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According to Buddha

Many people excuse their own faults but judge other persons harshly. We should reverse this attitude by excusing others’ shortcomings and by harshly examining our own.

Hedy Bach Photography - Art Gallery of Ontario - 1_

Hedy Bach Photography - Art Gallery of Ontario - 2

Hedy Bach Photography - Art Gallery of Ontario - 3

Hedy Bach Photography - Art Gallery of Ontario - 6

Hedy Bach Photography - Art Gallery of Ontario - 5

Hedy Bach Photography - Art Gallery of Ontario - 7

Hedy Bach Photography - Art Gallery of Ontario - 4

Hedy Bach Photography - Art Gallery of Ontario - 8

i went to see the doctor. i’d come down with the blues.
she said “no, i can’t cure you, but i know something you can do.
take out a piece of paper, and sit down for a while,
and draw a pretty picture of something that makes you smile.”
well, i know what makes me happy. didn’t have to think for long


Art Gallery of OntarioToronto  ~ June 2017

  1. You have such a lovely way with words and photos Hedy, combining the two just so,
    so that together they produce the desired effect. This is a fine example.
    Love each wonderful photo and this simple but very effective statement

    • thank you kindly Eddie..i appreciate you saying…i’m trained as a visual researcher so i find composing my ‘thought things’ for my posts joyful…and i’m loving and learning more about photography as well…have a happy day Eddie ~ many smiles hedy 😀

  2. Nicely captured, Hedy. It’s not just a collection of images of their art but gives a sense of place. Cheers

  3. Such a great thought, to increase our empathy and diminish our hypocrisy. Thanks.

  4. I so enjoy galleries and art museums, some places that are always on my travel list of places to see. Lovely photos capturing the atmosphere in the gallery and the words are fantastic. Have a lovely week my friend.

  5. Oh, Hedy, thanks so much for this. I’m gonna be at the AGO on Friday and have already got my timed-entry ticket for the Georgia Okeeffe. Really looking forward to it. Your photos are sublime.

    • Thanks kindly Laurie 😀 always love this gallery…Okeeffe is marvellous I’ve always loved her work…have fun TO is also fun! Smiles 😊

  6. I love this photo story and how you gave us a way to see it. Then that joyful song. 😀

    Still haven’t figured out YouTube giving me Waka Waka and Over The Rainbow as follow-up songs. Those unimportant mysteries! 😉🎶

    • I’ve seen photographers photograph inside galleries and I’ve played with the idea before…I enjoy seeing ppl interacting with the pieces and children running….well fast walking 😉 the gallery was quiet on this late afternoon 🤓 yes the follow ups…reminds me of the cover foto used when posting an article…unimportant mysteries I like that too 😊 enjoy your day Robert!

  7. Wonderful photos as always, Hedy! And a very lovely gallery! If I’m not mistaken that’s a portrait by Rembrandt there 😉 Love him 😄

  8. i really like the blurry one

  9. I love how you have captured the feeling beyond the images. Art on art

  10. Inspiring colors, atmosphere and compositions, Hedy. Like the nearly headless lady in your first image and the flow of dark into light areas with all your “frame” effects. Very entertaining post with excellent photos. 🙂

  11. Excellent set Hedy!

  12. Great pictures and gallery.

  13. The whole sequence was beautiful, Hedy. I had that feeling of witnessing something whose real meaning has bypassed my conscious mind. I understand it, but only in the way that a seed placed in the darkness of the soil understands it has both arrived and just begun. I think you’ve captured succinctly some of the ineffable beauty that emerges through human beings. The young and old, the lovers, the children, the uncertainty and the boldness of color. The quiet, dark spaces and the sunlit stairways. A tapestry of words that are a code to one day’s soul. Loved it!


    • Smiles Micheal always appreciate your thoughtful responses…I like your words and the images they create in my mind…tapestry of words that are a code to one day’s soul…I love it! Thank you 🙏 have a joyful writing day….enjoy 💙

  14. Great tip to draw a pretty picture 🙂

    • thank you kindly Ben 😀 i always told my students if you can print your name you can draw…but i called it mark making 😀 have a happy day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  15. Great batch all round. And that song put a smile on my face. Thank you, Hedy. x o x

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