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According to Buddha

You must know the difference between
theoretical knowledge and
true realization.

Hedy Bach Photography - TPark fire red sunrise - 3

Hedy Bach Photography - TPark fire red sunrise - 4

Hedy Bach Photography - TPark fire red sunrise - 5

Hedy Bach Photography - TPark fire red sunrise - 7

call me the sea
call me the stream
call me the sky
call me the leaves

hear my call
hello, lo, lo, lo
lo, lo, lo, lo

call me the fire
call me the air
call me the grass
the silence of the hare


North Saskatchewan RiverEdmonton, AB  ~ August 2017

  1. Beautiful.

    • Thanks kindly MC I’ve never seen a rainbow at sunrise it was a surprise for me 🤓☺️☀️

      • With that halo on the rising sun, you probably also got a brilliant sun dog (or two) when it broke over the horizon.

        • It was so quick and now I need to look up sun dog 🤓 it was so beautiful and red and fiery…I was awed by nature this morning….thanks kindly for your teachings MC ☺️😀

  2. Lovely images. Is the poem yours?

    • no Steven…each post i connect to music…as one of my intentions of my sloppy blog…here is what i do here 😀

      and here is the beautiful song by Beth Orton…lovely to me 😀 if you click the link you catch the tune, if you care too…i love music 😀 thanks for asking appreciated 😀 hedy

  3. Simply stunning! 😄🌞

  4. “stunning” is one of those words that are tossed around, but your photos deserve the word attached to them…capturing the way the sky can inspire imagination, theory and realization. 🙂

  5. Heart-starting images, Hedy. There is something delicious about the land in profile beneath a molten sky, like you’re witnessing the birth of the universe all over again, or an echo of it. Like the planet is dreaming of those times. And I’ve never seen a rainbow at that time either. Truly majestic…


  6. Wow ! That is all….

  7. The combination of pictures and lyrics completes the awe. I am a fan of Beth Orton. Lately I am moved by the new cd of a guy who calls himself Spinvis, translated ‘Spiderfish’. One of the songs contains the line: ‘We waren mager als het ochtendlicht’, or: ‘We were meager like the morning light’. Knowing how meager our morning light can be, I love this line a lot. The moning light at your pictures are however far from meager! I don’t think I ever saw such lush light, such intens colours. If Spinvis had lived in Canada, he would have made different songs 🙂 Greeting from the Netherlands Hedy!

    • Pert my favourite time of day is right after dark…and I appreciate your thoughtful words….thank you! Smiles from foggy cowtown 🤓😀

  8. Such wonderful photos.

    • Thank you kindly Terry…enjoy your travels! 😀☀️💫

      • In Yellowstone National Park for the next 2 days, then sadly have to make my way home. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

        • back home to plan another trip…i read the other day sometimes we’re most excited 6 weeks before leaving for them…i’ve also enjoyed some of the images and videos you’ve posted Terry…have fun doing the post holiday laundry 😉 😀

  9. Wow wow wow wow. I could go on. How awesome for you. 😀

  10. magnificent colors

  11. Hermosas esas imágenes. Cielos cargados de nubes que pasan sobre nuestras cabezas. Beautiful pictures.

  12. Seems to me you can’t start a day like this without it being special in some way all the way through or at very least have some other memorable moments.
    What amazing photos Hedy and perfect words to match

  13. Oh heavens above such beauty!|
    Alison xox

  14. Thank you for bringing such wonderful summer images to us lately, Hedy – they’re full of pleasure…

    • 🤓☺️ it’s my sloppy intention 🙄😀 and it’s been such a beautiful summer…thank you dear Lynn for saying I appreciate it! ☺️😀

  15. what a sky, what colors. Photos that put you under a spell.
    smiles to you over the pond! 🙂

  16. Awesome colours! 🙂

  17. “You must know the difference between
    theoretical knowledge and
    true realization.”

    True, that. 🙂 not as easy to truly know, as it apears in words. 😉

    Fun and colourful photos, Hedy.

    Love and blessings to you. 💜 Genie

    • Thank you Genie and yes you are right always easier to distinguish in words, and then the meanings and living out those words…and I’m sloppy ☺️🙄😀 yes we need some bright! Compose a bright and happy day….peace and love to you 💘 hugs hedy

  18. Exquisite !!!

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