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According to Buddha

Live each present moment completely and the future will take care of itself. Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each instant. Practice the presence of peace. The more you do that, the more you will feel the presence of that power in your life. 

Hedy Bach Photography -TP clover -1_

Hedy Bach Photography -TP clover -3

Hedy Bach Photography -TP clover - 9

Hedy Bach Photography -TP clover -6

Hedy Bach Photography -TP clover - 7

Hedy Bach Photography -TP clover -5

Hedy Bach Photography -TP clover -4

Hedy Bach Photography -TP clover - 8

every sphere has two sides
one you see
one that hides

you are sleep walking across the hills
and i’m day dreaming in the fields

you are the only one that i ever ever miss…
ever ever miss


CloverTerwillegar Park, Edmonton, Alberta ~ June 2017

  1. The foggy pictures are my favourites.
    Excellent series.

  2. Brilliant pictures reflecting peaceful calmness. This is close to my soul… Zsolt

    • close to my soul…that is how i feel too…being outside fills my being…although i love streets and people…quiet and silence are most pleasant these days…have a peaceful day Zsolt..thank you for your comments! 😀 smiles hedy

  3. Intimate landscapes and views of nature at its best, Hedy. You are “dreaming” lovely compositions with your camera. Well done! Reinhold

    • humble thank you Reinhold…yes my little camera i love we always have a nice time together 😉 😀 and i love to walk…have a dreamy day ~ smiles and thank you!

  4. What wonderful pictures. The fog and the top picture, the dark wood with the specs of violet. Beautiful.

  5. don’t see one
    Buddhist here!
    just Buddhas 🙂

    • 😀 BIG smiles i’m not any ‘ists’ or ‘isms’…just lift and learn along the way…i’m just me ^_^ it’s all practice…

  6. They’re all lovely, with a big “like” for the 3rd and 5th images down from the top.

  7. ..the last two as well, which look like stills from a Malick film.

    • appreciated John…humbled…cool to make film connections…provides me with further ideas…thank you very much John…compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  8. Fog sets the mood for such wonderful images. A nice set of photos, Hedy. I hope you had a great week. Cheers

    • busy busy and outside…yes it was one of those wow mornings…worth waking up for 😀 have a wonderful celebration with your loved ones today Chris…have fun! 😀

  9. Wonderful, magic ! 🙂

  10. Everything beautiful!!! (quote, pics and music)

  11. so many beautiful flowers.

  12. Oh so lovely and welcoming…one of the flowers appears to have outstretched arms! I love how the fog makes the fields of flowers look almost infinite…like an ocean. The first picture looks so peaceful–I love the lighting. Thank you for sharing!

    • Raven Wolfe…i’m the early bird…and yes it was magical this particular morning…i wish i could be a night owl and a early bird and sleep in between 😀 …thank you for always writing such wonderful comments…it’s going to be a summery week enjoy all of it! <3

  13. Oh, I try so to live in the moment but being an Architect and planner my job is to look into the future and design buildings, spaces and large areas for present and future needs. Wonder days Hedy in Vancouver, WA with grandson enjoying the forests today.

    • ahhh yes the blueprint…enjoy your grandson…i know it’s fun…soon i get another dose myself…summer sunshine and joy to you and enjoy those woods…the smell is also amazing…have a happy celebration day Terry…smiles and all good things to you and your loved ones 😀

      • Have fun with your little one and the family

        • i’m counting the sleeps…hope you had fun celebrating yesterday…i imagine it was delightful and fun filled 😀 have a happy day Terry!

          • It was bought and is post on Facebook right now, I’ll write several posts here when I return home Saturday, next 2 days will be camping in the Redwoods on the way home.

          • oh wonderful and such beauty the Redwoods i remember seeing them once…safe travels and enjoy Terry 🙂

  14. Wonderful Buddha concept….I see it carried out in your early morning photo wanderings in this park. Always so beautiful…and peaceful. Hope your week is good, Hedy!

    • i’m amazed at how much buddha’s have to say…i still lingering in the work of Paramahansa Yogananda…it was so quiet i felt i was in another world…have a wonderful day with your loved ones…sending you peace and all good things Mic! 😀

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  16. Oh Hedy, these are the most beautifully subtle images, full of summer evening and early morning mysteries and pleasures. That fog and the twilight lilac color are powerful. Thank you!

    • humble thanks Lynn…it was a nature gift…i’m an early bird 😀 and yes it was a purple violet time…smiles…have a happy day! 😀

      • It’s funny how different evening and early morning are, but in photographs they can look similar. I love the way you move back and forth among the very darkened image, where you can barely make out the flowers, and the foggy, ethereal images, and the close-ups. Delicious.

        • I agree they are the magic hours 🤓 as you know and I kept my settings set…,and then it’s that fleeting moment as the light changes quickly here…I just love it…have a bright day looking forward to see your work! Smiles 😀

  17. Exquisite.
    So nice I had to view them twice 🙂
    Happy Tuesday.
    Alison xox

  18. The fog and flowers is magic

  19. Beautiful landscapes. And the fog arround.

  20. Hedy, this is fantastic.

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