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Jessy Williamson’s Room number film

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According to Buddha

Those who are socially inclined will find a new power to help humanity through the lessons of books written by noble and gifted people.

hedy bach photography - city hall children - 4

hedy bach photography - city hall children

hedy bach photography - city hall children - 5

hedy bach photography - city hall children - 6

can i take your picture?


9 to 5 hours
in that glass tower
all the time in the world to expire
words roll around in brain, on tongue
one note to beat my heart,
beat my heart like a drum
yes, i know


Edmonton’s City Hall, Edmonton, AB ~ November 2017

  1. So different from your countryside images, Hedy. I like it. I thought it was a museum of some sort. I hope your having a good week. Cheers

    • city hall…i do like street photography very much…and the sounds of the children’s voices was delightful…have a happy teaching day enjoy your students Chris 🙂 smiles from sunny etown

  2. Perspective determines many factors, reaction first and foremost.
    What am I thinking of your interesting photos today?
    Be sure and look at at things from more than one point of view.
    great post Hedy, have a peaceful day

    • thank you kindly Eddie…it was the colours that drew me in and the laughter and chatter of children’s voices…really always enjoy that…and yes the lens can change positions for looking and seeing in new ways, it’s a choice for sure Eddie…sending you joy and all good things 😀

  3. Getting back to the urban photos, I like these.

  4. Oh what fun. Love the second image, and the last is definitely intriguing.
    Alison xo

    • yes the girl was adorable waving and talking….the crystal is a gift from a student…bringing sparkles along…fun little walk through yeg’s city hall…smiles Alison have a lovely day 😀

  5. Oh–wonderful! I love this set.

  6. artistically inviting!
    looks like an all
    day kinda foto place 🙂

  7. Looks like your diamond was sparkling in the city hall!

  8. Hear hear for the socially inclined… 🙂

  9. (A shame one can’t photograph the sound of children’s voices…)

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