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According to Buddha

Learn how to play the various parts of your life-movie without identifying your role with your Self. It is important to remember, whenever pain or anger or any kind of mental or physical suffering comes, to look upon them as would a spectator. Dissociate yourself from your experiences. Looking upon them as though they were happening to another person is the best way. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

now i have children of my own
they ask their mother
what will i be
will i be handsome
will i be rich
i tell them tenderly
que sera, sera
whatever will be, will be
the future’s not ours to see
que sera, sera
what will be, will be
que sera, sera


Edmonton, Alberta ~ April 2017

  1. Nice street shots, Hedy. It looks like it is near a sports arena of some kind. It reminds me that I want to take some photos of the baseball park this summer. Cheers

    • yes i remember and i also went to a ball game when i was in Boston…streets full of fans dressed in team colours and filled with good energy…always fun…and this is the new arena in Etown…in the Ice District…i will have to get in one day to take a closer look 😀 have a good week Chris ~ smiles 😀

  2. I have no interest in Hockey (oh shame I must not be a real Canadian lol), but these are wonderful photos, and that Buddha quote was exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thanks Hedy.
    Alison xox

    • well this new arena was contested…i am always amazed at the amount of time spent on hockey/sport…but maybe my inner dutch emerges i don’t know but fun to see people out in the rain running to see their team play 😀 yes the Buddha quote has my mind thinking too…have a happy day too Alison! <3 😀

  3. The Buddha quote shocked me–I thought we were to learn to be more present–although I suppose I am taking this too literally and it doesn’t apply to those of us who dissociate due to trauma. This is very curious, though.
    Cool pics–I’m very happy for the Oilers and the fans, but I don’t have television (I know–weird!) Nice to see the excitement in your photos!

    • perhaps, and i don’t know as i’m a sloppy buddhist…i wonder if the Buddha is inferring to witnessing the other and knowing how much to give or take…i know denial works…but of course as we witness our trauma…it layers for me with choices…accepting and knowing the cycles…being kind to self…and that’s was why i used the Que sera, sera song…which always annoyed me so much as a little girl…i’m not a hockey/sport fan…but i do love to see people having fun…maybe this hedy thought make some sense…big smiles have a fun night Raven Wolfe! 😀 <3

      • That song annoyed me when I was little too! I am learning the importance of feeling whatever emotion I need to feel, so that I can move on, rather than pushing the feelings away which doesn’t really work for long. Yes, being kind to self is so important, and something I am learning to do–finally. This is the most confusing and troubling Buddha quote I’ve seen…I can’t make sense of it. But I guess that is okay sometimes.
        Hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy some of the warmer weather! I’m loving the Robins singing and hopping about–and the bits of green emerging at last! Where to start photographing, I wonder? 🙂

        • That was supposed to be a BIG smile! 😀

        • yes i had/have a strong distain for the lyrics…and i’m learning feelings have feelings too 😀 sometimes cognitive dissonance is a fine thing for me…i think for me, in this moment as i witnessed my father’s life and death over these past 13 months…i had to remove self from witnessing what i believed was suffering…and our world is full of suffering…and i work hard to be the witness…dissociate yourself from your experiences…to keep moving forward…now i’m more curious about why i selected this quote in relation to sport…those who know me know i wonder what our world would look like if “we” spent as much attention/wealth/care to our shortcomings as humans as we pay to sports…the energy/wealth…the power of sport to improve society…now i’m finished coffee…and a hedy head wandering 😉 😀 …yes beautiful spring sky and land…i’m enjoying the land these days…now off to the woods 😀 smiles Raven Wolfe!

  4. Go oilers 🙂

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  6. Great photos. especially the lighting and color tones of the interior bar shots!

    • thanks kindly Emilio…just about looked over the inside shots…but then yes i had some fun with the lighting and some post work on them…appreciate you saying humbled 😀

  7. I love this images. So full of emotions, positive tension, expectations and so close at the People. 😁👍🏼 And let me tell you, I can understand this People, because our german guy Draisaitl is playing for the Oilers! 😁😁😁👍🏼 😉
    Smiles to you! …and the Oilers! 😉😊

    • thanks Markus…yes being outside and in the fan crowds is fun to photograph for me….high vibration for sure 😀 ahhhh yes Draisaitl…i found out more about him today…as i really know nothing about hockey…but we have many happy people here now…i guess they will know more later tonight! smiles over the pond i think it is 2-2…woot woot!!! 😀

      • You know that Germany is not THAT hockey nation… …but exactly for that it makes even more proud that one of our guys plays for the Oilers. 😁😁👍🏼

        • well maybe one day soon Markus…as the game seems to gaining popularity world wide…it no longer seems to be just a Canadian sport…although we are the land of ice 😉 i think they have one more chance tonight…ahhhhh the beauty of sport! 😀 have a wonderful day…smiles hedy 😀

          • 🤘🤓✊ …hey, Germany ein the opener at the worldcup against the US. That sounds promissing!!! 😁✨💫
            Many smiles from Vietnam 🇻🇳! 😊🙏 Markus

          • i know quite the STAR…people LOVE him!!!!! i imagine he will sell many hats and jerseys…and now game 7 well it will be an interesting game wednesday night indeed….smiles over to you in Vietnam…hope you both have fun…i’d love so see the fabric markets…Tranh Thêu Tay Tại TpHCM…many smiles safe travels and enjoy Markus! 😀

          • All the best for Game 7!!!! ….if not, let’s play best of 9! 😂😂😂👍🏼

            It’s so great here in Vietnam. Wonderful people…. …and many, many Buddas 😊. Smiles to you! 😊

          • oh i’m sure those ‘owners’ would love game nine…year around hockey i imagine…i would love to visit Vietnam…and all those Buddha’s did you see any sloppy ones 😉 sending you joy! 😀

          • 😁😊 I saw a few. Will post them in the next weeks. AND I was arround when they formed one out of a huge block of basalt. A laying one. Hedy, you have to go here. People are so nice and make you feel welcome with their smiles. And everything is so easy… …travelling, … …and the food of course: sooooo tasty!!!!! 😊💫✨

          • ok i will put it on my list Markus…perhaps, sooner than later…others have also said wonderful things about the people, foods and yes their smiles…look forward to see your posts! smiles 😀

          • go, Hedy, go!!! many smiles 🙂

          • that’s funny my grandson calls me ‘go go’ 😉 😀 smiles

          • 🙂 ‘go go’sounds good.. something moving 😀 😉

  8. A thought building on your exchange with Raven Wolf, who was upset by the Buddha quote… For me, observing our emotions as if they were happening to someone else is a useful way to remember that we are larger than, more than, our current emotion. The exercise can help restore proportion, build strength, reassure us that we are not simply at the mercy of our emotions. We are aware of the emotions, but not limited to (or by) them…

    • Thanks kindly Penny I’m sure Raven Wolfe appreciates your thoughtful words…appreciated as well smiles 🤓😀

  9. I like the last three especially – its’ hard to get the light so well when you go inside, isn’t it?

    • thanks Lynn and yes my Fuji is light sensitive but i’m working it…and learning more and more what to change…i did use lightroom to punch out those images…it’s all fun for me…i love learning more and more about camera works…have a snappy day! smiles hedy 😀

      • I appreciate your cheer! Me too on enjoying both the black box clicking and the Lightroom tweaking….

        • 😀 yes the black box…i like that 😀 and yes Lightroom is enjoyable…a tad addictive for me…although my attention for editing also has limits…i love ‘shooting’ most of all…have a snappy day Lynn!

  10. I am a hockey fan, but I find the building of the new arena unsettling in ways that your images reveal. We have oppulence in sharp contrast to human needs.

    • i know these spaces are contested as they move into communities…whose voices are heard/ignored…and i’m not a hockey/sport person really…but i live with them 😀 so i appreciate the “what can be”….and the place of sport for building possibilities…no sure if this happens here in etown with hockey or not…i also see the evaded…the shortcomings…but that’s just me 😀 now the Oilers are done until next season…it’s all so cyclical as you know Ivonprefontaine 😀 …appreciate your comments…smiles ~ hedy

      • I think you are right. There are possibilities in sports; often they go uptapped. Thank you for the smiles Hedy. Take care and enjoy.

        • i love the happy energy + high vibration from people and sports so yes i possibilities and i think we can always do better…i imagine a greater ethic of care…thanks for your response Ivonprefontaine ~ sending you joy for a happy day!

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