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According to Buddha

This world is a dream place,
and we are all dreaming here.
This life is not real;
you are laughing and crying in the greatest delusion, and
it is not worth shedding tears over.
To give reality to our earth experiences is to invite untold misery.
By identification of our consciousness
with this world we see it as a place of suffering.

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK Peterson - house 1_

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK Peterson - house 8

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK Peterson - house 3

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK Peterson - house 7

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK Peterson - house 2

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - Perterson - house 1a_

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK Peterson - house 6

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK Peterson - house 5

don’t cry sister cry, it’ll be alright in the morning
don’t cry sister cry, everything’ll be just fine
don’t cry sister cry, it’ll be alright, i tell you no lie
don’t cry sister cry, don’t do it, don’t do it


Peterson, Saskatchewan ~ July 2017

  1. ‘This life is not real’.
    Makes perfect sense.
    enjoy every beautiful moment Hedy

    • yes i work on perfect sense Eddie…and yes i enjoy my beautiful moments…i have feeling a gratitude…thank you dear Eddie hope your weekend is bright and happy ~~~~ many smiles hedy 😀

  2. The time around. Nice pictures.

    • and time goes round and round and round 😀 thank you always for your kind comments Alex…i appreciate them…have a wonderful weekend! smiles hedy 😀

  3. Fine series of shots.

  4. Excellent photos my friend. What is life? We know only after it is over.

    • hello Terry 😀 i wonder is it ever over…i feel my ancestors…not on this plane but they are here and there and everywhere…i had many conversations with my father about life and when it begins and ends…perhaps, it is never over…just different…big hugs and smiles for a happy day…smiles!!!!

  5. So many faded dreams so beautifully captured here Hedy.

  6. the interplay of words and photos evoke a sort back and forth that at one moment seem to affirm the other, than contradict one another, the world, the tears, the structures resisting the claim it is but a delusion. I was writng the word “splendid” and instead wrote “spectacle” – and in a way the latter seems fitting for the photos: an exhibition of passing, but also the past as present. The photo with the shoes is mesmerizing: people moving on barefoot…

    • thank you Eliot 😀 it is a delusion 😀 it was so strange to come upon this…spooky in a way for me…but i work through that with some sort of body’s fight-or-flight response i want to see but not…as i never know what could pop up or out…usually it’s just a bird…the shoes did capture my attention…thank you for your thoughtful words i appreciate them 😀 smiles hedy

  7. Since comments were closed on the other post, here’s my reply to yours:
    U of A as in Alberta, right? Not Alabama? Teaching Art must rewarding. Now qualitative research? That is odd. I used that a lot when I had my Market research agency. 🙂
    Enjoy the long week-end Hedy. 🙂
    (And lovely pictures. I like old houses)

    • 😀 thank you Brian…yes Alberta…and yes it was rewarding…then i grew tired of the politics and became jaded so i left….and yes qualitative research methods was also most enjoyable as i work with visual and story as a research method…qualitative research has a long and well documented his/herstory…now i’m pursuing my own photography and working on a graphic novel…much to do 😀 thank you for your kind comments and yes a looooooong weekend…going on a road trip 😀 many smiles ~ hedy

      • Road trips are good. Ask Kerouac. (Saw part of his manuscript at Pompidou last year. Impressive). A graphic novel, now? Hmmm. (Love Belgian-French comics) and graphic novels. Tell us more… Have a safe and pleasant trip. B.

        • shameless personal plug (here): one of my posts is entitled “alongside Kerouac”. tee-rippin’ down me(s)moree laying …

          • Well I will look more closely 🤓 self promotion also matters ☺️ have a happy day Betunada 😀 smiles hedy

          • Interesting. So you did participate in the great migration to the west Coast. Looked your post. I have an almost identical Mexican red devil mask. 😉

        • I using all original pieces….I’m working in a Max Ernst style…it’s a story about a girl who has been institutionalize in western culture…I have lots of data and plots and plans…I’ve been composing it for a bit now and as my dear friend says it’s like fine wine so I am taking my time…along with life’s necessary interruptions…but it’s always in my hedy head ☺️🤓😬🙄 and I enjoy that…I will keep you posted!

          • Please do. Do you “compose” in your head or write bits and pieces as they occur to you?

          • In my hedy head…always writing and making pictures…that’s how I make sense of this world I live in…always see visual first 🤓 have a delightful day Brian!

          • You too Hedy. Though camus said “you will never be happy if you try to make sense of the world”. Might have been right. 🙂

          • Ahhhh you’re right can’t make sense of dysfunction 😉🤓 have a peaceful day Brian! ☀️

        • Ps. Rodeo road trip always cool to see rural life…now I need to more photos onto external drive….managing images is a job I need to become more organized on this 🙄 happy day to you Brian smiles hedy 😀

          • It is a management. Be very careful. have two external hard drives. At the beginning of the year, I accidentally erased ALL my pictures. (dating all the way to the 19th century!) Fortunately I could retrieve (and reorganize) 98% of pix from the second hard drive. 🙂

          • Ahhhhh yes a wipe out I know that too…soon it will be a cloud burst…I try not to fall in love with my work…every day I play and practice with my camera so much fun for me 🤓 and now playing more with Lightroom also fun and educative….

          • One has to keep a distance from one’s “work”, and yet strive for the best. I used to do a lot of “real” photography. Reflex Asahi-Pentax and so forth. Dropped it. Too heavy and bulky. Now I’ve taken it again, thanks to Mr. Jobs. Always carry my I-Phone in my back pocket. Snap. And Photoshop details. 🙂

          • I also love iphoneography been playing with that for a while too….started an Instagram to practice more 🤓😉😀 and yes I love my Fuji because it small and light…I’ve been photographing with intention since 2011 and I love the whole process…have a snappy day Brian! 😀

          • “Iphoneography”? I had to think about it for a sec. 🙂
            You too.

          • 😀 mobilephotography ~ smiles Brian…hoping your week was a happy one!

          • Thank you. Working on it. We are going through very difficult times. But every day “won” is a victory.
            A lovely week ahead to you.

          • sending you energy and a handful of joy Brian as you float through the waves…the high and low ones…i too need some meditation time and time to do practical things…BIG hugs for good moments in yur day! hugs hedy 😀

          • Thank you my dear. Bright, shining thoughts are always welcome. Makes one look up at the sky and the play of wind and sun in the branches of the tangerine tree outside my window. The tangerine crop should be good this year. 😉

          • We have crab apples hardly comparable but pretty and red 🤓 winds are howling here…smiles 🤗☺️

          • Wuthering heights?

          • 🤓😀☺️

  8. Buddhist notions of this world being like a dream have always interested me…and are such a useful way to step back and see things differently. So it’s an interesting pairing of words and images, really nicely done, once again! I love the first and second photos, & the ones that show shoes – those are seriously evocative. The 6th – composition! Colors! Beautiful.

    I have an older book, “Kindly Bent to Ease Us” (Part 3) by Longchepa, translated by Guenther. 1976 Dharma Pub. It deals with these concepts. Difficult stuff, but even reading the lines as poetry, without delving more deeply, is a positive experience. Still available!

    • awe thank you Lynn…it’s all really enjoyable for me to compose posts…in my sloppy way 😀 also thank for saying which images…i too work at culling and the buddha has so much to say and so thank you for this suggestion…i will look at Kindly Bent to Ease Us: Wonderment it looks wonderful 😀 have a wonderful weekend ~ many smiles hedy 😀

  9. mostly intrigued due to reference to JJC’s “don’t cry, sister.” Betty and I may play (our barely wreckognizable version of) that song at a “variety show” in a nearby town a week from now. hmmm….

    • Well it was a JJ Cale week for me filled my rooms with his words and music such a wonderful musician…gone too soon…and you and Betty will have fun when you play from your heart! I have no doubt it will be wonderful 🤓 smiles hedy 😀 sending joy 💫

  10. Excellent. I like these old and abandoned houses…
    …there are so many stories you can find there.

  11. The colors you captured within the dilapidation were amazing. The blue along the boards, the thick green of the grasses poking up through shadow. The sinking in of the old structures is fascinating, really. I like the way it shows the ground shifting, the settling and sagging of wood, the fatigue of standing upright in years of wind and snow and sun, the gentle re-absorption into the ground…


    • hello Micheal 😀 always appreciate your words and the way you place them next to each other…i like the “gentle re-absorption into the ground”…always love exploring abandoned spaces…hope your writing days are treating you well 😀 smiles from sunny Alberta!

  12. Love the pictures

    Kind regards,

  13. it will… is always does…

  14. these are great! I love old abandoned places.

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