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According to Buddha

In meditation, you must go beyond thought. As long as you are busy thinking, you are in your rational mind, on the conscious plane. When you sleep and dream, you are on the subconscious plane, and in your astral body. And when your mind is fully withdrawn in superconsciousness, it becomes centered in the bliss of the spine. You are then in your ideational, or causal, body. That is the level of the soul’s existence.

Hedy Bach Photography - blue fog morning - 14

Hedy Bach Photography - blue sun fog - 6

Hedy Bach Photography - blue fog morning - 13

Hedy Bach Photography - blue sun fog - 7

Hedy Bach Photography - blue sun fog - 8

Hedy Bach Photography - blue fog morning - 12


walk me out in the morning dew, my honey
walk me out in the morning dew today
i can’t walk you out in the morning dew, my honey
i can’t walk you out in the morning dew today

where have all the people gone, my honey?
where have all the people gone today?
there’s no need for you to be worried about all those people
you don’t never see those people anyway

i guess it doesn’t matter anyway
i guess it doesn’t matter anyway
i guess it doesn’t matter anyway
i guess it doesn’t matter anyway


Terwillegar Park, , Edmonton, Alberta ~ May 2017

  1. Beautiful in word and image!

  2. You have walked me out of my mind today
    and taken me into my true soul.
    Lovely thoughts, meaningful photos
    Thank you very much Hedy

  3. Ethereal images, very nice. Have a great day and week Hedy

    • thank you so much Terry…appreciated and yes it’s going to be a fun week…you have a gooder too! adventures will be happening…smiles from etown 😀

  4. Beautiful images. The second is a favourite – so etherial. Have a lovely day Hedy.

    • yes the sun creeping up higher and higher…it was a delicious sunny day…early mornings…are the best for a little mystery… have a wonderful day Alison! 😀 thank you ^_^

  5. These pictures are absolutely dreamy! The fog gives nature such a mystical quality–or reveals it, perhaps? The beauty here is meditative–it took me out of my aching head and away to those moments in nature that allow us to feel truly alive. Thank you for sharing! <3

    • floating and different every day…i agree it is meditative…yes the woods for my soul and then i do enjoy street photography for the energy of feeling awake and alive in a different way Raven Wolfe…stay well and strong <3 many smiles appreciate your comments 🙂

  6. Me han encantado estas imágenes, transmiten paz y recogimiento. Has captado muy bien esta atmósfera de ensueño!

    • Sí la vida se ha sentido un poco de ensueño en estos días Jacintº… tener un ritual de la mañana es calmante y tranquilo, por supuesto! Componer un hermoso día ~ sonríe hedy 😉 😀

  7. Such a pretty misty morning. It looks like you had a four legged friend on your hike. Cheers!

  8. She has gone to the mists
    Where words have no meaning.
    Nyx bids her farewell
    As Helios climbs the mountain.

    Lovely. 🙂

    • 😀 Robert thank you

      yes climbing mountains…and floating with the waves 🙂 appreciate you saying! have a gooder ~ smiles hedy

  9. These images are so radiant – you have done Fog justice. Gorgeous, full of the mystery that nourishes. And I like the music – The National – I don’t know them, just not current at all with music in general. Thank you Hedy! A delight.

    • yes i like The National…i listen to a lot of music…i also use Shazam so i get names of artists where ever i am 😀 it was a sunny day ~ smiles Lynn compose a happy day 😀

  10. Such beautiful foggy landscapes, Hedy…especially with the deep blue water. So nice! And the music! They are from Ohio and I had not heard of them…will have to spend some time listening. Thank you {and Lynn for highlighting}.

    • thank you Mic…i learn along the way aobut landscapes…being outside feeds my soul…and i love to walk…yes the National some good stuff! many smiles from etown 🙂

  11. Life is a mirror. Beautiful landscape
    and pictures.

    • life is a mirror…yes Alex i appreciate you reminding me…it’s so beautiful to be outside…i love it! smiles for a happy day ~ hedy 😀

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