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U film number directed by J. Mostow

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According to Buddha

The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other side.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

they raised her up
they made her fly
they gave her roots and wings
as time moves on and years go by
she’ll miss those simple things
she’s the girl i used to be


Cape Gooseberries, Edmonton, Alberta ~ 2017

  1. Very intriguing and interesting indeed

  2. very nice

  3. Beautiful images

  4. This shedding of the old you, (personality) becomes the process by which the new you emerges refreshed and renewed ready to start again on this walk of life.
    Outstanding imagery,
    have a beautiful day Hedy

    • thank you kindly dear Eddie…i so appreciate your teachings…it’s a summery weekend…my sister shared this poem with me by Gwen Flowers

      I had my own notion of grief.
      I thought it was the sad time
      That followed the death of someone you love.
      And you had to push through it
      To get to the other side.
      But I’m learning there is no other side.
      There is no pushing through.
      But rather,
      There is absorption.
      And grief is not something you complete,
      But rather, you endure.
      Grief is not a task to finish
      And move on,
      But an element of yourself-
      An alteration of your being.
      A new way of seeing.
      A new definition of self.

      i have learned the importance of integrating death with life…every day life changes…we are always in transition…although creating rituals for me is comforting…also being in silence.

      but this weekend the energy of my young niece is the best! now i’m reminded of Dr. Christiane Northrup…i read she once said ‘every cell in your body is replaced every seven years?…life is an adventure for sure 😀 many smiles sending you joy Eddie 🙂

  5. All I can think of here is the word fuzz. The playfulness of it. The beauty. Ten thousand tendrils poised next to one another, listening.


    • Michael! 😀 your words are always delightful and so thoughtful…i love this tendrils poised next to one another, listening…and listening is such hard work…have a beautiful day…i’ve missed your posts…but will read now ~ smiles hedy 😀 om shanti

  6. These images are close ups into a foreign / alien world. Fantastic series and excellent idea, Hedy!

    • thanks so much Reinhold 😀 an inward reflective turn moment for me…today sunshine and outside time…smiles over the pond!

  7. Love the quote–there is hope in knowing we can transform through practice and reflection, and change through life’s experiences, if we are open to it.
    I hadn’t seen the Cape gooseberry plant before–so lovely and fuzzy! The colours in the leaves are so pretty as well–beautiful pictures! Thank you for the loveliness! <3

    • i love gooseberries…both to photograph and then eat 😀 i enjoyed layering up a variety of editing apps then a quick run through lightroom…such fascinating fruit…changed the orange to pinks i guess i’m still into pink for over a week…and the deep green is arriving also love that tone 😀 many smiles Raven Wolfe <3 enjoy the delicious sunshine! <3

  8. Hypnotic.

    • as long as it doesn’t induce sleep…but hey maybe that’s okay too Alex! 😀 many smiles over the pond…have a peaceful day ~ 😀 <3

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  10. I d so love your abstract series, and this is no exception. So soft and beautiful.

  11. It is amazing what happens when you get up close to something you see every day. Happy week, Hedy. Cheers 😃

    • You too dear Chris 😀 and yes every day I find beauty with intention and have joyful moments 🤓 have a wonderful week maybe you’re going to catch some music? Perhaps Boston symphony or some local street musicians have a wonderful week too! Smiles 😀

  12. quite hauntingly beautiful.

  13. So interesting, Hedy. You just keep bringing forth!
    I like the poem shared above in comments with Eddie.

    • Thank you kindly Lynn yes the poem by Flowers touched me in many ways and Eddie has been supportive and wise I’m grateful for his teachings 🤓😀 I’ve learned a lot about death and living this year….also happy to have my camera 🎥 my little black box 😉😀 have beautiful day! Smiles hedy

  14. And here I find your opening quote giving me goose-bumps as this is what’s been going round my head today:

    “Consider your situation as a poet to be like this: Where you are in your living life before you start writing a poem and where you will be after you write that poem should always be different. It’s like getting on a train in one place, being changed by the journey, and getting off the train in another place as a different person.”

    –David Biespiel, The Poet’s Journey

    I *knew* I had good things to look forward to!

  15. wonderful, Hedy. Images like maps to a magic world. 🙂 Smiles 🙂

  16. great textures and details 🙂

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