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According to Buddha

Those who seek prosperity for themselves alone are in the end bound to become poor, or to suffer from mental inharmony; but those who consider the whole world as their home, and who really care and work for group or world prosperity…find the individual prosperity that is legitimately theirs. This is a sure and secret law.

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - SASK - old buildings - 5

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - SASK - old buildings - 12

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - SASK - old buildings - 13

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - SASK - old buildings - 9 b-w

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - SASK - old buildings - 11

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - SASK - old buildings - 2_

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - SASK - old buildings - 15

Hedy Bach Photgraphy - SASK - old buildings - 10



along Highway 5, Invermay  ~ Saskatchewan, Canada ~ July 2017


  1. Live like the earth is your mother and society is family. Great photos of these old buildings, at least preserved through pictures. Happy day Hedy.

    • yes Terry i think they will be gone sooner than later…they are dilapidated…and i imagine few villages have monies to maintain them…several have no trespassing signs as well…on this day the winds were howling…creaking sounds and boards flapping…and of course a bird or two to spook me 😀 off to yoga will be a gooder! smiles and thanks Terry have a happy day too! 😀

      • I will Hedy, maybe think of some video sometime. The description you just gave of the wind brought so much to my mind, I could hear it.

        • Ahhhhh I’m still learning photography and I really like still photography…plus I’ve got real filmmaker friends…maybe a little Instagram one I can try one day 🤓😀😀 have a delightful day Terry!

  2. the winds of change blow through us all
    just as they blow through old buildings.
    time does not stop the changes.
    wear your best shoes.

  3. I love this kind of photography. In my country derelict buildings don’t stay up that long. Because of the moist climate they rot and fall apart, and because of our lack of building space they are removed quickly and the space is taken immediatly. We do not have ghost towns. How sad! I want ghosty places where the wind rules and the sun bleaches, where everything turns into bones that last for ages and reminds us of the past.

    • Well Peter the prairies are endless and there is still wooden buildings to see and explore I’m fond of abandoned spaces…there is a lot to photograph in and around them…I really enjoy it too ☺️ and yes the Netherlands is tidy and organized from what I remember from 2014 😀 smiles hedy

  4. Lovely quote…if only more people looked to the “big picture.” Thankfully, some do!
    Wonderful pics of those old buildings–from so many perspectives! Wishing you a wonderful day–looks like a warm one! <3

    • Yup I agree life has vast possibilities and yes a warm one indeed just back from the river to cool down the mutts ☺️ happy riding Raven Wolfe 💘

  5. Nice pictures. I can hear the wind.

    • It was so so strong I was amazed Alex howling….smiles over the pond from windy etown! Smiles and thank you for your kind comments ☺️ I appreciate them!

  6. Your posts really do know how to touch a part of my life Hedy 🙂 Incredible shots of what I see as a staple of small towns around North America, Growing up, I use to operate grain elevators in the summer during the harvest season ~ a piece of my life I would not give up for anything. You capture the spirit of these building, the history and hard work of the farmers who still remain the backbone of these areas around the country. Wishing you well!

    • Saskatchewan is a province I travelled little and I think it’s underrated 🤓 I appreciate the work our farmers do I believe it would be a hard life…the villages along this highway seem lonely and some what deserted….and you’re right these wooden grain elevators will disappear…thank you kindly Randall for your kind comments! Smiles hedy 😀

  7. Very nicely done, Hedy! Hope you’re having a good week!

  8. Wonderful photos Hedy. I can just about feel the wind blowing across them.

  9. I love b-w images of farm buildings — nice job!

  10. Beautifully done, Hedy! 🙂

  11. Excellent.

  12. I’ve always that maximizing group “return”, benefits, profits, what have you, eventually leads to maximizing individual “return” or what have you. (Reason why I created the local Market Research society after many years of failed attempts by others; competition does not exclude cooperation).
    Unfortunately it seems that individuals increasingly seek their own exclusive benefit even if it is in detriment of others…
    (Gosh. Am I becoming a Buddhist?) 😉

    • i did social sciences research with photography and story…academics called it soft research…i learned a lot…hard or soft research can also be redefined when we look at knowledge but i’m done that and nope not me i’m sloppy 😀 always will be Brian…never following ‘ists’ ‘isms’ or ‘alts’ ever…just being hedy 😀

      • Being you sounds like the perfect strategy. One everyone should follow. Not try to be somebody else. 😉

        • well i have enough to work on me 😀 i can only change me 😀 have a happy weekend Brian!

          • Quite true. (Though many people attempt to change you, you are the only one who can…)
            Week-end was nice thank you. Daughter #1, hubby and grandson just moved into their first house. (25 years left to pay mortgage I guess…) So we did a house warming lunch on Sunday. How was your week-end?

          • sounds like much fun Brian…grand children are the best! and yes a outdoor weekend with my little black box and some relaxation too…looked at car racing in a small town and at some horses at the races…beautiful summer like weekend…now a work day 😀

          • Well, one has to work from time to time. If only to appreciate the rest.

          • yes work matters and feeling productive matters to me…doing meaningful and ethical work matters to me most now…have a peaceful day Brian…i’m off to volunteer today and that’s meaningful to me 😀

          • Volunteering is well developed in the anglo-saxon, european world. Here not really. A shame. This country could use more volunteering. What do you volunteer for?

          • currently photography for a couple of groups and i’m our community photographer…yes our families raised us with giving back to community…service work matters i agree! 😀

          • Community photographer? I like that. Preserving moments of the community. And that is an area where technology helps much in sharing. I put all our grandson’s photos in Dropbox, and my sister-in-law in France always tells me (by mail) how she keeps tabs on Gonzalo.

          • this past weekend i did the 150 year celebration so much fun to see children playing and laughing and proud parents 😀 and yes documenting his/herstory matters for me as a visual researcher 😀

          • 150 year celebration of “E-Town”?
            (Children laughter is the best medicine for everything) 🙂

          • yes children voices and laughter i love that…The 150th anniversary of Canada, also known as the 150th anniversary of Confederation and promoted by the Canadian government as Canada 150, occurred in 2017 as Canada marked the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation. 😀 happy day to you ~ smiles hedy

          • Oh. 150 only? In my mind Canada is much older, going back to Jacques Cartier in the 1600’s (But then I’m French) or much before, if one thinks of the original nations. 🙂

          • Well no doubt it was contested 🤓 and my indigenous friends would say depends on what you include ☺️ I always wonder what’s excluded or evaded….who knows but for sure we’re older than 150 in my hedy head 🤔☺️

          • Excellent. My point entirely. Regards to your friend Christa.

          • she’s the best…a talented musician too…she is special to me 😀

  13. Oh, and thanks for the photos. Great work. If those buildings could talk what stories would they tell?

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