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According to Buddha

Only the wise know just where predestination ends and free will begins. Meanwhile, you must keep on doing your best, according to your own clearest understanding. 

Hedy Bach Photography - OTS - 1_

Hedy Bach Photography ~ first fall days - red berries and leaves - 1_

Hedy Bach Photography - OTS - 8

when i cross over will you meet me
will you walk me to the bright
will you lead me on the dance floor
of that everlasting light

in the meantime
here on earth time
i am something of a song
but i once drank your
whole abandon
wanting only to belong

you have helped me to be tender
you have taught me to be true

i went empty
up a mountain
and brought back
a piece of you


Oilfield Technical Society, Edmonton, Alberta ~ September 2017

  1. Wonderfully written and beautiful images. The saturation works really well here. Nice post!

  2. Loved the echoes in these images, the near absence of foreground, the shelter that memory affords to the most delicate things. Beautiful and thought-provoking images, Hedy!


    • i also loved the deep colour and warmth of the reds and rusts…and i appreciate your thoughtful words Micheal hope you are having a joyful writing day 😀 smiles hedy

  3. Wonderful series. Striking compositions and shadow play. I especially like the third one.

  4. I like today’s’ quote, Hedy. (and Michael’s comment!) The photos look like they’re from a film, very dramatic. You could build a narrative around them. But I’m always content to just enjoy the visuals. 🙂

    • thank you Lynn…yes the colour changed so quickly this day these were the ones that seemed to fit together for me…then it got brighter and more red….have a happy snappy day! 😀

  5. What can I say about the photos, always thoughtful composed. Although it is the song that draws my attention. The message you wrote in the blog from it’s lyrics speaks to my heart, from my heart. Listening to the song brings happiness and tears to my eyes at the same time. WONDERFUL, I love it, thank you for sharing. Wishing you a beautiful week my sloppy friend.

  6. A very intriguing set of images, and a beautiful song on this bubbly sunny fall day. Happy Thanksgiving Hedy

  7. what a wonderful and tender play of lights… ….smiles, Markus 🙂 🙂

  8. “Dance me to the end of love?”

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