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According to Buddha

Never allow your mind to entertain thoughts of illness or limitation; you will see your body change for the better. Remember that mind is the power that is creating this body and if the mind is weak, the body becomes weak. Don’t grieve or worry about anything.

Hedy Bach Photography - Aldon Auto - 15.jpg

Hedy Bach Photography - Aldon Auto - 8

Hedy Bach Photography - Aldon Auto - 12

Hedy Bach Photography - Aldon Auto - 13

Hedy Bach Photography - Aldon Auto - 1

Hedy Bach Photography - Aldon Auto - 16

i am a passenger
i stay under glass
i look through my window so bright
i see the stars come out tonight
i see the bright and hollow sky
over the city’s ripped-back sky
and everything looks good tonight


Aldon Auto Salvage, Lamont, AB ~ October 2017

  1. The images give a refreshing look at a subject many have taken on.Photo 1 and 3 I find jumping out the most, but all them taken in the contect of the failing body, which it will do, started doing the moment it came into the world, rolled out of the factory assembly line.

    • dear Eliot 😀 thank you for saying i appreciate your thoughts and i agree with the choices…i have many images…i tried to choose light and bright…i do have rusty set of reds and oranges but these spoke to me at that moment…i like your words…rolled out of the factory assembly line….many smiles hedy 😀

  2. Mind over matter…never more evident !

  3. Wonderful photos Hedy, I’ve always wanted to go to a wreaking yard to photograph.
    It is so hard not to grieve and worry at times. Sometimes loner than we expect.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

    • grief and worry…are also part of the narratives of life…learning to move through and surface…life is beautiful…happy travels Terry…many smiles for a good day YOU! 😀

  4. Very interesting set of pictures.

  5. All just passing through this moment of time, changes come, to everything.
    Shattered hopes, like the glass, dissolve. Worry; why?
    Have a most beautiful day, everyday. Eddie

    • sending you all good things Eddie…and much peace and calm…may life be settling down for you as you ride those high waves…maybe be submerged so they just float over you…BIG hugs <3 take care ~ hedy

  6. ‘The stars come out tonight’, the lyrics say, and we can hear David Bowie sing, and not only now on backing vocals. I didn’t know this song, but in all it’s simplicity it’s wonderful. It drives you through the night and on and on, till the road is gone and the wheels are rusted and the glass is shatterered. And still it moves because music never stops.

    • hey Peter 😀 well such a perfect song too me for these images…and still it moves because music never stops…so true! compose a dancing weekend ~ smiles hedy and thank you! 😀

      • I wish you a wonderful sunday Hedy! Thank you for always taking the time to reply to my, and all the other, remarks. Big smile from Peter. 🙂

        • i enjoy blogging Peter…i started for me and still do it for me but it’s really wonderful to share and get response as i learn along the way…i learn by looking so i enjoy visiting other blogger’s works as well…i find it calming…it’s a slower platform 😀 smiles back to you!

  7. Such a fascinating and thought-provoking post, Hedy. The images are so captivating.

  8. Great images and good choice of song/lyrics 🙂

  9. Great post! Especially like the photographs!

  10. I love how you turn the most mundane, even what we would normally call ugly, into art. The first and last photos for me are especially lovely. The first it’s the light, the colour, the composition. The last is an abstract painting. And a good reminder from the Buddha as well!

  11. awesome find

    • it’s out of town not far…went with foto friends…and it’s a strange place…with strange energy…i stayed in the old part with vintage cars…i told myself they had good stories of fun times…seeing car wrecks is different…i did love the flora in between it all…smiles Gavin have a fun day! smiles hedy 😀

  12. I like these collections of details that you have to put together in your head.

  13. nice catch!
    wishing you safe
    passage & bike, Hedy 🙂

    • ahhhh yes it was a strange place and energy…memories…


      yes a bike…i do but also use a car…pretty tough here in etown to not have some kind of wheels…stay safe i read your post…heartbreaking…take care of YOU! 😀

  14. Exactly one hundred passengers liked this post before I did. 🙂
    So I figure this is “Passenger 101”? 🙂

  15. You had fun with the angles of view here, didn’t you? 😉

    • yes it was a twisty and bendy experience Lynn…sort of eerie but i was curious 😀 sorry this comment got caught in the rabbit hole….smiles 🙂

      • No problem, I am caught there regularly; the view is getting familiar. 😉 Looking again, I appreciate that you keep doing new things, new subjects, new angles, new techniques in processing.

        • i think that photography like my yoga practice will carry me a long long way…not bored at all…did a colour crit/talk with our local foto group this week…that was fun to use my brain in a different teacher kind of way…have a snappy week Lynn appreciate your encouraging words!

          • I bet that was a good meeting…guess what – we’re having a little bit of snow here in usually-not-snowy-Seattle. Surprises are everywhere….

          • haven’t been to Seattle for a long while…and yes surprises are everywhere…funny reminds me of Prefab Sprout – Life Of Surprises 😀 have a fun day creative day!

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