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Byzantines Siege of Naples year

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According to Buddha

Interdependence is a fundamental law of nature. Even tiny insects survive by mutual cooperation based on innate recognition of their interconnectedness. It is because our own human existence is so dependent on the help of others that our need for love lies at the very foundation of our existence. Therefore we need a genuine sense of responsibility and a sincere concern for the welfare of others.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

is anyone out there?
does anybody listen or care anymore?
we are living on a dying planet,
we’re killing everything that’s alive,
and anyone who tries to deny it
wears a tie


North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton, AB ~ January 2017

  1. Yes. This is a horribly, painfully sad time for the earth and any thinking, sensitive person. So sad.

    • i walk along this river so often…the people working on the river didn’t really want to talk to me or even say what is happening…i watch…and perhaps, it is controlled but i no longer play the believing game with these companies…the notice was placed a couple of days after i queried what was happening…but please know Penny i don’t know…but i am a sensitive person and i’ve seen colours in the water in the spring and reported it…now i am necessarily trouble because i doubt Kinder Morgan…like many of us…sending you joy for a good day ~ hedy 😀

      • My heart aches too. The river valley and ravines are so precious, and I too see more and more of this. It’s difficult to have hope that nature will survive…there aren’t enough sensitive, thinking people. 🙁

        • my heart is heavy…i distain the evaded…silence is a response…Kinder Morgan is but one…i need to play the believing game albeit it harder than the doubting game…we need highly sensitive people more than ever…i work to stay soft…it’s easy for me to hardened when i see wrong and evil…hope you can see the beautiful frost in the river valley today Raven Wolf…sending you a handful of joy 😀 <3

  2. Powerful. And the ticking clock in the song…very effective.

    • once i saw Joe Walsh in concert…and yes the song seemed to fit my questions…as i do see this a ticking clock…i love our river but often wonder what runs through it…and know under the land…what happens underneath…in the spaces we do not see…i’m a doubter when it comes to these companies caring for our environments…but i don’t know…i just walk and look to see ‘what’ is happening…have a powerful day! many smiles ~ hedy 😀

  3. we will reap what we sow

  4. Seems like no one cares. And with Trump in the United States we will see more and environmental disasters.

    • oh Ellen…i too am concerned…i think there is a new world order happening…the clown in the US is just but one…i want to believe the people who care and advocate for our environment will be heard…so many of us care…but yes there is chaos and i am a doubter of those in power…but “we” the people who care will continue to do our part…i keep checking here and looking to see what i can see…take care of you and have a joyful day…many smiles hedy 😀

  5. Disconnected seems to be the theme this week.

  6. But the future for carbondioxide eating bacteria looks today very bright owing to people like this blond testosterone-monster in Washington D.C.

    • 🙂 ahhhhhh i’ve tried to listen just a tiny bit…it’s all so much distraction…indeed a scary clown over our border…i will go back into nature and put my face into the sun…we have beautiful frost…take care ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  7. The earth is our mother, we must take care of her. Money talks and companies run politics, both parties, it is sad it has come to this.Our life can change, but it has to be from each individual. If people would care more about how their everyday actions effect the planet it would go a long in it’s healing. But consumerism has been a plague of western society for many years. Bigger more luxurious cars, houses…. All to keep up with idealized notions of success. The trashing of the planet from corporations or protesters only make matters worse. Martin Luther King was a great person, no violence, only peaceful marches and speeches. Look what that did. I did not see any violence from the Dakota Pipeline protests, only from the reaction of the companies. SAD what we as individuals from around the world have become.

    • yes Terry often sad beings in human suits…i do imagine a different world…but i believe there are many living lightly and peacefully…this wave will also past…like a pendulum…be happy 😀 off to yoga to breathe in and out 😀 smiles hedy

      • Have a great stretch and peaceful yoga class, Yes always breathe deeply. The pendulum just seems to be swinging to wilder extremes. And yes many live the light and peaceful life which I strive for.

  8. Beautiful pictures, sad stories.

  9. and often a red tie, at that.

  10. I like the pipe coming out of the snow.

  11. I am despondent, Hedy. Your post is a very good tribute.

    • thank you Jane…so many line to read in-between…the good will rise to the top…i too need believe although that doubting game is looming…have a good day! smiles hedy 🙂

  12. Great photos, Hedy. Though I’m not a big winter fan, it sure looks beautiful.

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  14. Underwater pipeline crossing.!

  15. i’m touched by this heartfelt inquiry and plea, hedy!
    may our continuations be peaceful
    happy and connected 🙂

  16. wow, that’s ‘cool’! Great work, Hedy, because every photo it’s attracting attention by its dominating color of the motive. Irritating. Cool. 🙂 smiles over the pond 🙂

    • can’t seem to find any details on this…so yes i’m wondering what’s happening…silence is always troubling…take care Patti 🙂

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