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According to Buddha

Thoughts and sensations are like searchlights: they throw their rays in front on material objects; they do not reveal the soul behind them. Intuition is like a spherical light, with rays on all sides, revealing the soul and also its outward projections of thoughts and sensations connected with the ego. Intuition is the bridge between the soul and the ego’s thoughts and sensations.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

yeah, these habits are so hard to break
and they’re so easy to make
well these habits are so hard to break
and they’re so easy to make

so easy


Waseca, Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada ~ November 2016

  1. Oh, that is a cool old building to make images of. Very nice, Hedy. Have an awesome Sunday.

    • old wooden grain elevators…abandoned but i agree so cool…i think it’s a football day here in Regina and i will be eating tasty foods 😉 have a fun day too! smiles hedy 😀

      • I think it looks great. Our game is tonight. I’m sure there will be some tasty food also. Enjoy!

        • i think there are games all the time 😉 i have lots of photographs to edit…sending you joy have fun too Chris 😀

          • On Sunday, there are always games, but I only follow the local team. I need to get out for a shoot soon. It’s not easy with my studies. But I have some shoots planned and a month off at Christmas. Woohoo

          • Yes apparently not the game day I thought it is now hockey 😳😛 but a moon on the prairies will be better for me and then some edits and hockey food 😉 happy studying…I’d like to attend a photography school somewhere in Europe maybe one day or NYC…I love learning and studying I’m a nerd 🤓 cheers 🍻

          • Obviously, I am also nerdish. I am debating where to go to watch the Super Moon. With my camera of course. Photography school would be awesome. Especially in NYCor Europe. 🌔

          • Parsons or NYIP…or maybe even School of the Art Institute of Chicago or Vevey School of Arts or IED in Madrid…i have a great nerd quote i ought to find it…i love it…will search my inner nerd 😉 i just like to see the moon…without a zoom it’s a long long walk 😉 have a ha[[y evening Chris. 😀

          • I had a beautiful view of the moon rise from my car but missed getting an image. Maybe tomorrow. Wow. It sounds like you’ve really considered this photography school idea. I await you need quote. Enjoy the moon. 🌙

          • Ahhhh I can’t capture it much with my Fuji but just seeing the moon is splendid 😳 and yes I’d love to learn more but I’d want to study away or aboard…just a Hedy dream in this moment 😊 Seattle and New England are playing here now…have a great week Chris!

          • Same game here. Sadly, the local team is losing going into halftime. I think my summer teaching in El Salvador this summer was my “semester abroad”…for now. 😉
            Happy week!

          • meaningful work for sure Chris…i’d love to try that too…i have much to do! yes have a happy week…i plan to get a lot done 😀

          • You would really enjoy volunteer teaching someplace like where I was. Especially given your background. I hope your week is beginning productively. It was a long day today because I did a classroom observation in the morning and then had class tonight, but I enjoyed it. Cheers!

          • i know i would Chris…i’ve thought about Cuba as i have an affinity towards the country and the people i’ve met…what fun to be in a classroom…and a night class yup part of grad school life…happy learning…many smiles 😀

  2. that’s an interesting building for taking some photos! And nice colours of course! 🙂

    • are you working with a Fuji Lisah? and yes so fun to be here in Saskatchewan land of sky and endless land…these are two old grain elevators in a tiny little village…i love to photograph them…soon they will none left…at least not wooden ones…but i don’t know as i am an urban being 😀 happy sunday to you in Berlin! smiles hedy

      • I can imagine this! Unfortunately I have no Fuji.. but I’m looking forward to buy one after my birthday in december!… Second-hand, I can’t afford a new one. 😉 Best wishes! 🙂

        • i think you might find a new used Fujifilm X100S for a thousand Canadian dollars…maybe less…it’s not the camera…it’s your eye and the compositions you compose…i love playing with my iPhone too, you know 😀 soon it will be your birthday…what fun! have a happy day Lisah! 😀

          • You too! 🙂 And of course the camera isn’t the main part of photography, a good photo can also be taken with a cheap camera.. and a lousy one with a fujifilm for example! 🙂 But it’s just more fun to work with a better equpment. 😉

          • yes my camera too has it’s limitations…i always think its about using what i have to the best to the technical abilities…and for sure good equipment does not mean you capture a feeling or mood or a story…i know you know Lisah 🙂 happy brand new 24 hours! 😀

  3. These old buildings are history and your photos show them fantastically. It is a shame they are decaying and one day will not be there, but such is time, it does this to all of us. Again another song I would probably never have listened to and is great. Have a wonderful Sunday my friend.

    • It was a cool stop along the way to Regina Terry ☺️ a village I’ve never been to and yes Beth Orton is very fine too 😁 off to have little photo shoot now always fun for me! Have a happy Sunday Terry! 😎☀️☺️

  4. Wonderful photos. I can almost hear the wind thru the empty buildings.

  5. Love the words about intuition! This must have been an interesting building to explore. Old wooden structures are fascinating–you can feel the history soaked into the creaky porous wood. That second last pic is my favourite–with the large bird–likely a raptor, flying over. I imagine there have been many bird nests in that structure over the years. It is likely home to many rodents as well. I also love how the old wood looks blue–gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

    • Raven Wolfe 😁 humble thanks…I appreciate your words and yes I could spend hours in places like this…actually I was amazed it was so open…and I think the people who live near the grain elevators have many stories…just glad to have found them along the way to Regina…beautiful land…and many birds flew about which was a tad freaky at first once they left all good to look and peek about…have a wonderful day Raven many smiles ~ hedy 😊

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  7. would have liked to be with you while you were here.
    click click…

    • well if you ever come to Canada Gavin we could go and shoot together i have no doubt it would be fun and i’d learn a lot about b/w works…these wooden grain elevators were amazing…some wonderful Saskatchewan history for sure…sending you some joy over the pond! 😀 have a snappy day ~ hedy

  8. I think you see with your intuition , that your soul shows you what to photograph and every

    • 😀 i’ve done that on WP too…thank you for your comments Alison…i do listen to my inner voice and heart…i appreciate you saying this about these photographs…i always enjoy these abandoned spaces…it’s like the walls have stories…i’ll will go to re-visit your latest travel post…i did peek at some of the birds…cute little ones being fed…i will have a morning coffee and a read of your travel story tomorrow…smiles and joy your way! 😀

  9. Oops – hit send before I’d finished. And now I don’t remember the end of that sentence. I think this is one of your best series yet.

  10. What a wonderful series of photos, again. Thrilling, curious…. ..well done, Hedy!

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