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According to Buddha

When the fog of ignorance is removed by meditation you will see the right path.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

time goes by

time goes by
so slowly
time goes by
so slowly


foggy day Terwillegar Park, Edmonton, Alberta ~  March 2017

  1. Nice set of photos, Hedy. That little island in the foreground of the first shot really makes the composition interesting. I like the bench in the second. It all looks like early spring. Have a great day. Keep making images. Cheers

    • it’s all practice…a feeling thing for me…and really it’s all about composition which means i can work on that for ever and ever 😀 never seen any ever sit there…well my little dog but no humans 😀 yes i work daily with my camera and i love it! sending happy teaching vibes…i had a dream the other night i was teaching adults…it was a good dream…i have fond memories of teaching 😀 smiles Chris!

      • It was a good morning of teaching. Any morning I’m teaching, is a good morning. 😃 What were you teaching in your dream. I like places that you can spend time and work the angles without feeling rush. Good for you getting out with your camera so much. These days, I’m lucky to get out once a week. It should be different when I graduate. Then I can shoot more. Cheers 🤓

  2. time goes by
    so slowly

    Listening to that sort of music does the same to me.

  3. When I look into the eyes of my bear friends,I wonder if ignorance is bliss for them?
    In other words,ignorance of some knowledge might be considered wise…….ironically.

    • well i’ve never looked into the eyes of a bear…so that must be amazing…and yes as the adage goes to not know about something means you do not worry about it…but in my hedy head…i’m always searching for my need to know…and yes there is that double perspective not only is ignorance bliss but knowledge is misery…my wonder would always be but what knowledge is evaded…now i just wondering…and those bear friends of yours are wise for sure…i also enjoy animal totems and bears also stand against adversity; take action and are leaders…thank you for your thoughts…appreciated Tofino Photography 😀

      • you’re very insightful.

        • well the buddha words and words of others continue my thinking/wondering…and then you added the bear eye story…today i’m thinking submerging into silence…sometime i doubt the right path thing anyways…maybe the orcas have it figured with floating and submerging…i don’t know…it’s all practice ~ smiles you your beautiful island and all those critters…keep taking your amazing photographs all so beautiful ~ hedy 😀

  4. on foggy days time is standing still,
    quality photos show this.
    many blessings to you dear friend,

    • dear Eddie…blessing received thank you kindly 😀 and did have fun playing with the camera settings…plus nature provided such cool light…sending you warmth and light compose a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  5. Amazing pictures. I like the the air of mysteriousness very much.

    • yes Rabirius i’ve learned that we do get fog here in etown…and i love this spot to see it…no one was in the woods other than critters but yes the mysteriousness and soft tones of colour were so beautiful…it was a splendid walk 😀

  6. Lovely set of pictures–they bring a sense of tranquility–the colours are so beautiful and the fog is soft and dreamy. I wish I could step into these and savour the peacefulness.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • you’re so welcome Raven Wolfe…it was a beautiful morning…the green soft tones were special…sending you joy for another spring day 😀 <3

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  8. Yes, quiet time and inner contemplation will clear ones mind and open it to new ideas and possibilities. Have a wonderful evening my friend.

  9. So soft and lovely.

  10. I love this ! 🙏🏽💜🙏🏽

  11. btw,why the fascination with numerology?

    • well Tofino…my titles are about my sense making of mathematics…my narrative threads of learning numbers is layered and now funny…when i started my blog i just thought i’d research a number for each post…sometimes the hardest part…sometimes i still get help 😀 big smiles…and if you like i attached my intentions of my sloppy blog…
      have fun with your critters in nature…they are so amazing…love your photography!

  12. fascinating shots, Hedy. So calm and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 smiles, Markus 🙂

  13. Loving all that nature has to offer…. the Fog is a silent weight, that leaves me misty.

    • thank you kindly Issa…appreciate your comments…and yes those misty moments…i understand…may your day be light and bright ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  14. Leave it to Buddha to say something so poetic. Loving your posts.

  15. Absolutely beautiful pictures, fit the quote very well

  16. Wow! This is very creative, If you are interested in the art of tea check out my blog 🙂

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