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According to Buddha

Throughout the ages, the strong motivating force of human love has been expressed in diverse ways—filial, conjugal, friendly, family, serviceful, humanitarian. All human love is borrowed from Divine Love, but by comparison is a meager expression. 

Hedy Bach Photography - Lisbon pugs - 1

Hedy Bach Photography - Lisbon pugs - 2

Hedy Bach Photography - Lisbon pugs - 3

Hedy Bach Photography - Lisbon pugs - 4

Hedy Bach Photography - Lisbon pugs - 5

Hedy Bach Photography - Lisbon pugs - 6

Hedy Bach Photography - Lisbon pugs - 7

well we come with what was on our backs
yeah, when the leaves had died and all turned black
back when the wind was cold and blew them ’round
when we laid our blankets on the ground
yeah and i woke up feelin’ hungry
lookin’ straight into the sun, and left a cold night on the ground
like a dog on the run


Lisbon, Portugal ~ April 2016.

  1. a pack of companion with whom to saunter the streets… the “finishing” gives a splendid quality of a painting

  2. RIP Tom.

    • I loved his work, his voice and skills as a musician…his songs will be with me forever…it’s been a reflective week 🤓 smiles hedy

  3. we will miss Tom!!!

    a respectful tribute to him. Lively, wild, different!

  4. A very touching composition–and a lovely tribute. Love is what the world needs so desperately right now. And the love from pups–it is so very special! Thank you for sharing! <3

  5. I’ve been playing Petty’s music all day yesterday. When coming to age the world gets emptyer. The more you know, the less is left. But! There always is a new day and we grieve while the sun is kissing our faces. I hope I don’t offend you Hedy when I say I find pugs really ugly. But a flock ( I know that is bad English, but still) of them in a warm lit Lisbon street is endearing. And I can see you crouching, camera almost at pavement level, curious dogs coming up to you – and maybe an early fado singer laments about the girl who left him and her name was Benedita.

    • yes i do like to shoot low and i’m grateful my knees work 😉 yoga comes in handy with my little black box 😀 thank you for your thoughtful comments Peter…always appreciated 😀 thank you!

  6. A rough pack roaming the streets, wonderful street photography.

    • they were so cute…little grunts and the way they followed their owner…it was a good memory Terry…have a wonderful day! smiles hedy

  7. Right from the start I knew it had to be Portugal. Such lovely expressive captures Hedy. Enjoy your day. Sunny here in Van 🙂

  8. I really like the tones in this Hedy. Very nice. I hope your week is going great. Cheers

  9. Beautiful. We will miss Tom.

  10. Fantastic photography and processing, Hedy. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but you are so versatile! And of course, the timely song…

    • yes i dug up the pug photos as i love the Tom song…i have seen him perform and have loved his music for decades…he will be missed 🙂

  11. it’s a dog’s life

  12. Great series. I like the vintage look.

  13. I love how the dogs look like they’ve evolved over millions of years to blend in with those city streets. It’s the feeling of home, isn’t it? When we blend in effortlessly, right where we belong, even as we fill the place with life.


    • thank you kindly Michael…i would return to Lisbon in a heartbeat…loved my time there 😀 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  14. Wonderful images .. love the editing. We will Miss Tom ..

  15. I like the filter on the Portuguese pugs. Can you believe I missed Tom Petty altogether? Sorry about that. Had never heard of him. Weird…

    • really Brian missed Tom Petty altogether…well it must be a cultural…i’ve loved him since the beginning of his time 😉 😀 you will hear him now i’m sure! smiles from etown! 😀

      • Yeah it is strange. More so that he’s about my generation (he was born in 1950, I in 1953). I also was in the US (Grad school) from ’76 to ’79 when he started. But I think we were listening to the older singers, the ones who’d started in the 60’s. Clapton, Neil Young, America, etc. British rock maybe more than American… Just watched/listened to “Learning to fly” (22 mil visualizations!). Nice. Smiles back from M-Town

        • Well no there are so many musicians and bands and they vary depending on where we live but now you’ll hear Tom I have no doubt he put out a nice film a couple years back about his life documentary style I enjoyed it….off to the woods for a dog run! Smiles from sunny etown ☀️💫

  16. Stunning photographs, dear Hedy…. Absolutely beautiful and evocative… Saudade! 😀

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