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According to Buddha

Having lots of money while not having inner peace is like dying of thirst while bathing in the ocean.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

so maybe i’ll see you there
we can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares
so go downtown, things’ll be great when you’re
downtown, don’t wait a minute for
downtown, everything’s waiting for you

downtown, downtown, downtown, downtown
downtown, downtown, downtown, downtown, downtown, downtown


Edmonton, Alberta ~ November 2016

  1. I never comment on technique. But, most of these are so dark that I can’t see the picture. — Ray

    • i’ve had a coffee and re-edited them…i woke up and read your comment so very appreciate as i am learning along the way…and yes i do think dark…i was fiddling with my settings as the inside spaces are always a challenge with light and my fuji…and yes even the histogram on lightroom note they are heavy in the ‘dark’ side…i will keep practicing and please know Ray i really appreciate your viewpoints and your knowledge…you know that i hope! perhaps the changes are still heavy and dark…i’m not fond of malls…but always have fun with my foto friends…this was our friday outing…i was also been in a dark mood…grey days…and i shoot from the heart…seeing people smile always cheers me up…i really enjoy street photography in that sense i feel yes i am here and yes this is the story in this moment…nudges me into doing…also i post edit quickly and am also learning more about the sliders o/in lightroom…but please know bad things happen in the kitchen when i hang on lightroom…very bad things 😉 😀 have a happy day and please say if you see them differently…bye bye…later Ray…

      and ps. the song reminds me of me mom…

      • is there an eyedropper in lightroom? you can always check on the blackest spot. as long as it is not 100% black, it’s o.k. same goes for white, no 0%. i usually play with my levels in photoshop (just a little 😉 )

        • haven’t used the dropper yet 😀 i do play with the tone curve…also i set my white balance in camera…i took if off auto to see if there might a difference…and yes i i think i understand the white/black percentages but i’ve been told “you like black”…thanks Inge appreciated 😀

  2. Ah, I see Christmas decorations. Lovely! If the weather cooperates, I’d like to get into Boston over the weekend to take some photos. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing photo shoots with a porcupine who hangs out along one of the local hiking trails. I hope you are having a great week. Cheers!

    • Chris you also have many animal totems giving you messages such a gift…have fun watching…and yes Christmas…already…have a enjoyable day ~ cheers hedy 😀

      • I am not sure of the message of the porcupine totem, but I shall keep listening. He seems to stand for being friendly but having firm boundaries. 😃

        • I think they teach magic and wisdom…good to have boundaries especially for critters 🤓 have fun watching 😀

          • I can use some magic and wisdom, Hedy. He seems to be more tolerant of getting closer to me than I am of getting close to him. He’s enjoyable to watch. Enjoy your evening. Cheers! 😊

          • 😀 i remember last year seeing one in the woods…for several days…i love seeing free critters…happy thanksgiving to you Chris and your loved ones…compose a beautiful day! smiles 🙂

          • Yes, it is a thrill to see animals in the wild. Thank you for the kind wishes. Have a wonder day also. 🙂

  3. indeed moody photos… they give lots of thought

    • the malls and downtown is also fascinating for me…yes lots of thoughts in my hedy head too 😀 but i released that rant…new day! all part of the game…riding the waves, you know! happiness off to happy hips yoga 😀

  4. lost in the crowd (somewhere downtown) years ago.
    will the ‘real’ me please stand up

  5. all that shopping,
    it used to work
    better 🙂

    • mostly people walk around with coffees…or hang on the benches…it’s a strange space…and yes very different from years ago…even before on-line shopping…i know i’ve stop purchasing many things…i did the do not buy any clothing for a year challenge…a year that changed me…and good thing for me 🙂 unlearning can be very good! smiles hedy

  6. Great photos!

  7. Great post, have a wonderful rest of the week, I am lucky to be home now for 4 days off and will enjoy every second of it. Have a wonderfully sloppy day Hedy.

    • enjoy every moment Terry…being in the moment and having my yoga practice reminding me to just ‘be’…plus friends…makes for a good day! I too am happy to be home with my mutts…next week back to cowtown…i’m having a perfectly sloppy fun day! many smiles

  8. Somehow somehow you’ve managed to make a mall look interesting. And beautiful! They’re not too dark now. Just right.

    • thanks kindly Alison…as i wrote i was happy Ray mentioned some darkness so i did a little more edits and changed them…that’s the nice thing about WP you can always make little changes to images when people mention this to me…the mall does have little touches of beauty…and always enjoy seeing people 😀 have a happy weekend! smiles hedy

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  10. i like the POV on the escalators.

  11. I’m heavily inspired by Buddhism. Love the quote☺

  12. I love that song. It reminds me of my childhood.

  13. Loved reading it. You’ve a wonderful blog! 😄 happy to connect 💕 do check out my writings too, will appreciate your views ❣️

    • such nice words Reva 😀 appreciate you saying…for sure i will look and read…sometimes i say something too…you know 🙂 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy

  14. Great!

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