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According to Buddha

spotless is my mental sky,
below, ahead, and high above.
eternity and i, one united ray.
i, a tiny bubble of laughter,
have become the sea of mirth itself.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

i got a cabin in the country
and the tin roof rattles
when the rain comes down
where the wind through the pine
helps me unwind
while the world goes ’round
i’m gonna live, laugh, love, just for today
gonna take all the trouble and put it away
gonna drink every drop of happiness
’til they cover me up
i’m gonna live, gonna laugh, gonna love


Saskatchewan Highway 40 ~ November 2016

  1. Seems reasonable 🙂

  2. You live around such lovely countryside. Live, laugh, love what a wonderful way to go through life. Have a great day Hedy.

    • this was on the way to Regina…endless sky and land…live, love, laugh…i remember that slogan from the 70’s so the song seemed to fit nicely…compose a wonderful day too Terry! 😀

  3. & looks like
    a supportive
    for doing
    just that 🙂

  4. Such lovely landscapes…the land and sky seems to go on forever. Another beautiful set of photographs, Hedy. 😉

  5. Beautiful landscapes Hedy, everyone of them. I kind of drink them in, wondering how you get such depth of field.

    • it was a perfect road trip bright and light the whole 8 hours…i shot these in F16…i use my fujiX100s and settings i still play with…i use Aperture Priority mode…and i learn more along the way…so i don’t know if that answers your question Alison…many smiles 😀

      • Thanks Hedy. I too shoot mostly in Aperture Priority. I think my biggest drawback is that I don’t have a DSLR. I have a bridge camera with a fairly small sensor and the highest Fstop I have is 8. One day I’m donna get me a real camera 🙂 Smiles to you.

        • i’ve only had 2 fuji cameras…i did drop my first fuji in Japan 🙁 due to excitement of being in a cat cafe 😀 …although it worked fine after that little bounce…i did end up upgrading to the X100s…now discontinued…Japanese camera stores were amazing…floors and floors…even a Leica floor…never have i seen a camera stores like this…it was wonderful…overwhelming for me…but super organized and great staff…plus good price even better when i used my Visa card…a surreal experience for me…as i don’t know much about gear…i just know i like small and easy to walk with cameras…and my friend Han a street photographer suggested Fuji for me the first time…so i went with it…and i love my camera…i also love using my phone…i think/feel photography about seeing and looking…and composing…and you do that i know…i tire of gear talk…it’s like religion and people love their religion as i hear that gear talk at the photo clubs i attend…of course i do want to know my equipment and how to play with it best…it’s all practice…a hedy blurt 😉 have a happy day Alison! 😀

          • Yes, I too tire of gear talk. It’s not my thing except when I’m looking for a new camera, and then I feel like I have to learn some stuff to make an informed decision. I know what I like now, what features I need, so it will be easier for my next upgrade. Shopping for cameras in Japan sounds amazing! Perhaps that’s when I’ll get a new one – likely to be the summer after next.
            Happy Monday.

          • well regardless it will be worth a look…so many cool mirrorless cameras coming out…it will be fun…it was a fresh day! enjoy your beach and warmth Alison 😀

          • Yodabashi. 🙂 The only place to shop.

          • I only know the one in Shinjuku, the electronics and digital center in Tokyo. I’ll be there in April. Need anything?

          • hmmmmm well i do have a little wish list…perhaps i will be in touch on this Ray…:-)

          • The best thing about them is that they have gear that we don’t know about in the west. Or, is a year or so off from global distribution.

          • well i’ll check it out for sure…i know when i bought my fujiX100s i did not get the warranty but that’s never been a problem…i’m learning more about gear and techie things too 😀

          • They are a thing of the past. Camera manufacturers track their gear by serial numbers. All you ever need do is be able to prove you are the original purchaser. That is, all except for Sony. They are bigger than all the manufacturers combined and have no idea how to track gear.

          • okay good to know…i won’t be in Japan til 2020…i will check back with you 🙂 smiles hedy

          • I’m amazed that you know your sked that far out. 🙂

          • well it’s all so far far away…it’s an olympic year…. 🙂

          • Another Olympic year. Oh no.

          • scary hey…why do we still do these things 😀 i just travel along when i get the chance…

          • I made my bones covering the Olympics. I never said anything about scary… just a lot of work.

          • for sure it was me who said ‘scary’ Ray…i’m conflicted about these ‘games’…for many reasons…but i try to look for beauty always…my bones have taught me 😀

          • Why? Strip it down. Keep it about the sport. Or, the picture. Not everything is complicated. Or political.

          • sounds fair enough Ray but for me everything is political…and i agree i do not need to know…it’s not important to me…i’m all about the images and the story 🙂 smiles hedy

          • Why is everything political. To me, that’s the worst possible thing. For me, I like to know, I process it and then I try to go into the pictures completely clear. I try not to think. As far as Tokyo Oly 2020 goes, I’m just aggravated that the fish market is moving and all the great blue collar sushi places across the street are closing forever.

          • ahhh it’s all a game….as Arendt held the mere possibility of action (that is, collective action) as something quite miraculous…i believe in doing…also my friend tells me that don’t think so much…you don’t need to know 🙂 so i appreciate that…our fish market closed last year too…have a picture like day Ray ~ smiles hedy

          • The Tsukiji Fish Market is the first stop for much of the world’s fish if it came from Japan. It is legendary. 65,000 people work there. It’s also the first place I would go after a long flight. Get there by about 4am to make pictures. Walk across the street at about 6am to eat. Sushi the size of your fist, so fresh that you can taste the sea water.

            It’s good to be busy, but what are we busy about? I guess you have choices. Doing or documenting. Hard to do both in a meaningful way.

          • really i just need to ‘be’…and feel…documenting reminds me of authenticity…i think you lost me in the fish market Ray…i’d need a wine or beer soon…i also love sushi…always tough in land locked Alberta…but we do have it here…have a happy day Ray 😀

          • The fish market is something that everybody should see because it is amazing. Besides if you’re flying from anywhere in NA to Tokyo, your body thinks it’s dinner time anyway at 4 am local time.

            You can’t be political and see and feel at the same time. It requires too much thought…

          • ☺😋 and too much thought takes a lot of time ☺ have a wild weekend Ray 🤓😀 happy 2017 🎉😀

          • Wild weekend? As I used to say this one is for amateurs. 🎹🎹🎹🎼🎼🎼📷📷📷⚜️⚜️⚜️☔️☔️☔️

          • 😳😎☺🤓😀🎉

  6. light and beautiful with beautiful pictures

  7. I like the “negative space” (clouds/sky) in your landscapes, Hedy. Beautiful compositions. Breaking the rules is often so much better. Reinhold

    • thank you Reinhold…well maybe they fit the rule of thirds…fifths or sevenths…i don’t know 😉 …but they ‘feel’ right to me…when i was teaching i taught my students you can break the rules if you know the rules…but i know you know! BIG smiles…this is a blog i have used as i learn along the way…

      have a happy snapping day Reinhold

      • They fit into the rule of thirds. Everything in nature fits into it. Even you. 🙂 If the picture feels right, that’s likely way.

        • and i’ve learned about rule of 5ths and 7ths and 11ths…it’s a feeling thing for me mostly…smiles Ray 😀

          • If it’s from that technical website, that’s something he made up. Meaningless in nature since he says it’s a “go to” point if you can’t make thirds work. Great. I think I’ll one up too. The Rule of 1,257,o18ths. Sheesh. 🙂

          • 🙂 i’m just doing my hedy thing…from my heart <3 i love to break rules anyways 😀

          • You pay for breaking nature’s rules. The Buddhist in you knows that. 🙂

          • yes that’s why i’m sloppy 😉 and sometimes it’s just more fun Ray 😀 but you are right i know ^_^

          • I’m not sure why the word “rule” trips up so many people. Google nautilus shell, golden section, or Fibonacci Sequence. It’s a mathematical expression of a naturally occurring phenomenon. It loosely falls in thirds and where the human eye is most comfortable. Once, about a year ago there was a WordPress photo challenge to take a picture following the rule of thirds. The response was astounding… “I’m not following any damn rules.” Repeatedly, said in Homer Simpson’s voice. Doh!

          • well rule of thirds is but one rule…and yes it is natural occurring assuming ways of looking and seeing…perhaps, bending the rules…i’m always mindful about ‘who’ is telling me what and why and where etc…now i remember the Simpson’s episode with the Trump…and that golden escalator…have a funny day Ray 😀

          • But, it’s not a rule. If you had looked at the shell, you’d understand why not. If you looked at the math, you’d also understand why not. There’s only one way in nature that it doesn’t happen. As a Buddhist — sloppy or otherwise — you should know how that happens.

          • well Ray i guess i had/have my hedy head in that shell…i don’t know 🙁 but then again i do know…there are things i know and things i don’t know and there are things i think i know but don’t and things i don’t know i don’t know and things i don’t know if i know or don’t know and there are things i think i know but i’m not sure…

          • Nah. You’re just hung up on one word.

          • ya ‘rules’ always fight authority…silly me 😀 now i have that Blondie song in my head 😀 have a good day Ray!

          • I think it’s just a schitck. I have a Stephen Stills song in my head called, “Know You Got to Run.” Give it a listen some time.

          • ahhh yes…these words stick…
            “Don’t know who to follow
            Who is on your side
            Don’t know where you’re going
            You won’t talk of where you’ve been
            Talk about your searchin’
            Well I think it’s all for show
            always be runnin'”…once an elder told me ‘don’t run hedy, you’ll fall’…thanks for introducing Stills to me 😀

          • There you have it. Stills has made a lot of good music over the past fifty years. I suppose it takes an elder to show you that. At least, I’m not an ancestor. Yet.

          • 😀 thank you Ray!

          • He still plays a lot with that old Canadian dude… Uncle Neil.

          • yes uncle neil…maybe gramps by now 🙂

          • Yes. His daughter had a baby a few months ago.

  8. Lovely joy and freedom in this. Beautiful skies too 🙂

  9. I love this one, natural.

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  11. Beautiful, Hedy. I love the little island of trees in the distance, and the sensation that the land is like the sea somehow. Also the sensation that place is bounded by such glorious swaths of land and sky. Place is a comfortable niche in a vast beauty. It feels very much like the peaceful heart–a little niche in a vast beauty. Related, sheltered, with so much to explore!


    • Thanks kindly Michael 🙃 it was a wonderful road trip with open skies and bright sun… indeed endless spaces to wander☺️ I appreciate your comment compose a wonderful day Michael-smiles Hedy

  12. Amazing sky. 🙂

  13. I like the landscapes, the clouds and the blue sky. Gosto do ceo azul con esas nubes a navegar por el. Great!

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