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According to Buddha

Consider no one a stranger. Learn to feel that everybody is akin to you.

Hedy Bach Photography - TO - Bloor - 1

Hedy Bach Photography - TO - Bloor - 3.jpg

Hedy Bach Photography - TO - Bloor - 4

Hedy Bach Photography - TO - Bloor - 9

Hedy Bach Photography - TO - Bloor - 6

Hedy Bach Photography - TO - Bloor - 2.jpg

strange i’ve seen that face before
seen him hanging round my door
like a hawk stealing for the pray
like the night waiting for the day

strange he shadows me back home
footsteps echo on the stone


Bloor-Yorkville, Toronto ~ June 2017

  1. Great framing.

  2. What a cool concept, Hedy. I like the woman who peered in at you. Ha ha ha Caught you! Have a great week. Cheers!

  3. Wonderful series!

    • Kaycee…i don’t know how to respond…not because i don’t have thoughts or wonders…but i don’t know who you are…and so i’m reading your stories/myths/fables/narratives of experience and i don’t know what to say…of course my mind creates images…but i’m not sure what i’m suppose to do with your words on my sloppy blog…one intention for my blog is to look for “beauty” daily…so i try on this platform to maintain that ethos…albeit…i do have a jaded side of course…do you have a website or a blog that you write in Kaycee?

      I want to preserve beauty for coming generations. Beauty can be consoling, disturbing, sacred, profane; it can be exhilarating, appealing, inspiring, chilling. It affects in unlimited ways and is never viewed with indifference. The appreciation of beauty also requires, what (Scruton, 2009) calls, “disinterested interest”, an ability to maintain a certain distance between the self and the beautiful object.

    • i’m glad you like it Kaycee 🙂

  4. Pictures are wonderful, but 5, 100, 7, 10, 9 ? Means?

  5. A more truer sentence can not be said about people.
    Love the shots down the darkened alley, I bet you could have taken a couple hundred there of people walking by. And the one of the lady ducking at the poster is priceless. Happy day Hedy

    • yes i took many and culled many…it was a cool space a street photographer friend showed me a few years ago…this time to wandered the area on my own…quietly…really no one knew i was there…i felt invisible…it was cool..and also cool as in cool down in the shade sort of space…have a happy day Terry…sending all good things! 😀

  6. love the photos and the mental image of you lurking in the alley with camera in hand has me smiling. 😀

    • 😀 it’s a little cit through i found another couple…this one is best high and long…i went through a few times so i didn’t feel too creepy 😀 no one saw me except for one woman…i captured her in a flurry as she also walked quickly…it was interesting to see cars and little extra things…i was smiling too Robert…have a fun day! 🙂

  7. Wonderful series of photographs, Hedy! Just great!

  8. Great pictures… 🤗 surprise surprise

    • always when you walk in urban spaces…always ppl provide that pondering moment or that grateful surprise…for me anyways 😀 enjoy your day Luc!

  9. Ooooh I love this collection. The framing is perfect. Interesting that the characters of the title are the number 579 in both Japanese and Chinese 🙂

    • 😀 thinking of my titles is still the most troubling part even at 579 i’m not enjoying numbers anymore than when i started…i keep trying to find ways…sometimes i get some help 🙂 thanks Alison have a snappy monday! 😀

  10. looks like you had a lot of fun capturing these.

  11. Good shots and thought. Thank you. 🙂

    • you’re most welcome Brian…appreciate you saying 😀 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

      • Compose a beautiful day? Hmmm. A challenging thought, particularly in my current circumstances. But you are right. I will keep that in mind. Again, thank you.

        • sending kindness to you David and your loved ones in Manchester and London…may you have some beautiful moments…

          • Thank you (on behalf of David, I’m Brian) 😉
            I will fly Saturday to Paris, hoping no idiot will blow himself up during our stay. 🙂

          • Ugh apologies Brian I missed that 🤓😔 I will remember now…sending happy travelling vibes…be safe! Let’s send that thought to the universe Brian 🤓❤️

          • Merci. 🙂

          • Sending vibes of goodness 🤓 ones of being awake and ones of all good things…I believe in a different world Brian ☺️🤓☀️ sending joy!

          • I envy the believers. Though sometimes, particularly in the past two months I find it impossible. To believe. But then I also know, by past experience that Time erases and smooths out many things. At any rate, we are flying to Paris tonight. It will be nice to walk my old, familiar streets again. Be good.

          • ahhh yes the doubting game often easier to play…but the believing game is joyful and fun…soon you’ll be home Brian walking the streets of your city…i work daily to see the beauty…and being kind…and also have some fun…i can be a doubter too 🙂 safe travels ~ cheers over the pond!

          • Thank you. And indeed walking here is to find beauty everywhere. or almost everywhere. Have a lovely week-end. 🙂

          • you too David…here too and lots of land…endless land…have a beautiful weekend! 😀 smiles hedy

          • I’m sure it is, Hedy. And I wonder who David is. Do connect us.
            Be good.
            (Brian) 😉

          • Geeze I’m not getting your name through my hedy head….not often but sometimes when i was teaching if I got a students name mixed up at the beginning it hung with me through the term 😔😳 I like knowing ppl’s names…maybe you were a David in a previous life Brian 🤓 I know a David on the WP blogosphere too…I will connect you…thanks kindly for your comments Brain ☺️ oh my so sloppy I am 🙄

          • No worry my friend. It has happened to me a few times. Confusions between a blog and the other. Students, eh? How nice. What do/did you teach? (Teaching seems so important to the world and often so grossly neglected). Have a lovely week-end.

          • i throughly enjoyed my years teaching…the best was my art classes at the U of A…i taught elementary and secondary art education students the art curriculum…i also taught qualitative research methods…which i also enjoyed…now i retired from university teaching to pursue creative my own creative works…i still teach workshops which is much fun as there is no marking or student evaluations involved…we have a long weekend coming up here in Alberta…i’ve been away from wifi these past weeks…hence my delayed response Brain 😀 smiles hedy

  12. Now this is what I would call a cool idea and a cool series of images. I love the results, Hedy. The framing adds so much interest to the images. Bravo! Happy Days! Reinhold

    • thanks Reinhold…appreciate your response! it was a lot of fun to be away in a city with many many people 😀 happy days to you too! 😀

  13. so great… …a Hedy-Photo-Trap… …wonderful catches! ..wonderful idea. ..and I like that woman who tries to duck away because she felt to be in the way. smiles to to over the pond 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • 😀 but no trap…i was just there…not tripping or catching anyone 😉 😀 i knew of this space from a time i went with another street photographer…i had another chance to practice 😀 smiles back to you Markus 😀 thank you!

  14. Beautiful pictures.

  15. There are people and places and things we are not familiar with.
    They are not a ‘stranger’ per say, but rather we have not learned about them yet.
    We do ‘learn to feel’ comfortable with them in time, and balance returns.
    An excellent post illustrating the process of ‘adjustment’ we make in all matters.

    • thank you for these words and thoughts Eddie…as working to balance is a daily experience…compose a happy day…i’m off to photograph now 😀 THANK YOU for all your comments and teachings…i appreciate them!

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