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According to Buddha

When immortals behave like mortals, they experience the changes of joy, sorrow, and indifference in their natures. That is why you must destroy this grafted nature of changeability on your unchangeable nature of joy. And when you have found your own nature of unchangeable joy, you will be able to enjoy everything, either pleasant or disagreeable with your unchangeable, indestructible joy. Your joy will stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking earthly pleasures.

hedy bach photography - morning ice cake walk - 1

hedy bach photography - morning ice cake walk - 2

hedy bach photography - bridge ice cake walk - 6

hedy bach photography - morning ice cake walk - 4

hedy bach photography - bridge ice cake walk - 7

you woke a little early when the sun took at the night
in another city someone’s turning on a light
everyone’s the same in a hundred other ways
spinning off in circles ’til the atoms hit the rails
the atoms hit the rails
you’re last, you’re least, you love, you lose
you fall, you break, you’re someone new
everything is making you


North Saskatchewan RiverEdmonton, AB  ~ November 2017

  1. I guess it is fresh there. And snowy. What pretty images. They make me excited about taking photos of snow again. Cheers, Hedy.

  2. What a nice set of predawn images…great color and atmosphere! Best wishes for your day, Hedy!

  3. Wonderful pictures Hedy. Peaceful, quiet. So this is what winter in your environment is looking like 🙂 The last picture reminds me of Monet.

    • beginning to look like…so it will be a frozen land…i appreciate you connecting my image to a Monet humbled Peter…mostly i like to connect art with photography so that makes sense to me too…have a wonderful day 😀

  4. Excellent Hedy. Love the photos. Great song. Never heard it before thanks for sharing. and yes, everything makes us (good or bad) it just is.

  5. Lovely photos Hedy. Have a sloppy week my friend.

  6. Wonderful colour in the cold! You captured some of the sparkle, too! I’ve been looking at the sparkling frost and the snow with its magical qualities, and wishing I could capture it. My phone is my only “camera,” and it doesn’t do the beauty justice. Perhaps it isn’t meant to. Snow magic is fleeting. Really pretty out there. Looking forward to seeing more of what you see! Thank you for sharing! <3

    • yes it was sparkly Raven Wolfe…i love this time of day…the sound of ice floats is also wonderful…i’m sure you see and hear them too…have a happy day with your critters <3

  7. Thinking about that weather, I took a quick look at the Edmonton forecast – wow! You have serious cold up there. I trust you’re keeping cozy at home or in a nice cafe. The deep blue tones of these images set a distinct mood, very somber and chilly; you can sense that something mysterious may be about to happen.

  8. The first winter scenes of the year for me…lovely. I enjoy the cold. ❄️

  9. You’ve set the mood, Hedy, and I’m feeling a bit chilly. Love your last image, especially, along with your song. Stay warm!

    • layers and just get out every day…it’s all weather…and my critters don’t really care til it gets past -25ish 😀 have a wonderful day Jane!

  10. Thank you for your thoughts. And images Hedy.
    Looks like the night has settled in?

    • i’m an early morning being…the time just after dark is my fav…time change here this week…always fun with animals who want their foods at the same time…sunshine smiles from etown 🙂

      • Compliments. I am not a morning person. And since we’ve already changed time a fortnight ago, it does become quite dark earlier. And grandbaby still wants his milk bottle at the same time and wakes up a 5Am, in lieu of official 6Am. His parents are desperate for sleep. 😉

  11. Love this Hedy 💛

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