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According to Buddha

There is another world, the astral, hidden behind this universe. Its inhabitants are garbed in an astral form made of light. Lacking a physical body, they are “ghosts,” invisible to us . . .

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

we are ghosts
we are ghosts amongst these hills
from the trees of velvet green
to the ground beneath our feet
we are ghosts
we are ghosts amongst these hills
pressing out along the shore
pressing out along the shore


Epcor Tower, Edmonton, Alberta ~ December 2016

  1. Interesting…These are the things we never really notice. It looks like an early morning shoot. I hope all is week where you are. Have a great week!

    • it’s so fresh here -34 this morning…so this will be a puttering week…although it will warm up…the shots for this post were from a construction site…mid morning…i was seeing things 🙂 many smiles for a warm week Chris ~ smiles hedy

  2. Lovely use of image and words to create a haunting feeling of life… and the way life leaves records of its passage!


    • Michael thank you for your words…yes i felt/saw beings and this space created a little story in my mind…i like your words “the way life leaves records of its passage”…om shanti ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  3. Great patterns and textures! Nice set…

  4. You see things most would not even look at or notice. Wonderful how you captured them and share them with us. The song is haunting and very easy to listen to. And, ah, the other world, a peaceful, tranquil place to reside.

    • Terry thank you 🙂 i’ve always seen things even as a little girl…i think i should have had a camera before a pencil…perhaps this is why i’m so enjoying camera work…although i still have so much more to learn but that’s what makes photography so fun for me…now i need to figure out my lightroom settings…thank goodness there are many ppl who make videos to teach me…and yes another world…but we can make this world joyful, peaceful and beautiful and full of love…i believe this is possible…i do love James Vincent McMorrow too 😀 happiness your way! sending you smiles ~ hedy

  5. The images match the tone of the music so well. Stay warm, you and your ghosts both!

    • 😀 just seemed the prefect song by James Vincent McMorrow 🙂 sending light and much joy Bunty 😀

      the moon holds the light
      and the moon’s this spinning globe
      shedding light upon the road

  6. multi sensational 🙂

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  8. More sweet abstraction. Who would have thought? Well you obviously. You find it everywhere I think.

    • i saw the beings 😉 😀 and thought what is this? gotta go look…beauty is everywhere…smiles Alison have a beautiful day! smiles hedy

  9. I love the palette in these, Hedy.

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