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According to Buddha

You have your own self-created destiny with its lessons to be learned, and you must play well that part for which you were sent here. If everybody on the stage wants to be a king or queen, there will be no play. An actor with even a minor part can ruin the entire production by a poor performance. Every role is important; everyone should interact harmoniously for the success of the play. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

my babe, true little baby, my babe
my babe, i know she love me, my babe
oh yeah, i know she love me my babe
oh yeah, i know she love me
she don’t do nothin’ but kiss and hug me
my babe, true little baby, my babe


Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association, Edmonton ~ March 2016

  1. You’ve got a new friend, Hedy. I think he likes you. I really liked you Buddha quote; we must play our part well. Cheers

    • Yay dogs, cats, horses I love them…the quote is fitting for me in this moment for sure Chris ☺🤓😊 happy horsing around day to you!

      • Thank you, Hedy. I horsed around in class today and had a grand old time. I also love animals. We only have a cat but I really appreciate getting to enjoy other people’s pets. Cheers!

  2. <3 Horse noses! I kiss horse noses. I think that might be Luke.
    Love the quote. We can't all be kings and queens, and are not meant to be. I have often wished I could do more to change the world, but I know I am too sensitive…but I still have a role to play, and I need to do that well. Thank you for the reminder–I needed that today. <3

    • oh yes…so soft…i yes Raven Wolfe i think you are right 🙂 Luke it is <3 we need sensitive ppl…a wide variety of all kinds of beings in human suits 😀 somedays i'd love to sort that out 😉 but i working to be with is…i work hard to be soft…i can be armoured…horses have a way of bringing out both sides in me…and well babies too <3 have a happy and gentle day <3 <3 <3 we must connect on a walk soon 😀

      • I would love to be more armoured–I am too soft–so I sometimes avoid human interaction, sadly! I feel most comfortable around critters–they are so accepting and make our complicated human-ness break down to something simple and beautiful.
        It would be nice to connect on a walk–from what I remember reading here, you are very much a morning walker, though–and I am a night owl–but I sometimes sneak away from work and go out in the afternoon. Nature therapy. 🙂

        • i’ve worked to be a peaceful warrior…softening is also work for me…yes i do love early morning but the longer evenings we might catch up…like you i love the room without the roof…i’ll email you…i’d love a evening dog walk Raven Wolfe 😀 it would be fun!

  3. It almost comes out of the picture and you can touch it.

  4. Our part is just as important as all others in the circle of life. Have a wonderful evening Hedy.

    • yes Terry…i like that circle…and we all matter…although we are much more than matter 🙂 yes lovely evening…baby laughter is the best as you know!:-D have a delightful thursday ~ smiles hedy

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  6. On Sunday I’m giving a workshop (with three others) on producing plays; I just added Buddha’s quote to my introduction.

    • wonderful Bunty…i’m sure your workshop will be educative and fun too..and that Buddha does have much to say…that quote is from Paramahansa Yogananda…sending you smiles!

  7. I like your macro horse 🙂
    I love horses.

  8. Amazing close ups, Hedy! I will remember these for my first horse shooting job in a few days. Great inspiration and cool series. Smiles and greetings. Reinhold

    • thank kindly Reinhold…i appreciate you saying…lots and lots for me to learn along the way…smiles and joy over the pond to you 😀

  9. sweet animal
    attraction 🙂

  10. A beautiful horse!

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