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According to Buddha

Realize that enough hidden strength lies within you to overcome all obstacles and temptations. Bring forth that indomitable power and energy.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

eu estou ficando cansada
de viver sem teu amor
e já quase não sinto mais nada
pois vivo sem teu calor

qualquer dia você volta
e encontra a casa vazia
não quero que a vida passe
sem alegria


Lisbon, Portugal ~ random streets ~ April 2016

  1. Indomitable…for sure. Way to recognize ! 💖

  2. Well, Toto, I knew we weren’t in Edmonton any more when I saw the laundry in the first photo! Nice moody shots, Hedy. What’s with the handwriting below the window with the older woman?

    • thank you kindly Bunty 😀 yes it was street art this one was signed Dana Antionia 2009…i so love Lisbon and the colours…we’ve had so much grey and freshness i was dreaming Lisboa 😀 have a happy day ~ 🙂 hedy

      • Hi, Hedy!
        So very familiar and wonderful photos!

        The first one was enough for me, if you come to Braga you´ll get lots of laundry hanging by the window… 😀

        Pardon me, I believe that ‘Dona Antónia’ must be the title of the artwork and at the same time the name of the old lady – the equivalent to ‘Madam Antonia’ 😀

        • i hope to return to Portugal one day…i loved it all 😀 i appreciate you sharing correct information about the art work…as an outsider i don’t know other than what i read…so thank you so much for the ‘Dona Antónia’ clarification…wonderful to know now i can more of herstory too 😀 smiles hedy

  3. Nice clothes, beautiful windows.

  4. Your photos bring alive the places you visit without being the same old travel photos, they show life. Yes we all have the power and strength to overcome but it is sometimes hard to channel that strength for the outcome desired. Wonderful Hedy, have a lovely sloppy day my friend.

    • thank you Terry 😀 i love living in the neighbourhoods we visit…then i can walk and snoop and revisit…i’d love a few months in Lisbon…i love the life 😀 and yes the power surges and then it fades…i have my mantra 😀 and i’ve had a active sloppy day lots of time on my mat and been to the woods…hoping your days are filled with happiness too ~ smiles hedy 😀

      • Yes that is the way we traveled, hated hotels. Wanted to be around the people and live the culture. I did not go to Europe to be around tourists. Sounds funny but loved learning the culture of where we visited. Always love life and live it to the fullest. I am starting to live life again and 2017 will be a better year for me. Smiles and hugs, Thank you for your posts photos and music,it always puts a smile on my face.

        • i’m glad to hear that Terry…and yes being in the community is best to me too…i like small quaint hotels…but like you prefer to not be associated with tourists…always try to fit in somehow…not sure that works but i try 😀 you have the anticipation of upcoming travels and just knowing that is often joyful in itself…i appreciate your comments on my post very much…BIG smiles back 😀

  5. love the music from thievery! sending love and strength <3

    • i love Thievery Corporation <3 and i thought it was ironic that the connection was to Portugal…which i had not planned until i looked it up…sending you much love and strength too <3 a new chapter will begin… 🙂

  6. Nice photos and windows.

  7. The color, so soothing, yet you talk about our strengths.
    It’s hidden or waiting for sure, for when it’s needed.
    Fascinating photos and thoughts. Enjoy the winter Hedy

    • hiding yes…i know my yoga teachers often say ‘you’re stronger than you think…and it’s always good for me to remind myself…thank you for your teachings Eddie…i appreciate them…it’s a sunny wintery day…just a little fresh -13 😀 smiles hedy

  8. Gorgeous captures, Hedy, love those weathered textures of the walls…they add story and singularity to each window… 💛

    • thank you Alexandra 😀 such a beautiful city…i loved the tiles, windows and laundry…as it’s all so different than here…appreciate your comments 😀 <3

  9. I love the colors you found in Portugal, Hedy. Have a great week.

    • thank you…it’s a flying by kinda week…and i loved Lisbon…needed that reflective moment…have a happy last days before you begin again…although i’m sure studying is also enjoyable…smiles from etown 😀

  10. I really like the washing hanging on the line photo.

  11. Although I do not understand the language that you are writing in, I read the story and the intentions in your photos. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • thank you Pixelpoet 😀 i do use google translate albeit it’s not perfect it gives me an idea when i visit sites that i need translated…

      I’m getting tired
      To live without your love
      And I can hardly feel anything anymore
      Because I live without your heat

      Any day you come back
      And finds the house empty
      I do not want life to pass.
      No joy

      sounds so much better in Portuguese i’d say and also Thievery Corporation singing it 😀

      thank you kindly for your comments 🙂 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy

  12. lovely laundry and window photos. Full of warmth and color. Especially the photo of the photo of that old lady. makes me feel good. Smiles 🙂

    • 😀 i love the Lisbon windows too…the old woman is a painting…she does make me feel good too…it’s likes she’s really right there 🙂 have a snappy day Markus! smiles hedy 😀

      • ..but it’s a nice idea to place that painting there as respect for that lady.
        For you too, Hedy ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 SMILES

        • according to jazzyoutoo…as he wrote…”Pardon me, I believe that ‘Dona Antónia’ must be the title of the artwork and at the same time the name of the old lady – the equivalent to ‘Madam Antonia’”….so i think this is a link

          smiles over the pond Markus and have a fun day!

          • wow… ..did he found that out. Great research and a impressing story!!! Thank you for sharing, Hedy.
            smiles and a glas of port vine for you over the pond 🙂

          • my time with people in Lisbon left me knowing they know a lot about their his/herstories…always a good to me…coffee now but cheers received Markus! have a wonderful week…are you still in Russia?

          • That is so good to have such people to get all this nice small stories behind.
            Same for you! 🙂 Just came back this night to Germany. Ooooh that was cold there. 34 below! I’m not use to that… …but a nice experience.

  13. Great collection of windows.

    • thank you Rabirius…windows and doors are always lovely to see across cultures…perhaps, i ought to do a post from etown…but it just wouldn’t be the same…smiles ~ hedy 😀

      • I remember walking through Northern Nicosia on a hot summer night and the people had their doors and windows open. It was like seeing snippets of other words or other lives. That is the magic of doors and windows – other worlds lay behind them.

        • Such a wonderful image I can imagine seeing this and being there….I enjoy these snippets as well I only remember this in Cuba…thanks for sharing Rabirius ☺

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  15. Your shots of Lisbon fit so appropriately with your words ~ while I love the opening shot, the textured shot you have is my favorite. “Realize that enough hidden strength lies within you to overcome all obstacles and temptations. Bring forth that indomitable power and energy.” ~ this is what one needs to begin the New Year, and your posts tend to make this so.
    Cheers to a great 2017 Hedy ~

    • Happy new year to you too Randall ☺ yes the laundry caught my eye each time…l love it…and yes we are stronger than we think 🤓 thanks kindly for your words and good thoughts…sending you joy and all good things ~ hugs Hedy ☺

  16. Hi Hedy, your work is so beautiful, and that verse….I’m sticking that to my bed head! Warm Regards Adele

  17. Such lovely colors, Hedy. The third picture jumped out at me because I read recently about the way the human eye receives color information, and how red and green are so distinctly received. We can’t see colors that are a blend of red and green apparently, if I understood what I read. So seeing that window with the red and the green textures around it made me think suddenly–we can’t even see what that scene is truly like! Ha!

    But it is beautifully rendered here nonetheless. The yellow and black was utterly striking to me as well, in the final frame. Such a perfection in the proportions of elements in that scene, above the washed-out black of the road, at such a delightful angle!


    • dearest Michael…i so appreciate you writing what you saw in my images…i appreciate your words and thoughtful insights…humble thank you Michael…sending you joy and kindness…and of course peace…tomorrow i will read your word post with a coffee as i so enjoy your words…but never have more to add…thank you again for your time of looking and responding…smiles and a handful of joy ~ hedy

  18. I can’t be anything like as erudite as Michael, but I was captivated by the rich colours and textures, and the progression of photos in this collection.

    • i also appreciate Michael’s words and mindfulness…thank you Alison…you know my love of Lisbon…just had to revisit for myself…since i photographed so much while i was there…happy day to you and Don…enjoy the water…it’s bitter here…but we are warm 😀

  19. Excellent photographs…. 😀 Loved the poem in Portuguese as well… (Have you read Fernando Pessoa?: he is a great poet!) Sending love! 🙂

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