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According to Buddha

Introspection, or ‘sitting in the silence,’ is an unscientific way of trying to force apart the mind and senses, tied together by the life force. The contemplative mind, attempting its return to divinity, is constantly dragged back toward the senses by the life currents.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

i’m just the man in the middle
of a complicated plan.
no one to show me the signs.
i’m just a creature of habit
in a complicated world.
nowhere to run to.
nowhere to hide, to hide, to hide, to hide….


Cascais, Portugal ~ April 2016

  1. Stripey 🙂

  2. Great song choice…love this post.

  3. Fantastic flooring.

  4. Habits, good or bad, are nonetheless repetitive motions.
    Stepping out of a habit, releases new thought.
    Hence ‘a fresh start’, and a ‘new beginning’ are
    why we travel in body or mind.
    Thanks for taking me to new places
    enjoy you day, Eddie

    • i prefer middles…but a fresh start is always a wonderful feeling…thank you Eddie for your teachings…i appreciate them 😀 have a happy sunday! smiles hedy

  5. Nice set of images, Hedy. I like the plaza floor. It looks like waves.

    • the real waves are just across the street it’s a beautiful village…thanks you kindly Chris 😀

      • It is so fitting to have this floor so close to the sea. I would have guessed it is a seaside town. Your photos make me want to visit. 😊

        • can’t say enough about what i experienced in Lisbon…and the few spaces i visited outside of Lisbon…go if you can…i believe you would love it! smiles happy week! 😀

          • I need to finish school this year. Travel is for 2018, I think. Lisbon sounds wonderful. I wonder if they need an English teacher. 😉

          • although i did not seek out any schools…went to a university in Evora…but yes i could imagine English teachers would be needed and the Portuguese are enthusiastic and welcoming folks…not sure if people do not have extra money to pay for English lessons…but who knows 2018 economics can change 😀

  6. Just a wonderful pattern in the plaza. Mesmerizing.

    • it was a wonderful town plaza…full of life…i loved it there…we have no places like this in etown…we have a concrete centre…no aesthetics makes this city ugly…yet of course i enjoy wandering urban spaces…and i can the beauty in the banality…of course we have pockets of real beauty…but they are the ones untouched by beings in suits 😀 thank you for your comment Terry…happy sunday 😀

      • And none here in SO CAL either, that is why European cities are so full of life. Wonderful week for you Hedy.

  7. Great post, looks very good 🙂

  8. Very interesting blog post! Thanks.

  9. Reblogged this on luc20090's Blog.

  10. the ‘wavy’ pavement would make me feel sick…like being on a boat.

  11. Beautiful!

  12. Song choice is brilliant

    • well it seemed to work as the man in square was reading and talking with many people over the couple of hours i was around…it was a lovely moment ~ thanks for saying Shivashish ~ smiles hedy 😀

  13. love the flooring pattern, like waves … everything flows! 🙂

  14. Love the photos! So dramaric and graphic.
    Thanks for the memories of a place we love ~ particularly, the tile work of course!

    • thank you kindly Green Global Trek 😀 i appreciate and oh yes i loved Portugal very much…i will go and look more closely at your blog posts to see more of the beauty of Portugal ~ compose a beautiful day 😀 smiles hedy

  15. Hedy, that looks so wonderful irritating with this wave-pattern on the ground. As if it’s not on a real place. 🙂 smiles, Markus

    • Markus it is real…nothing like what we have here in Alberta…i was captured by the wave pattern too…i also like black and white 😀 hoping life it treating you well…smiles over the pond…will go and see where you’ve been at POINT BLANK 🙂 many smiles hedy

  16. Nice shots. Are those pavements a Portuguese thing? The only place I’ve noticed them before was Macau! Disconcerting to the visual sense indeed.

    • Bunty i’ve not been to Macau…but yes tiles are very popular in the places i saw in Portugal…there was cobblestones but this b/w pattern was in Cascais…which was a wonderful place that i would return too in a heartbeat…so clean and fresh…and so much life…have you been to Portugal…i believe you would throughly enjoy it…smiles hedy 🙂

  17. the answer
    in plain
    sight 🙂

  18. Getting into the groove here Hedy, wonderful!

    • i had a lot of fun Patti…so close and fun…lots of noise and and colour and people…i love it! have a good year of the rooster too Patti 😀

  19. Great pictures with the wave movement and very irritating.

    • a good irritating Robert i hope 😀 …such beautiful tiles…it was a suggested place to visit…so beautiful…i love Cascais, Portugal ~ smiles hedy

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