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The Cgm 15th-century manuscript number

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According to Buddha

Music that is saturated with soul force is the real universal music, understandable by all hearts.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

ballet suite No. 1


Winspear Centre for Music ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ March 2017

  1. I love these, probably because I’m a symphony fan. Were these taken during a break in a rehearsal? I like the horizontal organ pipes, the scores and the dude (dudette?) in jeans. Oh, and the harp; gotta take a good look at a harp pne of these days.

    • hi Bunty! yes our foto friday group got to take a look inside behind the scenes…there was much to see…i wished to see more people playing instruments but found a little thought thing to pull together as we were able to be in spaces where one normally doesn’t get to go…so that was cool for me…yes the harp so beautiful…and the organ and the scores…and yes i don’t remember whose boots those are…thanks for commenting ~ smiles have a musical day ~ hedy 😀

  2. I like the repetition of the notes pattern from your first image in the following images of your excellent series, Hedy. Looking behind the scenes is always tempting. 🙂 Reinhold

    • Reinhold 😀 always appreciate your comments…have a productive day…doing so many things sending you joy and happy photographing…yes always look behind 😉 😀 smiles hedy

  3. Fine series!

  4. Excellent, inspired series! Each one adds something to the whole but stands on its own. The light, the composition – everything is handled so well!

  5. Excellent, I especially love the 3rd photo of the strings. Have a wonderful day Hedy.

    • thank you Terry 😀 yes the harp was most interesting took my all not to touch it…i imagined one big strum…but i resisted…you have a wonderful day too sending you joy for a fun one! smiles hedy 😀

  6. I love the big organ.

  7. Wow! It looks like you got some great access at the symphony. Nice set of thematic images, Hedy. I hope your week is going well. Cheers!

    • yes Chris with the foto friday group…took a few months for access apparently it’s popular thing…who knew 😀 i throughly enjoyed myself…made my own music in my head…a part of me did wish we’d have heard them practice…but as always nice to be in front of different things and spaces…compose a happy day! sending joy 😀

      • That sounds like a fun group. It’s nice when they can arrange fun things like that. We have beautiful, spring sunshine today. Have a great day. Cheers!

        • As I’m not a groupie type of person I can say I’ve throughly enjoyed my adventures with them…foto Friday is part of the St. Albert photography club 🤓😀

          • I did photo groups for a long time and then got out of it. The right people and shoot locations make all the difference in the world. I’m glad you’ve got a good group. I hope they do other interesting shoots!

        • they are wonderful folks…we all take turns plotting a friday adventures…which reminds me i’m on for planning a horse one…for when the baby fillies and foals arrive 😀 😀 😀

  8. Wow, what an inspiring series! Such a variety of perspectives. I really enjoyed this, Hedy.

    • awe Lemony thank you so much! i love your work and i am inspired by your works as well…all the frozen and wonderful spring colours you shared…thank you for saying ~ have a creative and fun day 😀

  9. love the light in this music

  10. Ahhh, bravo, I am enchanted — that final shot, those Alberta boots, are the perfect finale to the whole.

    • 😀 worked for me too Penny…as it seemed to complete my thought thing 😀 appreciate your kind comments…have an enchanting day…happy walking! smiles 😀

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  12. ‘the soul force’, the undeniable drive that moves us all
    nicely illustrated by the power of music,
    as shown here in your incredible post with these amazing photos
    have a most peaceful day Hedy

    • yes Eddie…i think with all beingness…surrounding self with beingness…i feel that…so appreciate your teachings and nice comments about my images…it was a special foto friday with friends for sure 😀 sending you joy and all good things ~ smiles hedy 😀

  13. like music
    to my eyes, hedy 🙂

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