀

      and as Sri Ramana says, “Everything is predetermined.” And now I am more confused Hariod and i know you may expand my thinking 😀 so good morning ~ smiles hedy 🙂

      • Thanks Hedy; Free Will is a tricky subject indeed, I entirely concur, and I think to make headway we have to begin by defining precisely what we mean by the term. [Here is not the place.] Then we have positive and negative types of freedom: ‘freedom to’, and ‘freedom from’. For myself, then I consider apparent Free Will to be a Post Dictive illusion – meaning an explanation after the event, a sort of mental conjuring act that gives us our sense of agency. Benjamin Libet first demonstrated back in the seventies that the timing of neural events is at odds with what consciousness presents in apparently consciously willed acts (over very short time-frames). His findings accord with Buddhist doctrine. To my best knowledge, there’s nothing in the Orthodox (Pali) canon about the Buddha suggesting anything like Free Will. In fact, his doctrine of Condition Dependent Origination would explicitly appear to rule any like notion out. Later Buddhist schools may have other ideas, but I would imagine if so, they must rest on a very particular interpretation of what Free Will is – perhaps not a conscious choosing or volitional act, but nonetheless one attributable to the individual as a whole. The Buddha, of course, never denied volition itself as a mental act, so we have to untangle volition from common conceptions of Free Will. Blathering on here – apologies dear Hedy. 🙂

        • yes of course to/from/through/with…i see my western perspective of “free will” that of assuming beings are free and have rational minds to make decisions…is a loaded assumption 😀 …i do not see Buddhism aligning with western philosophy…But, the Buddha said, we are capable of living in greater clarity and happiness through our own efforts…but which Buddha said that…i don’t know…i appreciate the connections you have shared her Hariod, very much 🙂 and i will read wider and deeper… ~ smiles hedy 😀

  3. Lovely set of photographs, Hedy! Each one is powerful on its own too.

    • Mic i think they would be called visual composites?…as i double/triple/quadrupled the edits to my initial iPhone images…using a variety of apps was a lot of fun…and as an imagemaker and visual researcher i think about the artificial divisions created around imagery…but i don’t know…i just wanted to create some beauty in my hedy head 😀

      • All so complicated, our motivations, our responses, those artificial judgments and distinctions. Your last line clarifies so much…so glad you also choose to share those creations. Have a good week, Hedy.

  4. Magical, especially the first two. And you can get Bokeh with an iPhone? Who knew? Well, obviously you did. A great set of shots, Hedy.

  5. Wonderful photos for Sunday morning!

    • thank you kindly David…as i learned they would be named visual composites…good sunday morning ~ compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

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  7. Really love this series, beautiful!

  8. Misty magic–love the use of black and white. They all look like dreamscapes…I could get lost in each one. Absolutely beautiful!

    • Raven Wolfe thank you so much! 🙂 yes as Danny Michel sings “dream if you wanna dream”…”be who you wanna be” 😀 …have a dreamy day many smiles ~ hedy

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    the great stories, thoughts and photos from my cousin hedy!

  10. I think many people would have gone out and thought there was nothing to photograph that day. You proved them so wrong Hedy. Have a lovely week. CHeers!

    • 🙂 thanks Chris…all images are from my iPhone from the air and of the land…i look for beauty daily, you know that though…have a wonderful week too ~ many smiles to you…it will be one heck of a week for America! 😀 can’t wait for your elections to be over as well 😉 😀

  11. We are in life and are blown by the winds on our life’s journey. The photos as always are lovely. Hope you have a wonderful week in front of you.

    • winds of changes are all around Terry…i’m looking forward to new chapters…i’m very ready to finish some lingering chapters now…hoping to head out to Regina…but that’s a bit up in the air at this moment…i hope you and your family have a happy week…should be a exciting week for you all! many smiles dear friend 😀

  12. lovely set, dreamy

  13. Oh Hedy what have you done?! Every one exquisite! I think you have photographed freedom.

    • Alison it’s all illusion 😉 visual composites created with multiple apps with my iPhone…it was fun and i enjoyed my free time composing them…have a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy

  14. Fantastic!

  15. the subtle nature and essence of being, captured, just for a moment, but so memorable
    fabulous photography Hedy

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