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According to Buddha

The treasure of friendship is your richest possession, because it goes with you beyond this life. All the true friends you have made you will meet again…for real love is never lost. 

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

i can not remember when
the last time i saw my home and all my friends

but they tell me my life
has never been better

and so i try to make believe
that all the time i spend away is endlessly
making everything so much better


Sylvan Lake, Central Alberta ~ May 2017

  1. as this is true that is also true.
    for instance, dear friends you have
    in this life you have had in previous lives.
    this is a treasure Hedy, in sight and sense
    be peace

    • i appreciate you saying Eddie 😀 and yes i caught up with many dear friends last week…i like what you say “in sight and sense be peace”…now yoga and meditation time…thank you kindly ~ smiles hedy 😀

  2. what a wonderful play with the clouds and the horizon. As it is in the hand of the sky to steer how much sky/ground ratio we allowed to see. 😊

  3. I always love cloud pics–this is a really wonderful set–especially the ones with the lake! The second one is so fascinating to look at! Love the one with the trees, too. Thank you for sharing!

    • your so welcome Raven Wolfe…yes the ice…it’s still on the lake…i imagine after this warm week it will disappear 😀 i love this area in central Alberta…BIG sunshine smiles…enjoy the long spring day 😀

  4. I find these pictures marvellous. Light, bright, looking at tomorrow.

    • thank you kindly Peter 😀 yes it was bright and light and yes another brand new 24 hours…smiles to the Netherlands…love your photos…reminds me of my roots too ~ smiles hedy

      • Thank you Hedy! You are Dutch or have Dutch ancestors?

        • 100% Dutch and now Canadian 😀 i do have some cousins and a few aunties and uncles still living…i hope to come over the pond soon! My mother grew up in Tolbert…

          • Tolbert! Dat is om de hoek 🙂 I don’t know wether you (still) speak Dutch, but yeah, it’s around the corner of my city. So if you come do visit Groningen, the city and the province. Big skies! The (Wadden)sea is near and the light is already somewhat nordic 🙂

          • Yes around the corner 😀 I will I have a cousin who lives in a town very close 🤓😀 and yes we see land connections between us ☀️

  5. Such a big beautiful sky in these images. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a place with such wide open spaces. Cheers, Hedy.

  6. So much beauty! The second photo reminded me of the salt flats in Bolivia.

    • still some ice here on the lake…and oh i soon hope to take a little adventure Alison…Bolivia would be just that! smiles for a good day 😀

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  8. Really interesting collection of horizontal landscapes. The one with the kids hanging out is remarkably well composed (even the bike laying on the ground makes sense)!

    • thank you kindly John…I learned that sizing from my photo friend Jeff Wallace…i think it works well…has to do with cinema and our eye…and yes the youth were delightful…appreciate your comments ~ compose a happy day hedy 😀

  9. Cool way to structure your post, Hedy. Endless views, clouds, different shapes of the horizons and than the people in the frame in the middle one. As if the 2 images before and after are just a leading line for the viewer. Awesome. Love it! Reinhold

    • yes the endless land to the landlocked lake…always fun for me to do street photography…and i appreciate your comment Reinhold have a wonderful day 😀

  10. How true… lovely post.

  11. true
    treasure 🙂

  12. Beautiful landscapes, shapes and leading lines.

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