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According to Buddha

No matter how busy we are, we should not forget now and then to free our minds completely from worries and all duties….Try to remain for one minute at a time without thinking negatively, fixing the mind on the peace within, especially if worried. Then try to remain for several minutes with a quiet mind. Following that, think of some happy incident; dwell on it and visualize it; mentally go through some pleasant experience over and over again until you have forgotten your worries entirely.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

let’s go to sparta
they’ll cook us dinner
from the farm that we saw
all summer
brimming over
field of clover
yellow side road
a cold wind is blowing in
let’s go


random Range roads ~ Central Alberta ~ May 2017

  1. again the wonderful and powerful play of the Alberta sky vs land about the horizon. Stunning photos… ..again. 🙂 smiles over the pond towards this wonderful landscape.. ..and you 😀 😀

    • 😀 yes you know it’s endless…thank you Markus 😀 today the earth is healing…rain also nice sounds 🙂 smiles back! 🙂

  2. “fixing the mind on the peace within” – thank you for a gentle reminder at the start of the day.

    • thank you kindly Rich 🙂 perhaps a little quotidiously?…i don’t know…but i know mantra’s, self talk, etc…now i’m listening to rain…so beautiful…have a fun day ~ smiles hedy

  3. Beautiful skies! I’ve already quieted my mind for a minute this morning. Need to try for several at a time. It works to relieve stress and worry for sure!

    • thank you kindly Shelia…yes being the witness and minding my responses works well for me…today all the wind blows away any worry 🙂 compose a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  4. what worries? your photos have done it again, taken me to (Alberta) some other place
    this is a great day to enjoy the peace within

    • oh Eddie yes no worries…always wonders for me though 😀 and yes this is central Alberta…it’s some other place too…now the sounds of rain and now i’ll do practical work…clean my 11 books shelves which is also a wonder…daunting but a reading kind of day…time to release 🙂 have a happy day Eddie many smiles! 😀

  5. I have done Buddha’s teaching a lot in the past year to keep me from breaking down, thanks for the reminder Hedy. Beautiful shots of a lovely country in Alberta. Have a wonderfully sloppy day my friend.

    • oh dear Terry i can well imagine…your heavy heart…finding joy in the moments…staying present…i understand every day a little more…i know yoga, walking, running, shooting (with my camera) 😀 …writing and mediating calms my body and mind…i also learned from Sarah Kerr to make some rituals for myself…and also my father taught me about activism so i am searching this teaching out now…i really like Sarah’s words…”Changing how we grieve and die is a big project…It’s going to need the energy and creativity of many people.” and soon you’ll plan that traveling adventure…you’ll be Alberta Bound! 🙂 sending you a handful of joy ~ smiles too! 2 bookshelves on the floor…9 to go 😀 😉

      • All those things are helping me also along with camping and getting out in nature away from the maddening crowd. Good luck on the bookshelves. Thanks for sharing all these teachings and your wonderful photos.

        • yes a room without a roof…being outside is the best! coffee and just making sure i don’t get lost in some old texts…thank you for your comments and support too Terry…appreciated 😀

  6. Hipnóticas líneas de horizonte, con esas nubes cubriendo el cielo. Fugas hacia el infinito. Beautiful landscapes.

    • Sí como un Albertan tenemos un cielo sin fin … un montón de tierra … estoy de acuerdo es hiponético y calmante … para mí …thank you Alex…have a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  7. Ah, Hedy, you know I love these Alberta landscapes. 🙂 🙂 It does look like spring. I like that you alternate your photos between stormy and fair, just like spring weather

  8. Wow! Some amazing skies out there. Very nice Hedy. My fave is the third from the last…it is so dark and ominous. Cheers! =)

  9. Love these big dramatic Alberta skies! The first is my fave.

    • ahhhh yes the farm 😀 and today the rain and winds…i think Van was also hit…thanks for your comments Alison appreciated 😀

  10. So beautiful, those wide open skies, no matter the weather. And we know it’s always temporary anyway. It must be breathtaking to watch the changes there. Happy everything to you!

    • oh Lynn thanks kindly…yes it’s weather all beautiful…nice to have the rain sounds today…soon it will all blow away…that’s nice ‘happy everything to you’ too!!! 😀 off to breathe in and out ~ smiles hedy

  11. …some dramatic clouds…
    Great pictures.

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    Looks like hear in Québec Canada lots of clouds 🙂

  13. I love your cows.

  14. I’m ready, let’s go!!

  15. Great post

  16. King for a day

    Shola got up from bed. He checked the wall clock that that glow brightly, with the help of  the bright light that entered into his room. It was 12:30pm. He was surprised. His parents never allowed him to wake up whenever he felt like, nor to sleep whenever he felt like. Sleeping time was 9:30pm, and time to wake up was 6:30am. It applied both when school was in session, and when he was on holidays.

    Shola was more surprised at how quiet the house was. Normally, his mum would be watching T.B.N. program on T.v., on a high volume, his brother Caleb will be playing his music on the stereo, while his annoying pest of a sister, Janet will be hitting him hard to get up and join her to clean the house. She never disturbed Caleb, as Caleb was more older than her. Shola would grudgingly stand up and clean the house, because if he didn’t, she would report him to their mum, and she will beat him big time, and he will clean the house all by himself, without Janet’s help.

    But on this day, nobody  did anything. Shola noticed his toy bell that was placed on the head side of his bed. His uncle gave him the bell as a Christmas gift 3 years back, during on  Christmas day.

    Shola rung the bell twice playfully, and Janet dashed into the room. She dressed like a maid. He wanted to ask what’re you wearing??, but the words won’t come out. She was holding a covered plate, which she laid carefully on his bed, with a napkin by the side. “Is there anything you need sir??” She asked. ” Yes sure…” He swallowed his own words, as she dashed out and came back with a milk shake, and also came back with a red carpet, which she rolled, till it reached their parents room. Shola was scared, his parents would literally kill him if they saw the red carpet. Janet will put the whole blame on him, denying any involvement, and they’d believe her always. 

    Just before he could tell her to roll up the carpet, his mum came outside. Shola’s heart beat so fast as he saw her. Janet was smiling stupidly. She walked on the red carpet as she entered shola’s room.

    Shola closed his eyes, not waiting to see his mum’s scowling face. As he closed his eyes for some seconds, which felt like hours, it felt like his ears were closed too. He felt a tap on his hand, he opened his eyes and his mum and Janet shouted together, ” surprise!!! ”

    He looked at his mum’s hand, and was shocked. His play station 4 was in her hands ” Take it” she said. Shola was too shocked, and for some seconds, he freezes. His mum never gave him his play station when school was in session, and even on holidays, he played with it for 3 hours everyday, and after that, his boring, weird looking chemistry teacher will come to the house for home lesson, which lasted for 4 hours. He took it, at first scared, but  she placed it on his bed and went away.

    He went to the living room and plugged on the play station. He heard his chemistry teacher from outside say ” Madam, isn’t your son coming to school?? If he tells you that there’s no school today, know he’s lying?? ” She said. ” Shola honey.” His mum called loudly. Shola took his time before coming out and to his chemistry teacher surprise, she didn’t slap him, neither did she shout at him. ” your teacher said that you’ve class is that right??” She asked. ” yes” he replied. ” Do you want to go??” Shola looked at his chemistry teacher, who opened her mouth at her question. “No mum, don’t want to go” “But you have a project to do, and madam am sure he hasn’t done it”His chemistry teacher said. ” Go to hell ” he said. ” madam did you hear your son?? ” you heard him, go to hell. And by the way never you come for home lesson as he’s sick of your boring, depressing lesson, and he doesn’t want to see those big Zits on your face “. Shola was so surprised. His mother just said what he’d be wanting to say. Shola saw her leave. He played the game for a long time. The light didn’t go off, neither did his parents, or Janet, or Caleb came to take over the T.v. Caleb came to join him to play the game, while Janet cleaned the house happily.

    His mum prepared his favourite dish, spaghetti, with diced carrots and eggs. He was scared that she would add greens and vegetables to it, like she always did, but she didn’t. Shola was more surprised when his dad ate the spaghetti, and didn’t complain that  there weren’t any vegetables in the spaghetti. He uncovered the covered plate which Janet had brought for him earlier on, and lo and behold, it was his favourite macroni cheese pizza. His mum for the first time, let him eat it alongside with the spaghetti and milk shake. And Caleb didn’t as much as take a bite from the spaghetti. Normally, he’d take the whole pizza, using bullying and threats, which he’s capable to carry out.

    After eating, shola found himself playing the game continuously with his Caleb. His parents were cheering him up. Janet cleared the place where they’d eat. That was not surprising, but what was surprising, was when she cleaned shola’s side of the dinning and even watched his plate along side other dishes, this she never did. 

    But what made shola so happy was when Blessing Annokute came to his house. He stared at her for a while. She was smiling, not giving that her superior looks. She jumped on him and kissed him. They both soon entered his room and they had sex together, it was the swettest, craziest,** add your own.

    It was unbelievable. Blessing Annokute, the proud queen, the girl that guys called ” No go area”, the slay Queen, kissed him. It was so glorious, and everyone in the house seemed to have disappear, leaving them to explore each other. Their naked bodied touched each other.

    Shola screamed as a leather belt landed on his back. ” Get up fool!!” His mum said before landing the belt on his back again, and he jumped up, realizing that he’d be brought back to the real world. 

    • dear Kaycee

      now i see what you are asking me about…this was in the spam space not attached to your first comment with me 😀

      i am wordless…but of course always a hedy head thought emerges…i tweet about Raif Badawi…read his words..see/look at images from current day flogging…i’ve struggled with how barbaric beings are to each other…and of course think about violence…i’m schooled in the politics of cruelty by Kate Millet…her words “To love is simply to allow another to be, live, grow, expand, become. An appreciation that demands and expects nothing in return.” but these words/acts do not ‘fit’ within many current cultural scripts…i imagine a different world…i can imagine Shola’s scream…and it’s a sad thought…”he’d be brought back to the real world.”…as my father always said “we can do better”…sending kindness and light and peace to you…. ~ hedy ~

  17. What do you think of it??

    • what do i think of it? in relation to the Buddha quote i work with my daily mantra and i work with the same mantra until it becomes true for me…i make sure my mantras are kind, gentle and soft…and my mantra is always telling myself i’m good enough…so they don’t bite back 😉 mantras i make never influence other people…only myself so maybe ones such as “My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil…I possess the qualities needed to be successful…Happiness is a choice…I am courageous and I stand up for myself…My life is just beginning…those are some ideas for mantras/positive affirmations…so i start to attract things in correlation with my vibration…i think this is what you are asking of me 😀 good morning Kaycee…thank you kindly for asking 😀

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