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According to Buddha

Get away from this world; not by flying away to a cave in the Himalayas, but to the cave of your mind, where you are free of the body and of the world.

hedy bach photography - iphone fall land - 1_

hedy bach photography - iphone fall land - 3

hedy bach photography - iphone fall land - 2

hedy bach photography - iphone fall land - 4

hedy bach photography - iphone fall land - 5

hedy bach photography - iphone fall land - 6

i wasted the morning and and most of the afternoon…
well i tired to get some work done but ended way too soon…
watched the sun go down in the sky…
close to the afternoon it’s a different story…


view from plane Alberta and Saskatchewan ~ October 2017

  1. Flying over the French countryside always facinates me. Jigsaw puzzle; history of families and deeds.

    • oh thank you so much Barry…hmmmmm well we are not France…i love the south of France…here too i wonder about the farming families those who stay and those who leave the farm…happy drawing day to you! smiles hedy 😀

  2. what wonderful colors and pattern…. ….how did you do that? ..Hedy-Drone? …Superhedy? 😀 😀 😀

    • tee hee….a drone…i saw a cool photo this week by a drone…i haven’t seen many…will need to look…smiles back Markus made me giggle 😀

      • ..I know this guy who have this company which makes video footage by drones for maintenance of industrial chimneys.. ..and he promised me to once a small video of our house. The plot: he want to start the video on eye level of me and Victoria standing in front of our house, so that it seem that somebody standing in front of us with a camera… …tadaa… …but it’s a drone… …then he pulls the drone fast back- and upwards around the house… around some trees… …enters an open window with the drone… …captured inside the house without a cut… …and stops exactly in the same position in front of us. Wow! Cool, eh???? 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • agree so many ways to create…i also love the process of just doing…i felt strange at the car wreck place when the drone was flying over head…maybe because i didn’t know who was controlling it…i guess someones always watching 😀 have a fun and cool day! smiles to you and Victoria 😀

  3. Timely message, wonderful perspective

  4. relate to today’s message all too well.
    hard keeping feet and mind on the ground,
    this is the most precious moment.
    love your posts, Eddie

    • delayed response Eddie…i so appreciate your support and kind words…and i also learn from your teachings which i appreciate ~ have a peaceful day sending you all good thing 😀 <3

  5. Great capturs, how are you able to get lucky with such clear windows in a plane. Mine are always a mess. Love the pattens in the farm fields, especially the randomness of the natural area in #3. Have an outstanding rest of the week.

    • always appreciated Terry…best fall so far seeing little one is the best! 😀 now getting back into the projects i’ve got going here in etown…life’s good and busy! smiles for a happy ~ hedy 😀

  6. I love when plane shots come out well. Usually they come out all hazy. These are nice. The second one is like a patchwork quilt.

    • yes Penny said a quilt so i can imagine that too…the phone catches good little images and WestJet has clean windows and some new planes… 😀 hoping your teaching is going well hard to believe it’s nearly November…enjoy your Sunday Chris ~ smiles hedy 😀

      • My iPhone takes good photos from the plane also. We are expecting a rainy Sunday good for lesson planning, cooking, crafts and watching football. Cheers

  7. I have often thought that the prairie landscape, aerial view, would make a great pattern for a patchwork quilt…

    • yes i can imagine that Penny…it would be fun to try…i made a quit once…it was a lot of work…some things i only do once 🙂 hope your Vancouver days are treating you well…i’ll drop by to see your walks with a coffee tomorrow ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  8. These are great, Hedy. So much variety in harvest patterns…unexpected!

  9. way up high

  10. Lucky you! A front row seat and quite a lot of joy to go with it. Happy weekend!

  11. amazing seeing you
    up there 🙂

  12. gorgeous light captured, each one a beauty.

    • It’s a pretty space to practice in some beauty since we are in the beyond beige phase although it’s snowing so soon it will be all white and I love that ❄️💫 smiles Alison have a joyous day ☺️

  13. Super stunning landscape shots here Hedy!

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