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According to Buddha

Your physical appearance, especially the eyes, shows more or less what you were like in previous lives, so deeply does the inner being impinge on the outer form. The eyes are one’s most significant physical feature.

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - Smokey Lake Rodeo - 1

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - Smokey Lake Rodeo - 4

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - Smokey Lake Rodeo - 5

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - Smokey Lake Rodeo - 6

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - Smokey Lake Rodeo - 7

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - Smokey Lake Rodeo - 2

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - Smokey Lake Rodeo - 3

cowboys ain’t easy to love and they’re harder to hold
they’d rather give you a song then diamonds or gold
lonestar belt buckles and old faded levi’s and each night begins a new day
if you don’t understand him and he don’t die young
he’ll probably just ride away


36th Annual Smoky Lake Stampede, Town of Smoky Lake, AB ~ August 2017

  1. Being from the midwest I said ‘just gotta go to Cheyenne (Wyoming) for the biggest
    rodeo of thm all. Never been to one. Knew nothin’ bout cowboys or cowgirls or jumpin or nothin. It was fun, fast, and furious.
    Kinda like what ya see thm photos.
    Love the memories, pictures and your post Hedy. Have a smiling good day

    • yes they all have the same events and then some extras peppered in like this Wild cow milking…this was the first time i witnessed this event…loud and fast…glad you have some lovely memories…i’ve had a smiling and prickly day today…soon i’ll go to yoga…that will feel the best today! smiles and joy to you Eddie <3

  2. The eyes have always been the gateway to the persons soul. I could see so much in my late wife’s eyes even when she said she was feeling good.
    I can not believe how close you were to the action, just spectacular photos. THese were taken with the camera you always shoot with?

  3. I love that song! and haven’t heard it for ages. My country music days seem long gone, but perhaps it’s time to swing back around again.
    Your usual great captures Hedy – I can feel the energy of the stampede.
    Happy Wednesday.

    • I’m not always a country fan but when you’re at these events there’s a lot of loud music and some of the songs to see most appropriate for my posts… for sure it was an exciting event to be able to see🤓☺️😀 have a wonderful Sunday Alison 💘

  4. looks like a lot of fun.

  5. Wonderful and lively post Hedy ~ it is definitely this time of the year, rodeos in full swing and along with it the intense eyes of riders, ropers and the animals. Your second to last shot captures eyes from a great perspective, a great series of photos.

  6. I spent a summer on a working ranch once. My first morning the cows got loose and into the alfalfa, and they sent me out there to get them turned around while they went for a few others to assist. I’d never been alone with a cow in my life. Ha! I improvised. I found that if I got down in a three point stance and called a few plays–Blue 42! Blue 42! Cincinnati… Hut!–and then sprang at them, but like I had a gimp leg and I just didn’t care, that they’d move away from me pretty good. Over time you learn to conserve energy and work with efficiency, but that first burst of pure creative need-to-know can be pretty awesome. 🙂


    • wow…freaky i would have thought…yes it’s all energy with them…and yes conserve energy and work with efficiency…i learned that daily in my yoga practice 😀 also i like that burst feeling…that it needs to be released to move on…peace and joy to you happy writing Michael! enjoy 😀

  7. Great pix. Merci. (I wonder what my snowball eyes mean?)

  8. Great, and sometimes strange photos, Hedy!

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