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Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV number

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According to Buddha

Extend the boundaries of the glowing kingdom of your love, gradually including your family, your neighbours, your community, your country, all countries — all living sentient creatures.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

what’s new pussycat whoa
what’s new pussycat whoa oh
pussycat, pussycat, i’ve got flowers
and lots of hours to spend time with you
so go and powder your cute little pussycat nose
pussycat, pussycat, i love you yes i do
you and your pussycat nose


Calgary ZooOrphaned Cougars ~ May 2017

  1. love this –

  2. Aren’t they magnificent. A great set of images, Hedy. You did well making it look like there was nothing separating you from them. Have a great week. Cheers!

    • thank you Chris…it’s quite the glass enclosure…actually a beautiful space…thanks for your comments and yes i will have a good week…hope you’re well too…done teaching? or back at it? smiles hedy 😀

      • Still teaching. It’s a really busy time right now with teaching and grad school. Just four more months. 😁. Have a great week. Cheers

        • then you can begin a new chapter Chris…you’ll missed grad school…yes it’s a calm and sunny week so far…doing practical things in the moment 😀 smiles for a joyful day! 😀

  3. Hey, did you make a mistake?
    The Buddha really did say something like that. It forms the basis of metta practice.

    BTW, in the early 80s some friends of mine entered a cover of What’s new pussycat in a 2JJ Battle of the Bands contest as a joke. My then girlfriend was on backing vocals (“Whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh”). The band was called Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Hysterectomy. They won.

  4. You are TOO MUCH! Not a song I really want to remember, but it’s funnysilly in this context. Thanks for the terrific juxtaposition.

  5. Wowww–those enormous cats look VERY close to you! Cougars and other giant cats are the only wild animals that really scare me a lot. Amazing pics–they look incredibly soft, but this is close enough for me. 😉

    • i’m afraid/respect them too…yes so soft too but i’m extremely reluctant walking in spaces where they live free…this was a joyful moment…you know how cats play 😀 have a fun day Raven Wolfe 😀

  6. Such beautiful and powerful animals.

    • i love these cats…although i would never want to meet one on a walk…they are also strong totems…using our power and gentleness…you know that balancing act…have a wonderful day Terry 😀 smiles!

  7. Wonderful images. The expression in last one really makes me smile.

    • i felt she really looked at me…i have a small camera Lemony so i shot from the hip often…a joyful little play moment captured…hearing the children’s also made me smile 😀

  8. Wonderful photos Hedy. That must have been a fun visit. Sometimes zoos do just the right thing.

    • it was a reflective memory moment Alison 😀 and yes we gathered as a family pack 😉 😀 we viewed the critters and the critters viewed us 😀 it was just the right thing in that moment thanks kindly ~ smiles

  9. quite big kittens

  10. 😂👍🏼 pussycat! Sure! Wonderful captures of how they play. Smiles to you, Markus

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  12. Beautiful animals and pictures.

    • Alex they are very beautiful…i love their paws and eyes and nose…and yes their size…to be respected for sure 😀 have a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy

  13. Eyes closed, arms around the world, gentle hugs
    love is the only antidote for fear
    inhale love, exhale peace
    have a super weekend Hedy

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