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According to Buddha

Time relentlessly works its havoc on physical beauty: everything in the material world is subject to change. 

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - road and machine giraffe_

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - red barn_

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - four sheds_

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - barn and broken window

Hedy Bach Photography - SASK - yellow field and tracks

long may you run.
long may you run.
although these changes
have come
with your chrome heart shining
in the sun
long may you run. 


Highway 5Saskatchewan ~ August 2017

  1. Hello Hedy,
    your incredible photos always have just the right feeling to illustrate the ideas
    you wish to convey. here, each photo shows how ‘time’ has changed eveything

    • thank you for all your encouragement and writing to me…i appreciate it very much and yes i continue to love my little black box…i just love seeing the beauty and composing my sloppy posts…it’s fun for me! and the Buddha just has so much to say i can get lost just reading…have a wonderful day i will come a visit your site now i’m back in etown! <3 😀 smiles and joy to you!

  2. Beautiful pics Hedy!!!

  3. I love the landscapes with its green, yellow and blue colours.

    • thank you Rabirius 😀 it is endless land miles and miles and miles….have a happy photographing day ~ smiles hedy 😀

      • Nonetheless, the photos look great.

      • Yes. I can imagine. Here in Europe you cannot really get lost in the wilderness. After a few kilometres there will always be a village, town or city…

        • yes that’s is the truth…we can drive 300km and not see much more than land 😀 my relatives from the Netherlands have found our roads so loooooooooooooong…and also they’ve said poor coffee along the way…i pack car picnics 😀 hoping you are well Rabirius it’s been an intense week…sending peace and all good things 🙂

  4. Oh, so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful, those pictures and words!!!!

  5. The first brings a smile, a memory of growing up in farm country. Rapeseed (I assume) speaks of change as well. Once, we found words to describe an image, what we saw. Now we find images to convey what we think, what we might say. Do pictures reinforce words or words, pictures-or both thoughts? 📖📷 Never mind, I think I need a second coffee. 🚜💕

    • 😀 Robert i though at first a giraffe…one can start to see things on the flat lands of Saskatchewan ^_^ 😀 and now it’s called canola here…i see images and pictures first…often words become superfluous but i try to tie my hedy head thoughts with reading Buddha works and i listen to music so that seems natural to me…i’m ready for a wine now Robert…hope you enjoyed your coffees 😀 smiles hedy 😀 <3

      • Me, being me wanted to know why rapeseed was called canola and I just got around to it. Canada bred all the bad nasties out of rapeseed and named the resulting friendly little plant CANada-OLA, canola. So it’s good stuff where traditional rapeseed isn’t. It’s also healthier than soy now. Good to know. 😎🌞🌅 💛

        • well yes Robert…bred by Canadian botanists in the early 1970s…by the late 1970s, the Canadian producers were ready to try exporting the oil to the USA, for use in cooking, in competition with corn oil. The term “rape,” of course, has an undesirable connotation among anglophones, so the producers’ association adopted a new name. Although the name was chosen to connote the oil’s CANadian origin and its Low-Acid content, the name was chosen for its parallel to the form of the most popular corn oil of the time, Mazola. BTW, canola isn’t an acronym, it’s an invented trade name, trademarked in 1978 as such…i needed to know too, you know 😀 many smiles and thanks for sharing this ~ hedy 😀

  6. sweet song
    to color
    full pictures 🙂

  7. I remember the Neil Young version! Lovely mood and photos, Hedy.

    • yes me too…i like Emmylou’s too…thank you Bunty! i’m back in etown and wifi so i’ll come for a visit to see where you’ve wandered! smiles hedy 😀

  8. Creative and interesting photos, Hedy, they display the impermanence in all things, as the Buddha explains.
    I like the contrast between the lush fields and the old buildings.

    • thank you for your comments Genie 😀 yes impermanence…i too like those contrasts…and the colours…compose a happy day photographing and writing Genie ~ smiles hedy 😀

  9. ^^^It worked! My computer wasn’t letting me comment for what seemed like months! (I got an error message.)
    Wonderful pictures! I love old barns, and other old buildings–so much history, and I love how the wood ages! I also love the barn owls and barn swallows they attract. I read recently that barn swallows are at risk of extinction because there are too few barns now. :'( They are such playful, delightful, beautiful birds!
    I remember reading about accepting change in a book by the Dalai Lama…”change just is.” There is much wisdom in that.
    Love the song too. Hope your summer is wonderful–looks like a lot of travelling!

    • hello Raven 😀 glad it worked as i appreciate your comments…yes the old red barn is becoming a part of lost prairie his/herstory…i have friends who love those old boards…i’ve got some barn board to make a table…maybe a winter porject 😀 i’m always a bit spooked opening the old doors as you know those birds fly out…which makes me jump…but i love abandoned spaces to explore with my little black box 😀 i’m back in etown…must plot that walk…many smiles and <3 hedy 😀

  10. Empty land/gold/ancient wood/carrying the sky. (I remember buying that Young/Stills record.There were, if I remember correctly, bison on the sleeve.. I was thinking of Buffalo Bill, although nothing really should have made me.)

    • 😀 yes bright days in Sask! and so much land…i used Emmylou’s voice for the post…i’ve always liked Young too…it’s a country thingy Peter ~ smiles from etown ~ hedy 😀

  11. Mort. (The car) 🙂

  12. Green & blue. Beautiful photos.

  13. You had fun! I like the way you broke up the space. And that clear air looks awfully good. Ours is beginning to clear too now.

    • Yes I enjoyed visiting Saskatchewan 🤓 probably an underrated province typically BC is the holiday destination…it’s fun to see other parts of Canada too ☺️ now rains to wash away the smoke here in Edmonton 💦

  14. my fiend on flickr does a lot of these shots…

  15. […] Source: 22nd right-truncatable prime number […]

  16. toujours un plaisir de flâner sur vos pages. au plaisir de revenir. N”hésitez pas à visiter mon blog.

    • dear Angelilie thank you kindly for your comments and yes i’ve looked at your blog now too…wonderful photography! J’aime la beauté et la nature aussi 😀 Morsures douces back to you too! 😀 smiles hedy

  17. Stunning photos, love these old farm buildings scattered through both of our countries. Have a wonderful week Hedy.

    • yes a photo friend of mine was noting the historical changes in abandoned buildings in southern Alberta and Washington…i would love to explore more…and yes a calm week..even time to have a nap! smiles Terry have a gooder 😀

  18. Love the pix and text, Hedy. Long may you run?
    Two verses just came to my mind:
    “But I have promises to keep
    And many miles before I sleep.”

  19. or… we redefine “beauty”…

    • oh yes i agree on that Penny 🙂 when i started sloppy i began with Roger Scruton’s notions of why beauty matters..But while we may argue about what is or is not beautiful, Scruton insists that beauty is a real and universal value, one anchored in our rational nature, and that the sense of beauty has an indispensable part to play in shaping the human world. i love the banter about beauty still…hope you’re enjoying Vancouver…i have family and friends there i really must come out and visit one day! smiles hedy 😀

  20. Long may you run with these mesmerizing photos and words. Thank you Hedy 💕

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