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Cessna’s stillborn prodigy number

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According to Buddha

Touching the present moment, we realize that the present is made of the past and is creating the future.

hedy bach photography - avation - 15

hedy bach photography - avation - 8

hedy bach photography - avation - 6

hedy bach photography - avation - 5

hedy bach photography - avation - 14

the past, past, well now let me tell you about the past
the past is filled with silent joys and broken toys,
laughing girls and teasing boys,
was i ever in love? i called it love – i mean, it felt like love,
there were moments when, well, there were moments when


Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton ~ November 2017.

  1. A throwback, in so many ways. The beautiful photos, and the haunting words of the Shangri Las…who were never given credit for their contribution to spoken word music. We all knew Leader of the Pack…but they went much deeper than that. Thanks, Hedy.

    • it was a throwback for me this day of being in the museum again…felt like i was in a historical film…and i thought about a lot of ppl and their his/herstories…i first heard Agnetha Fältskog sing Past, Present and Future a number of years back…i was trying to connect that song but then i heard Shangri Las’s as you say ‘haunting word’s and they seemed fitting for this post…thank you for your comments and i also appreciate spoken word too 😀 smiles hedy

  2. that looks great… …nostalgic… …wonderful dashboard! 🙂 🙂

  3. The music fits wonderfully with the pictures. Good old Ludwig would have been surprised but likely it would have been a pleasant one 🙂

  4. I just love Museums of all types. Great photos. Happy day Hedy.

    • happy travels i see all your adventures through images and videos i can tell you are having fun…i’ve had a productive week…feels good 😀

  5. The “portraits” are a really nice complement to the mechanical components. Another nice collection, Hedy!

    • the museum added the characters so i thought about the ppl this time…and thought it made a little story…so i appreciate you noting Mic…smiles…happy travels…throughly enjoy your images of sand…makes me want to travel!

  6. sweet reflection
    of the good ole days,
    well maybe
    just old 🙂

  7. Excellent, nostalgic images, Hedy. I love the rivets and the details in the dashboard.

  8. Past, past, past…
    Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…
    All our yesterdays…
    Just beginning to wonder. What if there is no past? Just frozen moments of light, that pile up in parallel? What is the photograph of my great-grandmother, age 10 in India, around 1860? Just a frozen moment… But an eternal moment. That photo is always/still there…
    (I have to ask the waitress what she put in the coffee this morning)

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