NC&StL steam locomotive number

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According to Buddha

Concentration consists in focusing one hundred percent attention upon one thing at a time. All efficient people possess some power of concentration as a byproduct of the vocation or avocation they follow.

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 1

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 2

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 3

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 4

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 6

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 8

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 11

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 9

Hedy Bach Photography - nude bike ride - 5

i ride my bike, i roller skate, don’t drive no car
don’t go too fast, but i go pretty far
for somebody who don’t drive i been all round the world
some people think i done all right for a girl
well, i got a brand new pair of roller skates
you got a brand new key
i think that we should get together and try them out, you see
i been looking around awhile, you got something for me
oh, i got a brand new pair of roller skates
you got a brand new key


World Naked Bike Ride, Dundas Street Toronto ~ June 2017

  1. Interesting post Hedy,
    A great way to ride in the hot summer.
    Wonder if our neighborhood would mind?
    excellent choice of photos and quote

  2. Wow. I’ve done a lot of bike riding but not in the buff. What fun. Great set of images, Hedy. Cheers

    • yes it was delightful Chris…it made people on the street smile…and the human landscapes are beautiful…truly relaxed a happy cyclists! have a fun day 😀

  3. Not sure if this is suitable for a long distance tour… but looks as if they enjoyed it. I would have forgotten to press the shutter… special images, Hedy! Cool series. Happy Days! Reinhold

    • depending on the weather i imagine 😀 yes one of the intentions of the world naked bike ride is “bare as you dare”…it was a hot day Reinhold…lots of fun here in TO…have a funny day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  4. Very different series Hedy. I ride my bike a lot but I would not go this far to keep cool, maybe a small bathing suit. Must be my rural mid-west upbringing. Such a sight to come upon, or for it to come upon you. I would have missed the shots as I would have wanted to take this spectacle in fully. Happy adventures.

    • life on the streets of TO always exciting and so many “issues” are shared publicly here…i love this about this space…i was walking and there was a vegan animal protest just before and then poof cyclists…for the world nude ride…not sure etown has this ride but it was fun…also the comments of spectators made me giggle…funny to hear and watch…they put smiles on most everyone’s face…just a few doubters 😉 yes i’m enjoying my adventures now off to see some more…have a fun day Terry! 😀

  5. A wonderful document.

  6. I’m not sure I would participate but I would certainly cheer them on! Great series, Hedy!

  7. Oh I was smiling from beginning to end. And you captured the spirit of the event so well. A naked bike ride! I’ve never heard of such a thing. How fabulous!

    • 😀 me too..making people smile is what they wanted too…i’d say they were successful…and i think these rides started in the early 2000…from my quick reading for this post…smiles from TO Alison 😀

  8. All I know is what a Mardi Gras Indian once told me. If you are going to take pictures of us, you ought to dress like us. 🙂

    • i agree sounds fair to me…so wonderful to see people comfortable in their human suits Ray! 😀

      • But, the question remains… hahahahahaha

        • hahahahaha…yes 😀 actually with the heat and humidity here in TO wearing next to nothing is best…you know 🙂 have a happy day…i also love your painterly abstract pieces…i want to explore the arty part of photography further…smiles Ray!

          • So, you took my point. 🙂 I do know. Home today for the first time in weeks. Considering a second line parade, but at noon it’s already like 90 degrees and about 90% humidity. Artistic. I know you meant artistic. 🙂 Arty is something else entirely. Hahahahaha.

          • yup you do Ray! 😀 i like the humidity mostly…but also the dry heat…i think i love all weather actually…phew at least i didn’t typo autistic…i’ve done that before too ^_^ 😀 have a creative day! smiles Ray 😀

          • Not this humidity. Whew. Pre-storm air, that isn’t coming. Walk the dogs and come home dripping…

          • back in etown…it’s 14 and windy 😀 limited humidity here Ray…almost need thin gloves for the early morning walk brrrrr…looks like rain here…will make things green! stay dry Ray 😀 have fun making more of your artistic images too 🙂

          • Thanks. Tropical storm called Cindy is headed this way. Looks like it will make landfall to the north of here near the TX-LA border. It’s getting windy and we should have about 4-6 inches of hard rain. 12 years ago, during the Katrina summer, we actually had 3 hurricanes. The first was Tropical Storm Cindy that was upgraded after she made landfall. That’s a little spooky.

            We are set. Water, recharged batteries and plenty of fuel for the bbq. If we lose power, we’ll just cook outside. 🙂

          • you live with these…i experienced a typhoon once in Hong Kong and a hurricane once on South Padre Island…freaky for me/us…we have harsh weather but different of course…stay safe…looks fierce 😦
            well be safe with the bbq…and those winds Ray!

          • Thank you, Hedy. Typhoons in HK are kind of funny. I was there when the Peninsula Hotel’s basement garage was flooded and their fleet of Bentleys was destroyed. NOAA is the only storm predictor that I use. See the cone? TX-LA border… we are on the far side of it. Rain for a couple of days as the bands work through… so far no power issues. The dogs are weather wimps and only go outside when they have to.

          • my big mutt does not like rain…i remember in HK watching signs blow off and stuff swirling…we do have weather chasers here in Alberta…so we also have some exciting storms albeit different…i do like to see the open sky with storms on the horizon…watch it…we have sun now and wind…it’s 11 C sort of fresh earlier…no gloves needed 😉 be safe and may the rains blow on through ~ smiles

          • When Storyteller is published at noon, my time, you can see my update. Light wind, no rain, the cyclonic nature of it is gone. Now, mostly just a big rain storm. There is even a little sun. The dogs, who waited 20 hours to go out, woke me at 5am, to go out. They knew the rain stopped. Ralph, the poodle, says thanks for the song.

  9. “…i was walking and there was a vegan animal protest just before and then poof cyclists…for the world nude ride…” Awesome, lol.

    • Gregory it’s exciting here…etown is rather dull for street photography so i’m in a sort of urban heaven 😀 it’s so fun! have a happy day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  10. She clasped her hands together as the prayer session went on. She bowed her heads like most people did, but she wasn’t praying. As she sat there, she recalled the pastor’s earlier statement which was “GOD IS MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU“. 

    She remembered this statement because the pastor kept repeating it. It was the only thing she heard throughout the preaching. She glanced at the pastor; a man who looked so cool with his palmed hair, and his very cool suit. He looked like a man that bathed 10 times a day, his curly hair was perfect.

    She looked at her friend Dora who was crying non- stop as she prayed. Dora had persuaded her to come to Church many times but she refused.

    She swore never to go to church because of the encounter at a church. She could remember vividly everything that happened in that church, it was her mother’s church.

    The pastor of her mother’s church critized sin openly. His message was always about hell fire, though he never told his congregation how to escape going to hell fire. 

    She sat in her mother’s church once, when the pastor approached her. He ordered her to get up, her mother face glowing with pride, thinking the pastor wanted to pray over her life, but the her mother’s face became sad, as the pastor began to speak.

    She stood with so much resentment as the pastor kept calling her Jezebel, and kept shaking his head furiously, she imagined her mother’s head come off whenever she did that. The pastor kept calling her a candidate for hell. He called her all this names because she didn’t cover her hair properly. She looked at her mother’s furious eyes.

    After service, her mother took her to the pastor’s office. His office smelt of him. His secretary looked older and worse than her sick old grandma. When she heard that the pastor’s secretary was  25, she refused to believe it. 

    The pastor kept on and on talking. Her mother kept on putting her hands on her head and screaming as the pastor kept talking about a vision of seeing her daughter  ( She) burning in hell fire.

    She watched as the pastor kept speaking in tongues. She was   kneeling down, as the pastor asked her to. She didn’t at first, until her mother yanked her down. The pastor kept performing extreme unction on her. He poured the whole anointing oil on her head which ran down her face, until some of it entered her mouth and her eyes. It was peppery as it entered her eyes and she began screaming. The pastor then began to scream ” The spirit of Jezebel is fighting, she doesn’t want to let go of her. Thou spirit of Jezebel I command you , die!!! ” Her mother’s  continous scream vibrated in her ear. ” Do you want to be delivered  from the spirit of Jezebel??” The pastor asked. She wanted to say No, but she knew her mother would bite off her ear lobes and so she screamed “Yes ” so loudly. Serval prayers were conducted which lasted for 4 hours.

    She wanted to leave, it was all she thought of. Her stomach began to rumble as the pastor touched her belly. He kept sprinkling anointing oil on her and kept shaking and screaming “Jesus!!!” Several times.

    She only loved a moment in the prayer when she’d fart.The pastor baked away from her. She was scared that he would tell her mother, but he didn’t. She wondered what demon had made her to fart durning prayer. She was eager for the pastor to name the demon but he didn’t. She farted some more. She wondered how her mum didn’t perceive it. She knew that mother knew but had pretended not to notice, because of fear of thunder striking her, as the pastor had said once. 

    She never went to church after that day. Her mother kept on beating her, but she refused, and even at a point got so used to the beating and her mother got tired of beating her, but began seeing her like a demon incarnate.

    She bowed down her head in as Dora’s pastor kept on talking about the love of God. It sounded like fantasy, yet it felt so real. She wanted to know this God. A God that loved her with everything. A God that sent his only son to die for her, A God that knew everything about her, even to the number of hairs on her head. A God that was willingly to forgive her no matter how bad her sin was. A God that had  prepared a mansion for her in heaven.

    She held her legs stubbornly as the pastor made an altar call. She couldn’t betray herself; she was hard hearted, tough, stubborn lady. She saw herself crying profoundly as the pastor kept speaking. She couldn’t control it. She felt so elated, so free. 

    She stood up, crying as the choir sang ” Earnestly tenderily Jesus is calling, calling  oh sinners come home. ” She ran forward, and by the time she knew it, she was at the altar.

  11. […] Source: NC&StL steam locomotive number […]

  12. Looks like fun nude bicycling 🙂 Great pictures 🙂 I 😍 that song… Brings back à lot of memories 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  13. Seattle has this ride, too, aka the Fremont Solstice Parade….and New York has the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, a little different but along the same lines of let’s have fun and be silly. But I confess, I just cringe at the thought of nakedness on the bicycle seat – it seems too painful. Clearly, some happy people are not having that problem.

    • i read it is world wide ride Lynn…but i know there will places it is not possible 🙂 and yes i imagine the bike seat would need to be large saddle…i think they rode lightly 😉 😀 smiles and thanks for the links appreciated…thrills, amuses, titillates! hedy 😀

  14. What a refreshing post!

    • dogs do this i think John…and yes refresh…i’m surfacing and being to feel refreshed myself…plus listening to only music and no news that’s the best! 🙂 have a fresh we are it’s 6 degrees and strong winds 😀 smiles hedy

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