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According to Buddha

Humans become angels on earth, not in heaven.

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - sand - 2

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - Metal Shapes - 5

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - Metal Shapes - 2

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - sand - 1

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - Metal Shapes - 3

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - Metal Shapes - 4

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - sand - 3

i must be hallucinating
watching angels celebrating.
could this be reactivating
all my senses dislocating?
this must be a strange deception
by celestial intervention.
leavin’ me the recollection
of your heavenly connection.


21st Street Curly Fries and Saskatchewan sand ~ July 2017

  1. Those curly fries are something else. I like the angles that you got in them, Hedy. Enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers!

    • Thank you Chris I place my camera underneath and clicked and checked and then reclicked….couldn’t get 4 into one image…it was fun…yes summer breeze and warm sunshine and some fiction reading haven’t done that for a while 🤓 very relaxing!

  2. Fabulous photos of extremely curious and unique ‘fries’
    a great life to be curious, enjoy

  3. Martian invasion and I’m hiding!
    No time to comment more…

  4. Great shots.Sand patterns fascinating. Des.

  5. Other worldly… Nice juxtaposition of the curly fries with sand patterns.

  6. Those are lamp posts? How wonderful. The sequence of those rising things and the sand is stunning.

    • They are a public sculpture metal shapes…the artist called them curly fries 🤓 needed some calm after the intense urban spaces…I live sand and water 😀 thanks Peter for saying ☺️

  7. It’s so cool that those ‘useless’ things can make us smile and wonder. That counts for art and also for gifts of nature. Water and sand. The eternal playing ground. 🙂

  8. I live the feel of the sand dunes. No matter how big or small, they have the same harmonious feeling.

    • Me too MC ☺️ your photography also adds that dimensional illusion of space to me…the lines and patterns of terrains …happy flying 😀😎☀️

  9. Oh, i love this Hedy! I clicked on the fries link and they’re nice lit up, but that photo made me see how much you transformed them, the way you photographed them. Juxtaposing them with sand ripples is a great way to keep things (like our minds!) in motion.

    • sorry for my delayed response Lynn…been in some non wifi spaces these past weeks 😀 and yes i thought it was a cool link to see how they constructed the fries…i do enjoy conceptual works…and after the street works i also like a minimal work…and yes my mind is always in motion…i embrace my monkey mind 😀 have a wonderful week…i’ll drop by for sure! smiles hedy 😀

  10. So good Hedy, each with a life of their abstract own.

  11. Wow, Hedy! I love these.

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