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According to Buddha

This life is strange. Everything is subject to change. That is why one should not anchor one’s happiness on this life. Our time will pass on; what you are seeing now will be gone one day. Change is good if you don’t let it hurt you. When it does hurt, the rebellion you feel is meant to show you that you should not have any desires.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

the world is closing in
did you ever think
that we could be so close, like brothers
the future’s in the air
i can feel it everywhere
blowing with the wind of change


airplane iPhoneography ~ Calgary to Regina ~ November 2016

  1. Wow, isn’t life a beauty.

    • everyday i find beauty Bob…life is amazing…with all the up’s and down’s and the emotions…it is wow! compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy

  2. Wind of Change…such a timeless video. The more things change, the more remains the same. Thanks, Hedy.

    • it’s a magical moment…and yes many things stay the same…i just make changes in me, you know 😀 softening and letting go is hare work for me…may the winds nudge us to the magic…have a fun day Van 😀 <3

  3. Beautiful set of images…

    • i so love looking out the plane windows…the best part of flying…too bad one needs to go the airport part…i just like the being in the air part…:-D have a beautiful day Mic 🙂

  4. The photos today are reminiscent of the views on board the plane to Chi town.
    Change is good as was your prophetic post. with love and a smile, Eddie

  5. Images from an airplane are always fascinating. You created some beautiful examples, Hedy. And winds of change have united East and West Germany. The song always reminds me of this event. Have a peaceful day. Liebe Grüsse. Reinhold

    • humble thank you…and peace to you Reinhold 😀 i heard the song in my car and i thought…it seemed fitting…your memory is truly a wonderful one! smiles hedy

  6. It is so funny I was listening to this song today at work in a uTube mix that was on. The ground looks so different from above. Photos 1, 3 and 5 show such stark contrast between man vs nature. What have we done to our earth mother. Stay warm up there my friend.

    • it’s fresh here -28ish the wind is biting…yes looking down always feels different…i’m always amazed to think i can fly…be flown…i love flying…Terry in the end i need to believe we will all be ok…and yes stay warm…the heat is blowing dry heat…i appreciate the energy on days like today…have a happy day Terry! 😀

  7. I like the contrasts in the first and fifth. But my first reaction was, “How does Hedy manage to get clean windows to shoot through?” Hope you had a good trip.

    • well Bunty…i’m one of those beings that quickly and as secretly as i can will wash the window…and in my hedy head i think i should have also washed the ones outside 😉 i too am aware at how nasty some planes are…also running photos through a couple of apps…makes it all look clean 😀 thanks kindly Bunty…yes i like the first one…feels like blue jeans to me…have a good day! smiles ~ hedy

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  9. wow, what impressing structures and colors. Funny that things viewed from far above got a similar appearance like you would look through a microscope. 🙂 smiles to you

  10. Amazing images!

  11. Wow–such fascinating tapestries! Love what you did with the colour. The second image has so much captivating moodiness to it–I looked into it for a long time. Interesting–that photo really took me in and swept me away to…somewhere else–perhaps where I needed to go?
    Thank you for sharing, as always!

    • Thanks kindly Raven Wolfe yes the clouds are always dreamy in airplanes….to me the endless space….compose a wonderful weekend! Many smiles 😁 hedy

  12. Exciting! 🙂 These are great photos… like always. 😉

  13. Oh I love these abstract paintings. So beautiful.
    Alison xo

    • I enjoy players g with my mobile and apps…especially when I’m waiting or watching something dullish 😉😁 have a fun weekend Alison!

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