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According to Buddha

Of the three ways to expand human consciousness into cosmic consciousness, the first is the social way, wherein you shut out self and live for all. Be loyal to your friends, and feel love for everyone.

Hedy Bach Photography - TO dog - 1

Hedy Bach Photography - TO dog - 7

Hedy Bach Photography - TO dog - 9

Hedy Bach Photography - TO dog - 11

Hedy Bach Photography - TO dog - 6

Hedy Bach Photography - TO dog - 12

Hedy Bach Photography - TO dog - 5

Hedy Bach Photography - TO dog - 4

i know you’ll never bring me flowers
flowers they will only die
and though we’ll never take a shower together
i know you’ll never make me cry

you never argue, you don’t even talk
and i like the way you let me lead you
when we go outside and walk

will you really be my only man of the hour?


Dogs with their owners ~ random streets in Toronto  ~ June 2017

  1. love flows naturally
    true freedom becomes abundant
    fabulous photos to support these truly wonderful words
    the Sun is just coming up in the East on this longest day

    • we i need to remind myself Eddie…also remove myself from news…today heading out…filled with busy and human connections 🙂 it’s very very light here just over 17 hours worth…it’s always a strange feeling…have a happy day ~~~~ many smiles

  2. Those appealing ‘best friends’ photos. 🙂 Had to listen to a few more songs before coming back. 🎹🎶

  3. Dogs, how can you not love them. Happy day Hedy

  4. Awwww…Dogs are so wonderful. It looks like you made many new friends that day, Hedy. I hope that your week is going well. Cheers!

  5. How wonderful this is! The second and especially the fourth dog I want 🙂 Great pictures and I love the way you did the colouring.

    • thank you kindly Peter…wearing a mutt is a very human thing to do…not sure i’d wear mine but with all the humans walking it does have a better view 😀 thank you i did a little touch up with Lightroom…people wear the same colours as their pants or leashes…i notice this often…have a wonderful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  6. Expanding our human consciousness by socializing with pups–how wonderful! 😀 I think I can do that.
    Delightful pics–they all have such sweet faces–even when we can’t see their eyes! I love how “open” dogs can be to meeting new experiences and new humans, even others of their kind. An example to learn from. I would love to curl up for a nap with the last pup. Thank you for sharing! Hope you’re having a nice adventure in Toronto!

    • it’s a good way to start back in with the humans 😉 always a way for me to chat it up as people are happy to have photos of their dogs…i love the totem meaning of a dog Raven Wolfe…and there was so many of them on the streets in TO i just couldn’t help myself to make a collection of them…i like this part of the dog meaning…

      “You are being reminded that kindness will often get you a lot further than criticism. Allow yourself to be gentle with those around you and to accept that their paths are not necessarily similar or conjoined with yours. The canine can also be a reminder that you should always be loyal and truthful to yourself. You should make a point of being your own best friend. By having self respect and self value you can love yourself first. This is essential for you to be of great assistance to others. Having self respect will assure that others will respect you.”

      i’m back in etown now…rather fresh! tomorrow going to photograph some foals 😀 BIG BIG smiles have a lovely day!

      • Love the quote about what we can learn from the canine–thank you! <3 I can talk to humans more easily when they have a pup with them too–any critter, really. I am more comfortable with critters than humans–and I fear them far less. Excited to see your pictures of foals–I turn back into a five year old when I see baby horses. (And puppies, and kittens….) Welcome back to Edmonton! The weather has indeed been rather odd. I went out for a walk with my boy pup on the night of the Solstice and I needed a touque! I often find it too hot, but that was kind of silly cold. 🙁 Hope you are doing well–haven't forgotten about that walk. (Having some nasty pain issues but hopefully I will be better in a week or so!)

        • yes i know what you mean Raven Wolfe 🙂 sometimes when i overly excited to photograph ‘some’ things like the foals…and i’m with the foto friday folks…i lose my concentration…my settings were so vivid…but oh yes the foals i love them all…one was 2 days old…i’m not sure i can pull off a sloppy post with what i photographed but i can put a few on my Alberta tumblr blog 😀 many smiles and yes a walk…i’m here now…sending healing vibes and all good things <3 😀 <3

  7. I am not a great fan of dog photos. But I am a great fan of these. Can’t decide which I like best.

    • well then Emilio as a non fan of dog photos…i’m humbled…i have many more images i could do another post 😉 i think dogs and kitten posts do have a way of cheering me up…perhaps, other too 😀 but i love all dogs…sometimes it’s their owners can bother me…these are loved mutts from TO…have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

      • I love dogs, just not photos of dogs. Just like I love me, just hate photos of me. I’m never as cute as I think. Dogs are never as cute as their owners think! 🙂

        • 😂 it’s true Emilio 🤓 I prefer being the surveyor not the surveyed….as Berger taught me 🤓 have a lovely weekend!

  8. These are wonderful. Great framing. I love the first one – I almost laughed out loud!

    • thank you Alison 😀 yes those wrinkles and huge tongue it’s too much…the noises as you can imagine are also fitting…have a funny day ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  9. # 2 is a burner, Hedy. I think this one stands out of the stunning crowd. Obviously we are shooting in the same subject areas recently. 🙂 Very inspiring and entertaining series. Happy Days. Reinhold

    • yes Reinhold that little mutt just wanted to be free not liking his lead much at all 🙂 and yes sometimes the dogs just fill me up and as i said a little story i know of each of them…i appreciate you saying and you have an entertaining day ~ smiles over the pond 😀

  10. Oh yeah, feelin’ the love!

  11. people LOVE dogs.

    • they do…and some dogs love their humans too…i have one that’s almost too much 😉 have a happy weekend Gavin! 😀

  12. Wonderful as always.

  13. Amazing collection of dogs.

  14. Another great series. (Seriously, carrying a Yorkshire in a kangaroo?) 😉

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