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According to Buddha

I am a spark from the Infinite. I am not flesh and bones. I am light. In helping others to succeed I shall find my own prosperity. In the welfare of others I shall find my own well-being. I am infinite. I am spaceless, I am tireless; I am beyond body thought, and utterance; beyond all matter and mind. I am endless bliss.

Hedy Bach Photography - corn land - 1

Hedy Bach Photography - corn - 14

Hedy Bach Photography - corn - 10

Hedy Bach Photography - corn - 5

Hedy Bach Photography - corn - 16

Hedy Bach Photography - corn - 15

walking to the sun
walking to the sun
walking to the sun
walking to the sun
walking to the sun


Happy Hollow Corn Maze, Lumsden, Saskatchewan ~ October 2017

  1. Fabulous autumn images of light and bliss. Also nice music track. 🙂

    • 🙂 i agree Terry…wasn’t what i was expecting so it was a surprise…somehow i still thought things would be green…and yes Shook – Walking To The Sun is always pleasant to me 😀 groovy chill for the day! have a wonderful monday ~ smiles hedy

  2. Gorgeous post. The muted feel to the images somehow infuses them with an incredible energy.

    • it was so dry…and everything felt faded…so i played with that feeling so i appreciate you saying Lemony 😀 there was a lot of energy there…smiles hedy 🙂

  3. Oh fun, a corn maze. Have a great week Hedy. Cheers

    • it was a little family child centred event…and it’s fun to witness ppl interacting with each other and nature…so yes fun! sending you fun Chris as my grandson says “fun fun” 😀 for the extra fun things 🙂

  4. Wonderful captures. I love mazes, did you get lost inside? I like to on purpose to explore the nooks and crannies. Have a sloppy, fun week Hedy.

    • no i could see above the stalks which was funny and i actually was thinking ‘green’ who knows why but i was so dried faded yellow…i like the soft blue with the yellow beige tones though i just can’t believe it’s all ready this time of year…yes sloppy week in cowtown 😀 so it will be ‘fun fun’! 😉 😀

  5. Wonderful Hedy! The subdued colours are great.

  6. If I don’t say this I won’t be able to live with myself. A-mazing.

  7. kornee 🙂

  8. Love the dancing corn! (3) Beautiful pics, and a thought provoking quote…trying not to come up with any corny comments. (Although I love corny humour!) Thank you for sharing!

    • well i woke to giggles Raven Wolfe…yes the dancing one 😀 i think we all need more corny humour…it’s a funny world 😀 enjoy your critters looks like a wonderful Alberta fall week…smiles from cowtown! 😀

  9. Yes, yes, yes.

    Next fall, I wanna see you cover the foliage of my native New England. 😀

    • Gregory sounds like a plan covering six states would be a lot but…then your fall colours last much longer and you have more red, i think…we are entering the beyond beige phase here…so i hope we get snow in November…smiles ~ hedy and thank you for your comments 🙂 appreciated.

  10. Corn ingly good

  11. Brilliant series of picks – now I want to go out to a corn field with my camera!

    • humble thank you Stevie…it turned out to be very cool to me…the sun peeking through and the fall winds blowing…enjoy your adventure! smiles hedy 🙂

  12. Corn is God. It’s life giving force allows being-ness to happen.
    Through it’s sustenance we thrive. Without it we die.
    Impressive photos and post Hedy.
    The Sun is smiling at you

  13. Very nice post. The feeling of walking through a corn field is something I had forgotten. 🙂
    Dankje wel. 😉

  14. These are great shots.

  15. what series of photos… …so harmonic, so bright and positive… …almost blinding by the shiny light… ….smiles to you 🙂 🙂

  16. Nice pictures and beautiful corn. Walking to the sun with your post.

  17. Nature hanging in there and you have captured the feeling so beautifully Hedy.

  18. Fantastic series– I feel like I am walking through the corn field, Hedy. I love the inviting golden colors and light. Terrific work.

  19. Stunningly lovely. I love to walk thru dried corn fields.

  20. Corn has never looked so good! Catchy tune … 😃

    • thank you kindly Julie…missed your comment down the rabbit hole…i appreciate your kind and thoughtful responses ~ smiles hedy 😀

  21. exellent

  22. Heerlijke foto’s

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