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According to Buddha

Essentially, conditions are neither good nor bad; they are always neutral, seeming to be either depressing or encouraging because of the sad or bright attitude of the mind of the individual concerned with them.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

in the misty, tangled sky,
fast a wind is blowing
in a new born rabbit’s heart
river life is flowing
so begins another spring,
green leaves under berries,
chiff-chaff eggs are painted by
mother bird eating cherries


Canmore Park, Calgary Alberta ~ April 2017

  1. Excellent, Hedy.

  2. Oh wow, no snow and signs of spring. Nature is just so wonderful. Nice images, Hedy. Cheers. 😊

  3. I felt like I was watching something precious be born

    • yes Issa…i always love crocuses…new beginnings…and funny thing 2 days ago walking in the woods i found a goose egg for the first time in my life…little messages everyday 😀 …compose a beautiful day Issa ~ smiles hedy

      • was is in a nest? will a gooseling hatch? wow!

        • no no…i thought wow what a smooth rock on the path in the woods but no it was an egg…so large i have to look it up when i got home…so it is a goose egg…in my hedy head i’m saying it is a golden goose egg…and it will not hatch literally but perhaps metaphorically…it fits with my animal totem messages…it’s all new to me 🙂

          • If it was not in a nest maybe Mama goose thought it was the ugly duckling….poor booboo I do love fairy tales… But what a wonderful walk of discovery.

          • i love fairy tales too 😀 i wonder if another critter removed the egg…but i don’t know it is a mystery to me…always fun to be outside ~ smiles hedy 😀

  4. These images are a great visual example of the notion of neutrality and perception. They show the balance. Some will focus on the flowers or cloudy skies and think, “How beautiful” and others will focus on the (seemingly) dead plant material left over from winter and think “How ugly”. But this really is what life is all about. Life in the balance. Again great work.

    • humble thank you Mobius…yes the beyond beige stage will emerge with greens and new life…i’m ready for a new chapter 😀 thank you kindly for your words…appreciated ~ smiles hedy 😀

  5. …very difficult for me to remain neutral looking at #4; sapphires and diamonds come to mind. 🙂
    Nice to see springtime heading your way, Hedy.

    • oh indeed Mic…although…life’s been such a blur for 13 months…it just seemed like one big season 😀 i do love snow but now i yearn for warmth on my bones…and yes the sparkle of the melting snow made the crocuses look like gems 😀 smiles and joy your way Mic!

  6. always in flux, ‘conditions are neither good nor bad’, just changing.
    exceptional photography thoughtfully presented contributes
    to an artful example of this basic premise.
    have a productive and peaceful day Hedy

    • your teachings are appreciated Eddie…yes i’m staying grounded…and yes it’s all change…i’m floating with those waves…i’m productive lots to do with family and friends arriving this week 🙂 and apparently there is a hockey game in etown…so some street photography later maybe be on my agenda later today as i imagine there will be people 😀 …thank you Eddie! smiles 😀

  7. The flowers with the melting snow are absolutely gorgeous, Hedy! xxellen

  8. for being neutral
    it’s pretty colourful
    & nice, hedy 🙂

  9. Wonderful photos, I can not wait to get up in the area next year, possibly September to mid-October for the Alaska trip so I will hopefully see some fall colors and weather. AH, Donovan brings back such peaceful memories of a bygone time. Happy week to you Hedy.

  10. The second and third crocus photos! Beautiful!

  11. Is it possible to listen to only one Donovan song? Those crocus are startling blue! 😀

    • Donovan …is alive and on youtube…and yes such a special blue…a purple ish tone to me…a sort of red stimulation along with a blue calm….thank you Robert 😀

  12. Beautiful nature: ceos, nubes, flores e árbores. Excellent pictures.

    • humble thank you Alex 😀 i appreciate your kind words…maybe this is correct ? Amo árboles también y el cielo y la flora y sólo estar fuera 😀 smiles over the pond…have a wonderful week ~ smiles hedy 😀

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  14. Crocuses! <3 I haven't seen one in real life in years. LOVE seeing new and breathtakingly beautiful new life emerging from the damp, rich earth! The water droplets on the flowers–and those little trichomes! (love those) Every detail is so So very lovely–thank you for sharing!

    • yes they are in Calgary…my sister found them…and yes we both love them…so resilient even with the snow fall 😀 thank you kindly Raven Wolfe…i appreciate your kind words 😀

  15. Words (yours and the quote) and images – all wonderful. Or neutral, but in this case, I’ll take wonderful…(I appreciate the variety of viewpoints).

    • thank so much Lynn and yes i lift the Buddha and words of music…i compose the thought things 😀 appreciate your kind comments ~ smiles hedy 😀

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