Tatra’s ’56 to’75 rear-engined car

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According to Buddha

Be a light unto yourself; betake yourselves to no external refuge. Hold fast to the Truth. Look not for refuge to anyone besides yourselves.

Hedy Bach Photography - sky iphone - 1

Hedy Bach Photography - sky iphone - 3

Hedy Bach Photography - sky iphone - 7

Hedy Bach Photography - sky iphone - 5

Hedy Bach Photography - sky iphone - 10

Hedy Bach Photography - sky iphone - 2

they walk in the sky
so near and so high
they’re stopping for none
and when the day’s done
they agree that the sea
is the best place to be
wondrously free
they live happily

sun slips into horizon
moon reaches for the stars
music is the healer
no matter who you are
no matter who you are…


Edmonton, Alberta urban + iphone aiplane sky ~ September 2017

  1. Beautiful!! Both your pictures and the poem! I love watching clouds and can never get enough of them 🙂

    • Miss Gentileschi thank you kindly…we have no clouds but pure blue today 😀

      yes i lift music as part of my ĭn-tĕn’shəns as you can see on my front page ~ smiles for a beautiful day! 😀

  2. So pretty and dramatic at the same time. I hope you have a wonderful week, Hedy. Cheers!

  3. Beautiful. Walking in the sky.

  4. I often get lost in the details of a clouded sky…limitless perspectives and freedom.

    • well MC i love the window seat in the plane…i love looking out and imaging what is out there…it’s so vast…as you know well as a pilot and your beautiful photography always inspires me…of limitless perspectives and freedom…have a wonderful week! smiles hedy 😀

  5. The clouds float so effortlessly above us, wonderful photos Hedy. Have a glorious week.

  6. amazing images…I think sky images with depth, structure, and form are very difficult to create.

    • thank you kindly Brenda…fun to use my iphone and it’s much better in the airplane…the clouds passing were calming…appreciate your comments ~ compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  7. Beautiful, dramatic clouds–I love to watch them move! I sometimes wish I could be a bird for awhile, and fly through the clouds, and drift through the wind currents.
    Thank you for sharing! ❤

  8. who does’t like clouds.

  9. Magnificent images and poetry, Hedy. Clouds are always amazing to me and these are wonderful.

  10. beautiful cloud photos. a-la steigliz.
    Montana’s got nothin’ on Alberta’s big skies. (I saw them as a teen)
    And Bonobo? Sooooper Classy! one of my faves.

  11. You seamlessly blended the skies from the ground with those from above – all upbeat and uplifting…

  12. I adore clouds .. I could wrap myself up and fall into them 🙂 love your words ..

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