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According to Buddha

Most people live on the surface of life. But it is by deep-sea diving in the ocean of thought that you receive the pearls of knowledge. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

feel the rhythm with your hands
steal the rhythm while you can, spoonman
speak the rhythm on your own
speak the rhythm all alone, spoonman
spoonman, come together with your hands
save me, i’m together with your plan
save me


Edmonton, Alberta ~ March 2016

  1. In this sequence, it looks like the dogs clean up the mess they made…
    …very intelligent dogs, I have to say.
    Or was the cat in the last picture orchestrating everything? 🙂

  2. Oooh! I just loooove Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!!! 🙂 This one is so adorable!!! And the spoons and tray look wonderful against the blue floor!

    • the blue floor works well…i’ve noticed it hides a lot 😀 yes the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is adorable…and clearly i have not polished silver in a very long time…have a fun day Miss Gentileschi ~ smiles hedy

  3. 🙂 🙂 Looks like a lot of activity has taken place! … Dogs exhausted!

  4. Everyone looks amused here. The blue floor is cool. With the Buddha quote, I thought it was water at first. Have a great week, Hedy. Cheers 😎

    • the melt is on and a tad of mud…it will be painted floors this week 😀 in Shanghai i saw painted floors…i thought cool…and i love blue…durable and washable 😀 i also love water Chris…have a snappy week ~ smiles!

  5. when something goes wrong, first question: who can i blame? 😉

    • ahhhhhh you know naming, shaming, blaming never works…been practicing forward folds…bending from the hips…i hear yoga teacher words in my hedy head 😀 the dogs do look guilty or no no not me 😀 it’s a zoo!

  6. I love the colour of the silver in combination with the blue of the floor, and the lighting.

    • yes and but tarnish and patina are not the same…i’m imaging the silver sparkly oh well…thank you for your comment Peter…i used my iphone and some edits…it was a fun post for me 😀

  7. Love the quote–the surface–the superficial–it lacks depth–very literally. The ocean is a great metaphor–so much to discover beneath the surface. I love discovery–the process and the “treasure” of taking the time to notice the little things. I cherish those moments. The pup faces are delightful! I agree with the person who suggested the cat orchestrated everything. 🙂 Happy Eve of Spring!

    • as did i Raven Wolfe…i like to read some Buddhist bits and pieces through the week…feeling the need for some humour this week…and yes being in the now…cats are that way to me…and i see all the little stories in my life as gifts…discover beneath the surface…it is a happy spring eve again…compose a beautiful week ~ smiles hedy 😀 😀 😀

  8. yes, I’m with Rabirius (first comment): I think the sitting-high cat in that final shot orchestrated the whole thing

  9. I see a kitteh !

  10. Really interesting series!

  11. lovely captures, Hedy

  12. Having some fun? colors and puppies and a cat and youngster too!
    sure enjoyed this. what else are days meant for?
    carry on.

    • I’m good with babies and critters ☺🤓 and yes splash of colour always feels good for me Eddie 🤓 hope your days give you peace and light and happiness….yes we carry on 😀 ride the wave!

  13. Love the blue floor. What an interesting set of shots. Did any of the animals, human or otherwise, play with the silver?

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