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According to Buddha

I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

the rails are caught now
and i am falling down
fools in a spiral
round this town of steam
my body tells me no!
but i won’t quit
‘cuz i want more, ‘cuz i want more


2017 Alberta Boat Race ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ May 27

  1. From above they look like water striders. nice shots.

    • thank you Bunty…appreciate you saying…such a fun sport to photograph…always a challenge…this time i was on the bridge…8 lanes of traffic…tough to run up and down or across…so i stayed put and tried my best to capture my niece and others…it was a lot of fun…yes they look like little bugs on the river…which is very fast moving….smiles ~ hedy…have a fun day Bunty! 😀

  2. Wonderful connection between rowing on calm water and the path.

    • thank you kindly Maria i appreciate you saying…fast moving waters…and yes the size of spaces also captured me…compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  3. great! what a spectacular point of view! 🙂 smiles

    • thanks Markus…well land locked Edmonton we have our river and i’ve learned rowers prefer overhead shots…so i hung on the bridge for many hours…the rowers were doing 5km race…and needed to navigate the speed and logs in the river…i very much enjoy photographing rowers…smiles over the pond 😀 have a wonderful day! 😀

      • oh, I would love to do photos of rowers! On our river I know that there are rowers too… …but I have to thing where is an appropriate bridge to capture them from overhead.
        Great that you had that patience.. ..and thanks for sharing! smiles over the pond and the river 🙂 enjoy your week 🙂

  4. incredible view and photos from overhead,

  5. Excellent point of view, Hedy! They look like little insects on the water. Extremely interesting series. And for the final shots you jumped off the bridge? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • it was a warm and mediative time Reihold…the hum of vehicles on the 8 lanes of traffic became dull and faded…stood and walked and guessed where the boats would come through…all around a lovely day…the last ones were after 3.5 hours on top…needed to see the underbelly 😀 giggles and smiles ~ hedy

  6. but wait there’s more…
    this sport demands a great deal from its participants
    to capture these photos you were willing to look danger in the face.
    we must consider these qualities in our life.
    enjoy another beautiful day Hedy

    • yes Eddie there is synchronicity and grace seeing these rowers working together and the bridge is huge and the river is flowing quickly…also logs tree size floating by…i witnessed it from above…and i agree facing and being fearless not reckless but yes a peaceful warrior 😀 always appreciate your teachings Eddie…been up with the sun and now out side for some reading and writing…smiles!

  7. As an Austrian photographer friend of mine would say, “That fourth image is a Cracker! Well seen!”

    • well cracker it seemed more luck than wisdom Johnny 😉 it was so bright i could hardly see viewfinder…so i went with the feel and tired to be steady and then of course the surprise of where the placement of oars used to propel the boat under the bridge was all unknown but i think a tad scary…i really enjoy this sport to photograph fun challenge and i like the patterns 😀

      • Preparation is everything. The decisive moment is not so much what one creates as what one discovers when one is prepared. Right place, right time, right awareness.

        I can imagine the patterns…

        • yes preparation is everything Johnny…and the rhythmic cycles of practice and repetition…i also like patterns 🙂 compose a beautiful day ~ hedy 😀

  8. You did this well, Hedy. I’ve tried to capture such images with kayaks and canoes and have yet to get one worth posting. I’m planning a photo shoot if Cambridge MA tomorrow night if you want to come along!

    • oh that would be fun Chris…yes a challenge for sure…just in the sense of finding a space to shoot the rowers racing…so fun…i’ll send you snappy happy vibes…have fun ~ smiles 😀

      • I’ll give it a go. I think you did a great job with those rowers. Cheers

        • yes thank Chris…and yes a few rowers have contacted to say they love the images…i’m working a trade of a jpg for a time on the coach boat so i can be closer next time and in a different position…who knows maybe 😀 it would be fun for me! have a wonderful day i can see you’ve had a productive week…sipping a coffee now ~ smiles 😀

  9. The overhead shots are fabulous, especially the second and the one above the bridge. Love the swirls in the water.

    • yes the swirls in the water…this is mattering…and i’m learning more each time…happy day to you and Don…sunshine smiles from etown! your last post Alison lovely lovely…and your photos…will revisit with my coffee 😀

  10. how very cool.
    I love the one where the man has no top on.

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  12. Beautiful pictures… the bridge seem very high… its amazing the synchronicity from the rowers…have a great day 🙂

    • Close call

      I went to the bar to watch the champions league finals. The bar was a long wide hall, with a  very long wooden seat arranged in straight lines. The long wooden seat was what we used in the  law faculty block. I had come earlier, and just very few people were there, so I left.

      By the time I returned, the bar was crowded. I paid the owner of the bar  100 Naria, before he let me in. The room smelt like boiled dirty gym socks. I prayed in my heart that nobody will fart, because that be horrible, as it will combine with the smell that came from the cluster of so many people.

      The match took forever before it started officially. A musician, by name Alicia keys performed live. There were so many other performances, but I wasn’t listening. Like others, I couldn’t wait for the match to start. 

      Soon it started. I saw my course mate, John come in. John is a football freak. He’d show me once a small piece of work which he wrote about Real Madrid vs Barcelona match. He’d tell me that he was planning to send it to  sporting gang (They commented on radio about football matches, after being played.) Sometimes I wondered why he studied law, but he’s a brainiac.

      John came and sat near me. I fixed my eyes on the champions league finals match. It was between Real Madrid vs Athletico Madrid. I couldn’t view the T.v. well because of people were standing, and some others who had climbing the long wooden seats. John didn’t seem to mind, he was pressing his phone. Loud cheer filled the bar.

      Soon Real Madrid scored, and a loud cheer rang out. My ears wanted to pull out by reason of the noise.

      Later, Athletico Madrid equalized. The loud cheer rose again, perhaps from Monacho supporters. I knew Barcelona fans will for the first time support Real Madrid, as Athletico removed them from the champions league match.

      I knew that Athletico Madrid equalized back, but I still asked the man sitting at my left hand  what the score were, and he told me. As I and the guy were talking, I began to imagine myself pocket picking the guy. Soon the man frowned his face, and told me to shift away from him. I looked downward, and I saw my hands on the hollows of his right pocket. My hands were stationary. 

      The match had gone half time earlier before the incident happened and my friend, John had gone out to check on something. He’d kind of stay out long.

      I froze for some seconds, before I removed my hands. I began to beg him, but my plea fell on deaf ears. The guy was telling another guy at his back about what just happened. You needed to see the way I was looking at that moment; I looked like a chicken who had just been soaked in very, hot water. The man kept talking angrily, I couldn’t get what he was saying because I was too scared of what might happen; will I be burnt with tyre ?? will I be put in the school sanco ( prison) ??what was John going to think of me on hearing the incident??

      Soon the person he was talking to, calmed him down, telling him that I didn’t mean to steal from him. I kept on starring at the guy on my left. The guy finally calmed down, and few seconds later, John walked in and sat down. I couldn’t help but to let out a sigh of relief.

      • 😀 such a interesting story/dream…Soccer is also big here…not like over the pond…we have little children who play to adults…in the olden days i played too…i’m not one to get overly excited by/about/from sports….i appreciate they have a place…glad it worked out with John 😀 happy a sporty day Kaycee! smiles hedy 😀

    • it is a large bridge…8 lanes of traffic…and i agree a beauty in the synchronicity and team work…smiles 😀

    • it is a large bridge…8 lanes of traffic…and i agree a beauty in the synchronicity and team work…smiles 😀

  13. It’s very lovely. Good one friend

  14. A good point of view.

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