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According to Buddha

The reverent presentation to me of a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water, given with pure intention, is a devotional offering acceptable in my sight.

Hedy Bach Photography - frosty morning - 2

Hedy Bach Photography - frosty morning - 6

Hedy Bach Photography - frosty morning - 8

Hedy Bach Photography - frosty morning - 5

Hedy Bach Photography - frosty morning - 1

i left your house this morning,
’bout a quarter after nine.
coulda been the willie nelson,
coulda been the wine
when i left your house this morning,
it was a little after nine
it was in bobcaygeon, i saw the constellations
reveal themselves, one star at time


Terwillegar Park, Edmonton, Alberta ~ October 2017

  1. Ah, lovely nature. I like the image of the sun peeking through the branches of the trees. We are off to take in some fall colors today. Have a great week, Hedy. Cheers!

    • i find photographing evergreens tricky…so thank you Chris for saying…yes back to etown to do some work…it’s been a playful couple of months for me…so much fun! enjoy the Boston colours we are now in the beyond beige phase…hoping for snow come November maybe we can skip the ice phase…have a gooder Chris…enjoy your teaching week ~ smiles hedy 😀

  2. The first capture of the sun and branches is marvelous. WInter coming on is shown so in the 3rd and 5th. Have a lovely week my friend.

    • thank you kindly Terry…yes a hand painting week ahead 🙂 appreciate you saying which images you prefer…it’s dry and windy here a lovely fall so far…no ice! sending you joy ~ smiles hedy

  3. And, in Hong Kong, Buddhist monks own grocery stores, drive BMWs, and have high end computers. All given to them by believers. Almost made me want to go into the monking business. 🙂

    • all “ists” and “isms”…are all artificial divisions…i’m not a believer…i’m sloppy

      and yes Ray daily news covers the nasty/heinous things beings in human suits do…even those who call themselves Buddhists…a history of the politics of abuse and cruelty comes as no surprise…including those foreign supporters…

      and yes i think of Aung San Suu Kyi and The Venerable W film…which does not explicitly debate the existence of evil as such, but it certainly argues that nationalism, ignorance, arrogance, dogmatic religion and fear are its constituent elements…a sombre, pessimistic necessarily troubling film.

      like you…i’m not entering any monking business…i’m just working on me 🙂 happy sunday ~ smiles hedy

      • I dunno. For me, I think the joy is in the discipline of following the belief. Whatever it is. Or, not. That sort of middle road of liking something or not lets me off the hook too easily. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with the middle way — a Buddhist belief — is wrong. It’s good. If you actually do it.

        Me? I claim nothing. I was baptised as a Catholic. I went to Catholic schools through high school. I was an altar boy. I substituted, “me a cowboy, me a cowboy, me a Mexican cowboy” for “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa,” when I said my part of mass. The only time I go to mass these days is as part of a funeral service. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been going to mass way too much these days.

        That said, Aung San Suu Kyi is lost to me. I think her lack of even a few words with the Rohingya tells me who she always was. A politician.

        Dogmatic is different then discipline. Dogmatic bread the same kind of twisted beliefs that see from ISIS. They typically focus on a couple of small chapters of their faith and through the rest away.

        To bring this back to pictures. If my work is any good, it’s because I never let myself off the hook. I still don’t. That’s one of the reasons you don’t see many multi-picture displays on Storyteller. For me, unless they all work as a unit to tell a story one is probably enough because number two isn’t as good. Just me.

        • …visual storytelling, images ordered in a specific way, chronologically or as a series, with my aim of ‘infecting’ the viewer’s vision and mind as Tolstoy said…and I ask myself can I narrate “better” stories with a single image versus a series of images…depends on one’s subjectivities I imagine…for me the culling process is toughest, sometimes…not because I fall in love or like with my images…but I wonder if one image tells a story…as you’ve said Ray… “I never let myself off the hook”…nor do i…and I love learning so I appreciate your teachings. Thank you kindly for saying/writing…funny I am often in “the middle” of many “muddles” once long ago I wrote about that too…unlearning is good work…have a happy day ~ smiles hedy thanks again 😀

          ps. i re-order them…they feel better (ish) to me…a sense of banality can also emerge for me…

          • It depends. On the story. Your vision. Your take. Whether you return to the scene enough to fill in gaps. Extra eyes always help because the photographer always remembers how he/she felt while the pictures were being made. If not other eyes, at least time to put some distance between the take and the selection. If I’m putting together a portfolio for a job bid, I usually send 30 pictures to an old friend of mine, tell him scope and pick 15-20. I don’t even ask why or why not. But, we both come from the age of print when image size mattered and directed the shape of the story. ⚜️📷🐩

          • indeed Ray…i’m trying to feel instead of think…i never tire of walking the land…i also use ‘others’ eyes…i started photographing with intention in 2011…i’m an image maker…learning more and more each day…as i love my little black box…i enjoy capturing ‘beauty’ with intention…my visual researcher eye emerges often…i’ve printed about 10 images…i do see this as mattering…just haven’t done that yet! 🙂 i imagine your background as a photojournalist and other disciplines gives you a strong command of visual storytelling…thank you kindly Ray 😀

          • Oh, you know best.

            BTW, when I was talking about printing, I meant in publications. But, I am of an age that thinks a picture isn’t a photograph unless it is printed on paper. But, the people from my era are mostly just old and in the way.

          • i like that Ray makes sense to me as an image maker 😀 and i appreciate your teachings! smiles hedy 😀

  4. Oh so beautiful frost! I didn’t know we’d had so much of it already–but perhaps one has to be out early to see it. (I know you are.) Nature is a most precious treasure to me too. Thank you for sharing! <3

    • yes it was a week ago already Raven Wolfe…the sun came out for the magic hour…then disappeared for the day…i’m happy to share…i love composing my sloppy posts ~ <3 smiles hedy

  5. frost !

  6. Your devotional offerings are a balm to the soul. The first two and final images are stunning, but as usual, I want them all together, the way you do it! 😉

  7. frosty frosty winter’s coming with it’s beautiful soft light. My favourite is the leaf second from bottom – exquisite.

    • it was wonderful warm glow…the leaf light was so pretty and soft…thank you for saying Alison i appreciate working on the culling process 😀 have a good day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  8. wonderful, Hedy…. ….I love it that you took such a close view to things in such a wide open scenery… ….smiles to you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. That crowning first shot is such a cracker Hedy!

    • thank you Patti appreciated…evergreens have proven to be a challenge for me…perhaps, a dull (ish) sort of tree but the light beam was a gift…a pinkish touch…not sure the sun is as “round” as it could be…i’ll keep practicing…thanks again have a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  10. Frost has never looked so good! Funny how it makes things sparkle … 😃

    • appreciate your kind comments Julie….it was a sparkly morning…this week will be nippy here…compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  11. Very eerie-looking pictures… Excellent, but quite different landscapes. Feels cold too. 🙂

    • it was fresh it was a Gordon Downie reflection…walking in the woods is good for my soul 😀 and yes more fresh weather is arriving….maybe snow soon! smiles from etown…hope you and your loved ones have a beautiful weekend! 😀

  12. warm sun and icy frost in that top shot ♥
    beautiful captures, Hedy!!

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