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According to Buddha

Love is born in the garden of soul progress, and it sleeps behind the darkness of outer attachments. Love is the oldest and the sweetest nectar, preserved in the bottle of hearts. It is the elixir flowing from the bosom of friendship, reviving bruised and broken spirits.

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - etown - foggy moring b-w_

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - etown - leaves on femce b--w 1

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - etown - thistle b-w 3

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - etown - poppies b--w 2

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - etown - foggy moring b-w 2

je rêve de silence
et de la paix dans tout mon être
je rêve toujours
le reste du repos
pas plus de la souris
dans son carrousel


Edmonton, Alberta ~ flora and river ~ August 2017

  1. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful

    Kind regards,

  3. ‘Love…is the elixir flowing from the bosom of friendship’
    Have a most peaceful day Hedy

  4. Beautiful words and photos! 🙂

  5. as always – great thoughts and I LOVE this collection of images. Wonderful work.

  6. “Love is born in the garden of soul progress, and it sleeps behind the darkness of outer attachments.”

    Profound. 🙏 Wisdom is more precious than rubies and gold, because wisdom has a much higher cost: transcending clinging and aversion.

    Terrific post, Hedy, your photos compliment the words of wisdom. 🙂 <3

  7. Wonderful photos. Ah love, nothing more to say. HAve a sloppy week Hedy

    • ☺️🤗💫 thanks ever so Terry! Appreciate your comments and yes I’m all about sloppy days 🤓 I’ll extend that into a week ~ smiles and joy your way 💫☀️😎

    • i will have a sloppy week…no timelines no expectations…just me 😀 and those annoying critters 😉 😀 i’m glad they are with me…have a fun week too Terry! 😀

  8. Such beautiful and peaceful images! They are lovely in black and white–so much depth! Thank you for sharing! <3

    • it was a cooler rainy day…a couple of weeks back…and yes peaceful…your so welcome Raven Wolfe <3 sunny day smiles to you and your critters…have fun! 😀

  9. Great shots Hedy. Wonderfully done!

  10. the fist one could easily be an album cover for ECM records.

    • that’s nice to say Gavin and that would be so cool for me too 😀 sometimes if i feel a bit spooked walking even with my dogs…i put this on and put it in my pocket…i feel fine and critters now it’s me, i think 😀

  11. I love the look of the thistle in BW. Cheers

  12. “milfordstreet” beat me to it: I love those B&W thistles. I love all this photography. You are so good at this!!!

    • thank kindly Penny…i flow a lot of street photography in b/w and i was in full colour here so i felt like practicing more with lightroom…and endless playground…bad things happen in the kitchen when i get to caught up in learning more…but glad you like it and i appreciate your comments…thank you! <3

  13. Great photos, congratulation. Like it very much!

  14. Super beau !

  15. Nature appears to hear you coming, Hedy. And knowing you have such an eye for “things” she rushes out of the darkness each day to show you a few of her secrets. I’m so glad you share these discoveries with the rest of us!


    • 😀 it’s true i do rush out every day well most…i see it a a walking meditation…quiet…and it’s never the same…always new or different yet comforting to know that the sunrise rises everyday…i do like the time right after dark best! BIG smiles and thank you for your kind comments appreciated ~ om shanti hedy 😀

  16. what a wonderful storytelling… …like you let me enter this world for a moment. many smiles over the pond 🙂 🙂

    • ahhhh Markus yes i like the visual story telling and i know you compose those kinds of posts as well…i must see where you’ve been…and what’s your doing too…busy summer smiles over the pond…slow today hardly a breeze here…we’ve had high winds so this is nice today 😀 ~~~~~~ many smiles!

      • it’s an brillant idea to set the blur pictures to the beginning and the end of your story. You story is build up like a typical short story… …and open beginning, the tension and the focus were build up in the middle and then the open end. Great work… …and the pictures itself as well.
        Yes, busy here as well… …but now I’ll have a bit more time to focus on blogging. 🙂 many breezy smiles to you 🙂

        • yes that’s what i do here on sloppy as i’m trained as a visual researcher so that’s how i make sense in my hedy head 😀 i see images…and hear sounds…and yes a sunny summer day here Markus…with end of summer light…enjoy your busy day and happy snapping! smiles and hugs 😀

  17. Je rêve aussi de silence et de paix dans tout mon être.
    Depuis ce terrible jour de Mai.
    Merci Hedy! 🙂
    Peace and silence are indeed very much in demand.

    • the world needs a big nap, i think 😀 yes i can only imagine Brian…take care of you! hugs hedy

      • Thanks you too Hedy. (Do you speak French?) 🙂

        • Very poorly but I love French and France ☺️ have a good day Brian!

          • Merci! And a good week-end to you. (Looks like the hurricane in Texas has brought us rain here for the week-end) 🙂

          • Yes my friend in Houston is writing I can’t imagine but we get winter…nature is powerful! Bright sun and calm here wine and cooking time ☺️🤗☀️

          • Yes, Canadian winter must be daunting. Enjoy the summer. 😉

          • i love winter albeit a tad too long…but i love bare feet and minimal clothing…i get tired of the bulkiness of layers of clothing…30 here today and windy……….super windy 😀

          • The wind maybe a downfall of Harvey? And yes I can only imagine the bulkiness. One of the reasons I left France was the accumulation of layers to go out in the winter. And our winters do not compare with yours… 🙂

          • i can’t imagine the damages and what will happen…it all sounds so scary and overwhelming…western Canada has had many fires this summer…i would love to live further north and also further south…would be fun to experience…

          • Further north means more cold and snow. Further south… well, right now means more violence… 🙁
            Strangely enough, I just realized Jack London lived both North (Yukon I think?) And in the south seas… Hmmm.

          • i just think there is so much more to experience…spaces and places…i imagine living on the land for one year…as i am an urban person but something draws me to the vastness and experiencing the seasons on the land in the north…south because i do like sun, sand and water…and bare feet! 😀

          • To live on the land in the north, must take some training. That Nature is harsh. And the South… well, I was brought up in the South. And am really more a sea person than anything else. 😉

          • i wish is was by the sea…i do love water and sand more than anything…Canada has harsh weather and we are tough because of it…we’ve had so much smoke this week from fires in other provinces and states coming up here…strange light…have a beautiful day at the sea Brian! smiles hedy 😀

          • 😀 😀 😀

  18. Hedy, you are doing such beautiful work! The way you move back and forth here between sharp focus and soft blur, and between close-up and distant views, is masterful. I missed this post somehow – glad I found it. Inspiring.

    • Humble thanks ☺️ I have much to practice and play with…now I need to organize my sorting of images…and deleting too 😘😀 no worries Lynn that’s the nice thing about WP it’s a space to return when one has time…I love to look at posts over my tea and coffee times….and so many beautiful works are shared here…hoping summer is treating you well! Thanks again for such nice words it’s motivating thank YOU! 😀☺️💫

  19. Wonderful~~Love this
    Happy day for you 🙂

  20. Gorgeous photos!

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